Reviews for The Journal
Ceri Anne chapter 1 . 3/8/2012
Did it change when Hannah said "Damien I never want to see you again"?

What on Earth was in that journal? And how did he manage not to burn it? And why did he keep it? So many questions! It really gets you thinking. Great work
JazzyLindy chapter 1 . 1/11/2012
I did it! :D I read it!

So, on to the story. This is good. Obviously romance isn't my style, but I still enjoyed it. The subtlety (or however that's spelled) is really well done and interesting. I like the contrasts made between Hanna's purity and Damien's implied corruption. To my dark, twisted, morbid mind he sounds like a serial killer or something, but hey, that's just me ;)

As for who wrote what...I can definitely tell the difference between your styles, but I'm not sure I can pick out the exact place it switches. My best guess is say..."That the monster wasn't a part of him anymore?" is your last line before the switch...but it could be later...or sooner...or I'm just incredibly indecisive :P

Anyways, I'm mentally absent in many ways right now so this is probably a really confusing and pathetic review, but this was beautifully written and intriguing, and I'm glad for the read. And I said and too much. Blah.

Love ya darlin! ;)