Reviews for Weeping Assassin
True Talker chapter 1 . 1/12/2012
Okay, apparently I am going to start off every review the same. If you are that certain someone. Wow! See you did it again made me breathless, and I feel somewhat like putty.

That is so very sweet and I wouldn't ever want you to feel any type of pain, and my words couldn't possibly match what I am feeling right now. (Just so you know I had spelled right wrong I had spelled it righ, so see you do affect me.)

Also, I can tell you this that no one ever in my entire life has ever had so much power over me the way that you do and I am ever so happy to hand it over to you. To give into you. Trust me I have never said this to anyone before in my entire life. Not ever.

For your power only makes my soul stronger, and I thank you ever so truly much for that.