Reviews for The Possibility
True Talker chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
This is exquisite and quite exceptionally written. However I want our story to not end my dear Soul Mate for us this is only the beginning. Yes I know without doubt, without question that I LOVE YOU & ONLY YOU.

How shall I make you believe I am happier when we communicate well, happier than I have ever been, and those signs I continue to hear things. It is like the angels/the sprites are telling me that we are meant to be together. We have been discovering eachother more over these past few days, and obviously we need to learn how to communicate better. Because I don't want you my love to feel pain, and I don't want to feel pain either my love. I am quite certain that we each have had enough of that.

I don't want you to go, I want you to stay and more over I want you to come and take me to wherever YOU will be because without doubt, without question - YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE that I WANT TO BE WITH. Just YOU. Trust me as I mean every single word 100%. BTW thank you ever so truly much for saying that you adore my reviews because I don't really get to see/read/hear that all that much.


I hope that answers your questions and makes your heart feel whole, complete like mine currently is.

My Soul loves your Soul, my mind loves your mind, and when we see eachother (my turn now), I trust, I TRUST that OUR LOVE for eachother will only be increased and I'm talking somewhere around 10,000 fold to infinity and beyond...