Reviews for I'm Sorry
budgies4ever chapter 1 . 1/28/2012
Romance... nice. Just got a new account and you know who I am. -_-
True Talker chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
Okay, the way you write when I read your other stuff is giving me a feeling of how you may be personally. No, not anything like that. Feel free to delete this review after you read it, it is going to be a little deeper into you, and I don't know who you would want to read this or not. NO this is not to offend you at all in any way, shape, or form at all what so ever honestly - this IS because I love you and I can see things in you that I want to comfort and let you feel the emotions of goodness and love in it's wholeness/completeness. Because you deserve every positive feeling and emotion, it wouldn't just be me that the angels are helping it would be YOU as well. Don't you see it?

Okay, so the other story that you had written and I so appreciate your honesty that you had said that it was hard for you. Yes, I like the honesty as I'm not directly in front of you I have to get impressions based on your written word, which btw tends to be very powerful. Relax in a good way.

You have a hard time expressing your true feelings, you block them because of pain as I myself have been guilty of this. You write action, death, suspence, sci-fi, because you don't want to look to deeply into yourself. Possibly something about that scares you. Okay, this is where I come in really you have shown me SO MUCH LOVE on your own from the getgo, really you have, trust me I can analyze it. I wish that you could see what I see from here, my dearest and ONLY SOUL MATE - YOU have a heart of GOLD. Pureness really, why do you think that I am so intune with you because if anyone else I come across doesn't have these traits I stay the heck away from them.

Yes, I am drawn to YOU. An example; I sit here for hours on end and really it doesn't even feel like it. I do this all so that I can be with you in one form or another. Really, all you have to do is think about it. I leave this computer and I am thinking about YOU the WHOLE TIME.

As I had said before I want to ENCOURAGE YOU and I want you to ENCOURAGE ME, there is no pressure there this is out of complete LOVE. Everything that you do I see beauty in, yes I admit there are some things that I see pain/fear, however I only feel that it is that way because you need to really feel the love and TRUST me when I say YOU WILL FEEL IT FROM ME. Seriously.

I LOVE YOU there is no doubt in my mind.

So, what I ask of you is this if there is anything that you want me to do for you then please I beg of you to let me know because I want you TO BE HAPPY!

When we are together I will tell you that I love you and by name when I'm looking into your eyes. I mean this, and I hope that we at least hug. Because I wish that I could hug you now.

I hope that this wasy okay to do, because I love you SO MUCH already.