Reviews for YAlta
True Talker chapter 1 . 1/14/2012
Yes, I had read it and (yes, I know you had said you are a better writer now and you SO ARE) however there are reasons why you are a better writer now. You are allowing or beginning to allow yourself to feel emotion which is coming through your writing and that makes it SO MUCH BETTER.

Also, even with everything that you had in it, you still continued to pull through the positives and if that was because of the start of your work... it explains it. The people there are good and so is the work, so it started already to have an affect on you, for the better.

It is probably good that we didn't talk then because you were not in a place to see what you do now, because you ENCOURAGED me and then it would've never happened.

Look, I am not putting you down at all what so ever, you could tell that you were blocking yourself from feeling because it was mostly written like a detailed list and that makes it more difficult for the reader to continue and to show interest. It always helps to pull on a person's heart strings. Also, to have things that relate to people.

As for swords, I have always liked them and movies with them. Okay, memory again; Heman, Shera, I can't remember the other sword movies, a video game that my friend had I think it was Sega system and there was a sword game - I LOVED IT.

Japanese sword - Katana (memory again not certain if I am right or not.)

Actually thank you it allows me to see another aspect of you at another time. Thank you, honestly I appreciate this. It means a lot to me. SERIOUSLY.

I checked it all off because if you want to you can go back and improve upon it, it will have feeling and the like. Besides it is a good idea really.