Reviews for Deep Sorrow
True Talker chapter 1 . 1/19/2012
If this was in some way about me, my father had died years ago - left when I was two years of age. (Also, the last thing that I remember was violence looking as though it would happen, and a threat of calling the police - my mother.) He wasn't around at all, and later when I was in grade 8 elementary school and my sister in Highschool he had come to see me and my sister. I only went to protect her as I didn't trust him. Yes, I wanted to protect my sister who is 4 years older than I.

After that again he wasn't around and then he showed and I didn't want to see him, my sister wasn't there. There is some thing that my mother had told me about him and I didn't believe her so I looked into it myself and found out that it was very true. Which surprised me, really.

I never had a close relationship with my father, and my mother for a good many years hated men and maybe well everyone.

It was about 18 months ago my mother finally gave me something that was my dad's and a letter from him and I still have it. The letter was to me and it is ever so sweet and I did what I do, and a thought had occurred to me - he knew he had cancer and he was trying to see us, to reconnect with us before he had died. I felt bad and I had wished that I had realized it then.

He had died a few years later.

So, you know throughout my childhood years there was no love from my dad that visit was nice and I gave him a hug to be nice, however he felt like a stranger to me and that hug felt odd to me.

Separate Side Note;

I laugh at unkept hair however I could use a trim, I haven't had one since... I think that it was June of 2010. Bills have come first top priority. My hair is I think it is at my low back...

Is there anything else that you would like to know... just remember I feel more comfortable in person. So you can ask however some things may wait, it is not meant to be offensive - I do believe that I read about understanding...