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True Talker chapter 1 . 1/19/2012
It was good, cute, strange, and written quite well and also so that you do know I won't hide anything from you I will tell you eveything that you want to know and I will do this in person. I have blurted out things about myself to classmates and the like before trying to make them understand things about my personality however that doesn't really work because everyone has their own stuff to deal with. I just mean I don't have a tendancy to trust people and truthfully I would rather tell things to someone that I trust and basically I am a face to face person I rather say something to someone's face.

So, I will tell you everything and anything danger, danger because I ramble. I TRUST YOU, and I will do this FACE TO FACE. That is the way that I am. Any other comments or questions?

You have to also remember I am saying this out right I am not putting it in story form - so people know that it is me. I am a fairly private person, this has been the only time in my life where it is not so much that way.