Reviews for Your Reality is Your Own
erimies chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
Uwaaah, I still adore the three men to bits.

I mean, I liked the rest a lot, too, but that made me go *sparkle* XD

Why do I want to hear more from this game show host? I imagine him with sharp features and a fancy white suit, top hat and a pimpcane. Can I borrow him sometime if he tries to crawl in something I write? You know I'll give you proper credit. : D

I think this works really well without the hapless person he's talking to saying anything we get to read. This way I can also imagine that he might just be talking to an audience of headless mannequins or even on TV in a broadcast that shouldn't be there and won't leave even if the plug is pulled from the wall...

Who knows? Maybe he's doing all of those things at the same time! XD

...sorry, this turned out weird.
CelestialSands chapter 1 . 1/23/2012
Very lovely. I'm from , under the same name, and I decided to venture over here just once. It's very interesting, and everything is quite abstract. I got a headache, but I kinda enjoyed it.

Last questions:

Am I sane? Are you sane?