Reviews for Fabricated lies
RedWineAndAmbien chapter 1 . 1/25/2012
Poetically, I liked the concept you put here. I liked the darkness of it all, it seems you really DO enjoy it...;p. And you ARE good at it...:)

It's about, to me, a person trapped in this relationship where you only have to give and not expect anything in return. The second person needs the first person for his crimes, and his lies, and hence continues to torture them, even if it weren't for the enjoyment of their own self.

Overall, it was a great effort and I enjoyed reading this...:) Awesome work...

Though, there's one thing that I wanna mention. You seem to be picking titles for the poems in a hurry, it seems. And you're not thinking them through. The poems, I understand, can have a title that's a phrase of the poem but it's not always doable, you know. You need to work on naming the poems better. For example, this poem, you named 'Fabricated lies'. It's actually a nice little term but you're giving away a part of the poem when you're basing the title on something that's from inside the poem itself. And more than that, 'fabricated lies' doesn't summarize the poem because it's (the poem) is about being trapped and helpless. Maybe you should've kept something along those lines as a title...

Like I said, you are an amazing poet. Talented, really. And I LOVE your poems. Nice work, a job well done..:) Only thingthat I have is with the titling, though...:) I hope I wasn't too harsh or anything..:(