Reviews for Walls come crashing down
RedWineAndAmbien chapter 1 . 1/24/2012
Okay, right now, I don't have the time to say much or review to every single story/poem that you uploaded, but all of them are in my bookmarks, and my mailbox, so I'll review them when get the time...BUT, this poem spoke to me like none other so I had to take time to review it. I have a Chemistry test tomorrow!

Anyways, see, I absolutely ADORED this poem. It is what it is. And I love the beauty of that. It actually reminds me of my favourite anime couple...:p

It's about this person who's got a weird past, things to hide from and all, and due to that he's shut himself off from everyone else and hence, shut himself off from good as well...Sometimes, I feel that way, too, though...Anyway, so there's someone else who's willing to change that, and be what the first person never really got to have...Isn't that the sweetest thought...? :D :D

Oh, and I love the concept of the wall, I had a similar poem, too, that I was considering putting up just yesterday...It's got the same concept about walls around a person breaking down, though it isn't nearly as vivid as yours is...

My fav lines were

"I sit here,

Slowly chipping away at the wall around you,"

They show the desperation and efforts of the second person...I'm actually into this poem because of that anime couple...;p

This poem is, up till now, my favorite by you...It HAS to be...I love you for writing it down and posting it up...:) :)

Great job! *applauds* :D :D