Reviews for The Girl is Mine
Amy Pond chapter 22 . 4/13
I'm actually surprised that I didn't expect them to kiss! XD I mean, its Christmas!
PureHappiness chapter 34 . 4/12
Yaaay i'm sooo happy you finally updated! I love this story sooo much! And i got so worries you gave up on it lol. Your an amazing writer, who always leaves her readers wanting more. Also happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely 20th and a fun day tomorrow. Can't wait to see what happens next. :)
dwarfperson chapter 34 . 4/13
Omfg.. It happened... Excuse me whilst I sit her in shock about how well written that was...

Amazing! AHHH Zane and Mila aw my god their moments are so perfect! I loved how subtly it was written as well, you keep me wanting to know more with every chapter!
Happy birthday by the way! (Even if I am late:/) hope you had a wonderful day and treated yourself with all that money :D (you deserve it for writing such a good story;P)
I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter! Pleeeeeeease update soon? I'm obsessing with this story, I love it so much!
BrownEyedCutie99 chapter 34 . 4/12
Is he crying because of the bet? Or is he scared of commitment? I want to know as much as Mila and Drake right now.
ThatWeirdGirl97 chapter 34 . 4/12
Happy Birthday to you! Cool chapter but please try to update regularly.
Fas38 chapter 34 . 4/11
At last a new chapter after so much waiting ...and it is one of best chapters of this this chapter so much :)
And...Happy Birthday :D
Stunnamac chapter 34 . 4/11
Wow, I did not expect them to sleep together so soon. Their relationship is so weird lol. Hmmm, I wonder why Zane reacted that way... Maybe he's never heard anyone tell him they loved him or he doesn't love her back? Although, the second option doesn't seem likely considering how intrigued he is of Mila. I really hope this stalker issue goes away! It makes me anxious and distracted because I'm worried for Mila lol!
CatarinaBooks5 chapter 34 . 4/11
This has got to be my favourite chapter out of all of them in this story. In my mind the whole making love, Mila telling Zane she loves him and the crying, was fascinatingly beautiful. The fact that he cried because of the bet, for fear of hurting her shows how much he cares and loves her deeply. It makes it that much more special. I absoutely loved it and I cannot for the next chapter. :D
Oh! And Happy Birthday of course :D xx
mememe chapter 32 . 4/4
Why have u disappeared from the face of the earth
MusicGurl8129 chapter 33 . 3/10
You do not know how many times I have cracked up reading you're Story! It's so good!
Update please! I need more! :)
Fas38 chapter 1 . 3/1
Come on ... plz update it ...
like the story ... :-)
Somebody chapter 33 . 2/17
Aww zane is jealous! That's so cute! But wow I did not see Gabe's bisexuality coming ;) This chapter was amazing as usual... Keep updating!
mememe chapter 33 . 2/10
Hi! Thank you sooo much for updating. It sure took a while! Thanks anyhow. There is this one phrase in your writing that seems a bit off. "Different than (whoever), ..." it seems a bit weird and off to me. Maybe u can us "Unlike (whoever),..." im just saying! :) keep up the great story!
clumsyhead chapter 33 . 2/10
Ooh welcome back...,I liked todays chapter but I would have prefered Zane pov while he was jealous it would have been so much better but nonetheless I loved that you updated this chapter,thank write again :) :)
Guest chapter 33 . 2/9
Wait , is Gabe actually up to something or wha
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