Reviews for Two Bowls for Breakfast
wonderland212 chapter 4 . 11/27/2012
Loved this chapter...Riley is hilarious

I wonder how Alex will handle this new situation she's in :)
wonderland212 chapter 2 . 11/27/2012
with every chapter Alex's character is getting more interesting...i love when writers slowly start to peel back the layers of the character as the story gives them more depth.

oh and your dialogue is's difficult to make it sound realistic (its one of the reasons why I haven't posted anything yet, lol)
no-ones-puppet chapter 2 . 8/27/2012
Wow! You're back! Well for the time being. :)

This chapter... Two possible candidates for her love interest. Melvin/Martin, the one with the beard. He seems interested but I don't think it's gonna be him because he didn't even talk to her. She can't get with one of those I'll-admire-you-from-afar blokes... He just wouldn't be right for her... So the other option would have to be Riley. She imagines killing him and he seems to be wanting to get to know her and the reasons for why she does what she does. But it's still early on in the story, so it could easily change...

Either way, I hope to hear more about Riley. He seems like an interesting professor... And hopefully he's one of those young ones that still look good, cause there are some out there!

As to Alex. I love her even more in this chapter. Ahhh... She reminds me of my friends, at least her inner ramblings. They don't have the stutter, and they for sure will tell you what's up right off the bat, but still... Her thought process is similar. Now if only Alex will get her self confidence boosted a bit... Maybe Riley will help her with it? ;) then she'd be just like them! Anyways, hope to see another update, sooner rather than later yes? Lol. :)
wonderland212 chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
I can't tell you how happy-no ecstatic- I am that someone is finally trying to write a hetero story on this cite that isn't incredibly cliche and overly sappy. I'm not sure if fp was always like this but it's as if ppl noticed that some of the more popular het stories have been pretty cliche so now everyone is trying to see who can write the best unoriginal piece of junk.

I've kind of tired of slash-for the time being- and I can't find any het story that doesn't have a predictably summary filled with rhetorical questions that aren't really questions b/c we all know that the two characters mentioned in the summary will end up when I read your summary, I literally felt like the heavens had just ...great idea to not mention the guy's name -pretty clever

Oh and even if the story- somewhere down the line- does end up becoming a bit predictable and maybe a tad bit cliche, I think a good hetero story (or any romance) is based on making the reader feel like there is no author...making the story realistic. Granted, an original plot is always appreciated, but in real life some things end up being cliche but in the moment that they're happening they feel unpredictable. So I think it's all about style, if you can make the reader feel like this is original or unique I think you'll be fine..even despite some predictable or cliche bits...and since I've read your other work, I'm confident in your abilities :) So take the pressure off of yourself.

Plus so far I'm really liking Alex...I like the diff dimensions to her personality, she isn't what one would expect from a shy girl...please update! :)
no-ones-puppet chapter 1 . 1/27/2012
Hey, just to tell you, I like it so far. Alex can't be a Mary sue cause she does/did drugs and is a self-admitted alcoholic... I'm pretty sure that if she was ever considered to be on a pedestal it would have to be one below sea level. Lol. But anyways! If you need a beta that badly I'll do it for you. :) as to your other worries about readers not liking it because it's het, well that can't be all true because I'm reading it and i read your stuff for slash. Lol. Oh and another thing! I actually like that we don't know who the guy is...makes it a mystery to try to figure out who it will be... Hopefully there won't be like 4 guys competing for her, because then I would have to say it might be leaning towards Mary sue-ish... Even if Alex herself isn't perfect. Besides, what normal girl gets 4 guys chasing after them! Anyways! I liked it and hope you don't just delete it without giving it a little bit of a chance. :D