Reviews for The Fable of a Mad World
TrueSoul chapter 1 . 1/27/2012
Hey, I know this isn't exactly a good place to argue religion, but I'm going to go a tinny bit into it here. Skip it if you don't want to hear it.

Personally, I agree with you. Religion, not just some in general, can help and harm. Sometimes, people require a belief in something to be able to survive. Yes, it is a little twisted. It can go from a guy trying to teach general niceness, good, and etc. by way of threats of torment from some guy above or below, to "believe in this dude or I stab you." Which, when you think about it, was what jesus was saying all along, instead- "Believe in this dude or HE'LL stab you." But, the source of it all is just trying to teach people to be decent, but most take it extremely. And, yes, sometimes I do just wonder if some dude didn't just make it up when he saw how horrible the world/people are.

But, anyway, I'm sorry to all those who have been harmed by religion to the extreme, or people twisting a certain book to their own uses.

SKIP TO HERE: Now, on to the fable itself. It's nice, conveys a stubborn message, although REALLY controversial and I'm sure his/her name by itself will receive a lot of hatemail when coupled with this fable. But I'm favoriting anyway, because it contains a lot of truth.