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2 chapter 28 . 5/20/2012
I did not get this at all...

i was very frustrated with Tobias' in the beginning of the story
GreenGrass1 chapter 28 . 5/20/2012
I can't believe it's finished! The ending is vague but somewhat hopeful. Realistically, what can Paul do, really? Tobias' family doesn't seem to care about him.

Anyway the significance of the title - at first I don't understand it but the as the story progressed, I think it's very appropriate, especially when it is applied to Paul (being a big-hearted guy) and Tobias (being a psychologically fragile boy). I think the title fits.

I identify more with Paul. Maybe because he is the story narrator. I tend to get swallowed up by the story and identify with the main character. Or maybe because I have a very normal childhood, unlike Tobias. But I do feel sorry for Tobias (starting in the middle and towards the end).

Paul I think acts the most responsibly. He made mistakes, yes, but he went and tried to fix them (as much as he could).

I'm always here to help if you need any. But you know my grammar sucks big time. However, if you think I can help you, let me know.
Nique13 chapter 28 . 5/20/2012
I don't understand the title.

I don't identify with any of the characters.

None of the characters acted responsibly.

I have read the whole story, defeating some chapters, and I still don't understand it.

It's a little frustrating for me, but hey, you can't understand everything...even though I wish I did.

Thanks for the story.
GreenGrass1 chapter 27 . 5/13/2012
I just love Paul. He is such a decent guy. Him standing up to the crowd was very cool. And him wanting to talk to Tobias' parents were definitely the coolest. I can't wait to see what their response would be.

Heavy/emotional vs. light/playful - why not both? I'll read them.

Thanks for writing. Looking forward to your next update.
Honunjama chapter 27 . 5/13/2012
I found the beginning of this chapter both painful and beautiful Lovely evocative descriptions and tangible heartache.

"Why does he gotta be suck a freak-whore?" such?

"The cold patch of semen I rolled onto was a tolerable annoyance." Hahaha all I could think was that's sooo not tolerable!

You dived into present tense just after the chapter break for a few sentences which confused me!

I like this chapter

I think you've got the write what you you feel light? Or heavy? I'm with you


(hey synchronised;P)
plumblossom chapter 27 . 5/13/2012
That part with the posse might need a bit of a second look: but I'm glad that our guy had a chance to stand up for Tobias.
Astir-Lewis chapter 26 . 5/8/2012
I like the chapter, but I'm not entirely sure what happened. Can you explain? I got lost. :\
PalindromeIsntOne chapter 26 . 5/6/2012
For my previous review either 1 or 2 is my best guess of what the play scene at the end is. I prefer 2.
PalindromeIsntOne chapter 1 . 5/6/2012
I don't know what happened to the review I was just writing... So...

1. The people on TV are talking about someone greatly similar to Tobias.

2. It jumps to an interesting retrospective of Paul getting information about Tobias from the rest of the people in the house.
tleiaxu chapter 25 . 5/5/2012
Oops, got cut off there... So he hands Tobias the plum and then we are quite suddenly cast into the surreal. Looks like several people were confused by this, me included. First, I thought Paul was describing the TV show they were watching. Not long after I realized this was about Tobias, so briefly I thought that the TV show was actually about Tobias but I soon dismissed it as too absurd. Then I thought maybe Tobias had somehow broken out of his shell and began a long narrative about his past relationships. But that didn't seem to fit because of the way you presented it, particularly with the last scene. So I came around to assume it was all in Paul's imagination, which dismisses the idea that any of these relationships actually happened; they are just things Paul thinks might have happened in Tobias' life. So... None of these explanations is satisfying. I wonder what you meant to convey here? (And part of me is still hung up on those plums, wondering if they had some symbolic meaning...)

Overall I see that Tobias has been in many various relationships, at some point making the shift from a talkative boy to a man of few words. Did this change take place when he joined the cool crowd and was propositioned / told where to put his mouth?

I hope none of this comes across as an attack on your story. Just thought it might be helpful for you to see my meandering thought process. Looking forward to the next chapters.
tleiaxu chapter 26 . 5/5/2012
I had a little catching up to do... I was so glad to see Tobias open up a bit, even though he was completely wasted. To address your question about that chapter - a lot of people do out of character things when they're that drunk. It was dramatic and intense, like a sudden storm that passes by very quickly. I didn't feel like it was out of character.

The awkwardness and tension of this next day is tangible. Paul seems content to stay with Tobias even though Tobias is more or less ignoring his existence. What a weird uncomfortable feeling that brings up. I've done that before, staying in a place where I'm not exactly wanted while neither party has the balls to face the elephant in the room.

Right before the play scene, Paul pulls out two plums and thinks it would help if Tobias started drinking again. Then he hands Tobias the
GreenGrass1 chapter 26 . 5/4/2012
Is the play meant to be a summary or a mirror of Tobias' and the rest of the cast's life story? I mean I like it, I'm just trying to figure how it fits into the story.

I can't believe this story is almost over. I kinda feel sad about it.
Honunjama chapter 26 . 5/4/2012
Okay, I liked the setting scene, esp. the paragraph before the 'play', *but* I think I need more info on what's going on. It's very surreal, and I like surreal, but I feel I'm missing something?

Is it a history, snapshots? Are they all talking about the same person? Tobias?

Is this chapter meant to leave us questioning?

Nique13 chapter 26 . 5/4/2012
This confused me. Sheila, Brendan, and the others are part of a TV show?
Bananafishh chapter 25 . 4/26/2012
Dude that's like incest in several ways all at once. I mean your end surprise btw lol.
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