Reviews for American Imperium
not Ross chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
From what I can gather, you are a supporter of a self-sufficient system. I can think of a few other self-sufficient systems in history: the USSR under Stalin, China under Mao, etc. What's wrong with a global market? First there were empires, yes, with a non-global market. When did the world become globalized? Eh, starting in the 1800s. Do you know how much the standard of living has gone up since then? Many times the rate of inflation. Don't try to compete with statistics. Look them up for yourself.

Is automation bad? Think of the industrial revolution in Europe in the 1800s ish. First there were guilds, and everything was made by hand, and a cobbler would make 2 shoes a day or whatever. Then there were factories, and a cobbler could oversee the making of 2000 shoes a day. Okay, so what do the other cobblers do? Something else. They can go and work in other places, and instead of a city having 50 cobblers to make shoes enough for the whole city, the city has 2 cobblers to make shoes for the whole city, a few extra teachers, more nurses, etc.

Unemployment does not come from machines. That is a straight-up lie, because that implies that there would have been NO unemployment before the industrial revolution. And that is not true. Unemployment comes from a high minimum wage - in 1930s Germany, Hitler came to power, dropped the minimum wage stuff, and poof! they're down to like .01% unemployment (which is generally not healthy, but it does prove a point). What's the minimum wage in the United States? Like $8/hour, depending on where you live. What's the unemployment rate? Like 10%, where it should/could be 5%. I see a connection, do you?

P.S. if there's not enough work to go around, why are people at my public high school in math classes with 37 other kids?
Fakety Mcfakename chapter 1 . 2/3/2012
loved the history lesson. seriosly, i love history, and politics. talking about politics, at least. your arguments are all very logical, but don't worry, i doubt many will call you a classifier. the one thing i disagreed with, while it is true that you can't ignore issues, and avoid thinking of descrepancies between your views and reality, their is value in being able to keep peace between you and others whose views are different. While you may endeavor to change the views of these people, it helps to accept that you might not be able to, and not get angry at them. otherwise, i would never be able to be friends, with my friends.