Reviews for on your porch
bri chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
OKAY so I read this awhile ago, and then time got away from me, and I meant to review...

but chiz. this is the BEST THING you have ever written. no, it's not. yes, actually it is. It's hard for me to say because there are SO many good things you've written. But I just really liked this.


It was real, and it was raw, and I love the setting. I like the first opening sentences so much. I'm in love with them, actually, because i love the idea of insignificance. and i remember thinking about it the week leading up to when you posted this. i will always remember that. and just - wow. i mean, i have like, outlines and pictures and feelings in my head of insignificance, but then i read your writing and you put everything into words, and i think that's what it takes to be an amazing author.

so beautiful. i love the longing throughout the fic.

i liked when the cigarette drops, and it becomes another meaningless cigarette end lying on another meaningless street somewhere and nothing will mean anything after all this is gone. i liked that a lot, and it almost made me cry.

this is whole thing is just so relatable, and i felt so many emotions, and i wish it was published so more people could read it.

by the way, i'm listening to dear john by taylor swift right now. just thought i'd enlighten you with that useless piece of information.

aplowe chapter 1 . 2/4/2012
I can relate to this so much. It was really beautifully written. I got completely lost in this story.