Reviews for Punch Hard
Darkness I Became chapter 1 . 2/13/2012
What was the reason you felt this much anger? It can't be very healthy for one to store all the emotions in one's self? Is this really how you feel? Do you not need to vent to someone at all?
True Talker chapter 1 . 2/13/2012
This is written quite well however I hope that you didn't really do this in real life. If you did you also need a tetanus shot, one usually does with metal when it cuts your skin however I believe that there are elements of metal in bathroom glass. Just an idea to prevent infection.

I will tell you this; long time ago I think that I was about 21 years of age (my memory on this is not 100%). I was at a College in the other city and I was upset, I had my anger back then. You know those cabinets that are glass that contain the fire hoses, I punched my hand through it at the time which happened to be in close proximity to a security guard on site. She questioned me and I did my explanation a certain way I was sooo lucky as I know full well that I could've been charged. After that I NEVER did anything like that again, realizing that it could've been waaay worse for me.

What was my point? That I really did something stupid like that. Which was not smart at all what-so-ever.

I have another story in elementary school and of course I had my anger back then, I was in about grade 7. I went out a back door of the school, I was sooo angry and when I forcefully pushed the door open the cast iron bar at the top snapped, it had split in two halves. Really I don't know if it was my strength, I actually think that the metal was worn as it was an older building. It had stayed in my memory. No, I didn't tell anyone that it had happened. I had enough to deal with at home and I didn't want more stuff my way. (I HONESTLY didn't know that it would break - I mean cast iron who knew.)

These two stories that I have just mentioned are stories that I am NOT proud of, NOT at all what-so-ever. Those are the ONLY two incidences like that. Other than when I was 19 and I was at the bar with someone, a female friend of mine - there was one of those outside thick metal public garbage cans and I had kicked it because I was angry and it fell landing on the road. So, really there are 3 stories that I am NOT proud of. Again, it is when I had my anger and I wasn't dealing with it properly. I also had no real outlet, which was NO excuse really. I just needed to deal with it properly. Those are most definitely the ONLY 3 stories that I have that way, NOTHING else like that after those. (All really rather stupid on my part. They will stay within my memories permanently.)
interesting-details chapter 1 . 2/12/2012 was really moved by this piece. I thought it was very good, the details and the vivid thoughts.

This is a very good idea, maybe you would consider adding on to it? I can see it in a book sitting on my bookshelf :D