Reviews for Finally Selfless
LeaderOfTheDamned chapter 4 . 6/29/2012
This story is... wow. I've been through similar things to what this character has been through. Even if i hadn't, i would still be able to relate. This story drew me in. Just... wow.
collypollyy chapter 4 . 2/21/2012
Hey, so I haven't been on here in forever. I finally got around to look at your stories. This was truly moving, Kayla. I have seen you grow with writing and I can tell you are getting better and better at it. You have really got the emotionally part of your writing. You express the feeling in a different way and you make it a lot personal, which I like a lot.

Great job! :D When you're a famous author, remember the little people out there.
MyNameIsDave chapter 4 . 2/15/2012
Man, this is some deep stuff here. Compelling, moving. You're really brave for putting a serious piece like this up online.

All I can hope for, is that.. this is a reflection piece. A way to open up about the past; the past, in all respects, gone with the wind. It sucks to say that life.. is a challenge, a test: because that indicates a degree of hardness, toughness, and an ability to fail. How do we handle the pressure? But with an ability to fail, is a resounding human ability to pass, and it's up to each person to find out on their own, how to do just that. Study, learn; life is learning.

You used the word "selfish" a lot. I probably could go on and on about the context of selfish, and how that pertains to the backwards thoughts of young suicide.

This is an amazing piece nonetheless. It gripped me, pulled me in, and made me read the whole thing (and being a guy that writes stuff, I hate reading). It's amazing cause it's real, and knowing that you went through this.. pulls at my heartstrings. And the ending... it's like you almost spilled right back into the heart of the matter. That's what worried me, and hopes that this was the end of your troubles. The end?