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Afgykjnn chapter 14 . 3/20/2014
You're welcome. Thank you for asking.

What an exciting chapter! Shirahata made a great opponent, both in his creative use of techniques and his flippant attitude, and Akira's powers were put to good use too. I found there were an awful lot of characters here that didn't really add much to the chapter, but I assume this was to introduce them to the occult world and will play larger roles in time. Suzuki was rather funny too.

Trash on the ground is a very rare sight in Japan. That rather stood out to me.

Ah, yamabushi tengu! Those guys got a really bad reputation when Buddhism came to Japan, and this one seems to justify the fear. I look forward to what happens next!
Lily Miichelle123 chapter 1 . 3/20/2014
I like it! :) Please continue to write this story :3 It interests me;)
Afgykjnn chapter 13 . 1/10/2014
That was a funny way to finish up Ushio's appearance from the last chapter.

I like Margareta a lot here. A pearl and sapphire eye is very striking and really adds to her appearance. I imagine she would be very fun to draw.

Well, now to wait to see what happens next. That was quite a way to end the chapter, an assassination coming out of nowhere after a goofy moment. That really does make it more shocking.
addadeleteaccountoptionidiots chapter 5 . 1/6/2014
Let me be honest here. I thought this story would be one where a poor, sarcastic girl with no love interest whatsoever was pulled into a string of crazy events that somehow make sense while being confusing at the time same. When the tall, thin, disgusting guy in the bus came up, followed by Balthazaar's appearance as he called her 'Oracle' that's where I thought this was going.

I can't say I'm not disappointed, but that's just my narrow interests speaking. Either way, I'm up to around chapter 5, reading slowly, but I'm having fun and I'm interested. Izumi seems too much like a damsel in distress and a useless pretty girl, though, which puts me off very much, and it's only Balthazaar-plus-tall-thin-guy-in-the-bus that keeps me going. They're mysterious, refreshing amidst the entire cast, even including the supernatural ones, keep me wanting to read to find out whatever the heck is going on and know whatever power Izumi unwittingly holds.

Still, only chapter 5. Seven chapters remain. :D

Hiroto, Adolf and Anya are a bit...meh. I like the battle scenes, though. They're a little wordy, but simple, descriptive and give me a clear picture of the fight taking place. I'll be keeping on reading this, even without the Story Club to motivate me...and reviewing whenever I manage to kickstart my drive to write again.

Y. S. Wong chapter 6 . 1/4/2014
Figured I should probably leave you a review this week.

Description's your strong suit. I can see that. But as I mentioned last chapter, too much of it is really bogging down the pace of your writing. Especially since this is another action chapter, some degree of minimalism can be really helpful.

Really seeing the Shana influence though.
Dog pls chapter 12 . 1/4/2014
Ahahaha! The Hiroto-Akira combo is just hilarious! I got a good laugh off their "bodyguard duties"! Izumi is right, though. I can't really phase Akira as a love interest for Hiroto, they're more like siblings. And of course, Izumi probably wouldn't let anyone get her Hiroto now, would she? Damn you, Hiroto, you lucky bastard.

Yukari's pretty bright and receptive for feeling that something's changed with Izumi and Hiroto as well. She'd be the first to figure out, I reckon, if she doesn't find out eventually.

Ushio? *sigh* There's no way you'd be able to face off the Hiroto-Akira combo. Just give up already before things get weepy on your side. Hmm. By the way Izumi reacted, she must've felt something. So I'm guessing Ushio's a sorcerer too? Well, he'll probably not be much trouble to take down. That oversized lump. Ushio doesn't look as if he's after Izumi, so he's probably just butt-hurt from last time. Oh well. Hiroto, Akira. Waste him. ouo


Mmh! Oh well, then! Time to wait patiently for the next chapter to come out! *sits obediently like a dog* I'll be hungrily waiting for the next chapter, Slayer-san! Thank you so much for the wonderful adventure so far, and I'm sure it'll just be as awesome in the upcoming chapters! OuO
Dog pls chapter 11 . 1/4/2014
So much has happened in the span of the last 10 chapters, it felt as if so much time has passed, and yet, I've only been reading for about a week!

Mmh! This was a very nice transition chapter into the next arc, with it being another diary entry of Izumi!
Well, this just goes without saying, but you're really good writing a tsun-tsun girl! OuO

The way her diary's a lot longer compared to the first one as the prologue just goes to show how much more burden she's now got in her mind compared to just her dreams about Hiroto. Now, all about reality, and writing it down must feel like a relief for her. Hnngh.

Good night too, Izumi, sleep tight! You're going to have a wonderful day tomorrow! u
Dog pls chapter 10 . 1/4/2014
Whoa. Whoa!
Wait just right there!
For a moment, I thought I was reading something that wasn't Mahousen Izumi! OuO

This chapter. . . was just beautiful.
It's a stand-alone-but-not-quite-since-it-still-ties-in-with-the-main-story chapter, and it's just beautiful. It kept me on the edge of my uncomfy couch from beginning to end.

So. . . So Margareta is a succubus? Maybe not? But. This chapter. Honestly. This chapter set her to be a great villain. Mysterious all the way but powerful above any comprehension. I look forward to see how they'll be able to take her on.

Poor Captain Fergusson. I really liked his character a lot. An aged man who's been through a lot. He's strong, but he was frail as well, being human in nature. You could literally see his mortality through what happened to him in the end. It's so sad, but it's just so good as well. Kudos to you, Slayer-san. You did everything right with this chapter.

I loved that paragraph towards the end, where Captain Fergusson was standing between the line where he's being devoured by Margareta's alluring temptation and the reality of the situation. Also, those scenes where Margareta was just popping in, intruding, and dirtying through his memories. That was so powerful, Slayer-san. You just showed me through and through how well you could write. This is just so good. Hnngh. *bows in respect*
cmaej chapter 12 . 1/3/2014
I'm glad your minor characters have enough personality and quarks for me to tell the who's who after so long. I'm beginning to think that Yukari is a closet pervert. XD

I love the eyeholes-through-newspaper bit. It was a nice piece of classic comedy after all the drama. I wonder why Ushio's presence suddenly made Izumi go ape shit. Maybe she senses someone else? Or maybe Hiroto is accessing her magic supply so he can fight off the mob. I don't know, but I hope Hiroto doesn't have all the fun. Leave some action for Akira!
Dog pls chapter 9 . 1/3/2014
*speaks in a really hushed voice* You like flat-chested girls, don't you, Slayer-san? Preferably of the boyish type? Oh, you naughty boy, you! OuO

This chapter was really refreshing! It was just so! Meeting Akira was wonderful, and seeing Hiroto's house and his state of living was just so cute and funny! He really does need that "woman's touch". Akira's an exception, since she's a boyish girl, and doesn't know how to cook or clean. Still, that makes her adorable! I do like her, but I still like Izumi more!

I can't wait to see what magic Izumi will pick up! She has like, so many choices to pick from, it's so exciting!

Oh! And I forgot to mention this to you, but you have a really wonderful chapter naming sense! A New Normalcy was beautifully put, and Silver Alley was a really good chapter name too! If I must say so myself, naming the chapter is one of my favorite parts of writing, and I can kinda feel that you're the same, Slayer-san!

You deserved that double front kick, Hiroto! OvO

Another, your casual dialogue is just, again, wonderful. It's these casual dialogue that might seem useless for some, but for me, they're what builds the character thoroughly, and forms the bonds between the reader and the characters. And you got that down the bag, Slayer-san! Good job! dOuOb

Lastly, "This isn't an anime!" Has been a good catchphrase! It's stuck to my mind real good! This was a wonderful chapter, Slayer-san! I can easily relate on how it's your favorite chapter! Refreshing and fun! Wonderful!
Dog pls chapter 8 . 1/3/2014

Good job, Slayer-san. You have successfully made me start to like Hiroto. Well. Done.
He's still sorta a long way before he's worth the Mahousen Izumi, but he's getting there. And he needs to be there for her, when at this time she's in crushing confusion, and he must stay at her side. If he ever does anything to her or leaves her hanging, I will go feed him to a Void Drifter. He did a good job this time, being with her while the whole world seemed to break down. That's one point for you, Senpuu Hiroto.

It was a good decision splitting this with the last chapter, Slayer-san! It really did a good well pacing and transitioning everything, and it's just comfortable and good! This chapter was certainly warm and fluffy, and it was a nice change of pace from the past chapters of action! Really well done! Also! Izumi and Hiroto's character and their relationship just deepened so much with this chapter! It's so beautiful! Hnngh! Well done, Slayer-san! Really! Wonderful!

Again, your descriptions are wonderful. That part where the ball of light exercise they were doing I could just imagine so beautifully in my head. So good. Much pretty. Wow.
Mahousen Izumi's turning out to be quite a treat of a story, Slayer-san! Thank you so much for your hard work!
Dog pls chapter 7 . 1/3/2014
Tsk, tsk, tsk. I had a feeling something like this would happen.
Poor Izumi. ;w;

Fff. Damn. This chapter was so heavy. I mean, it's considerably shorter than the past chapters, but this felt so much heavier than anything else so far.

The Mahousen. 7 in all, 2 are in human beings. Wells of infinite mana. That is just beautiful. It's a beautiful concept. I suppose that's the Spirit of the Mahousen inside of her mind behind that glass wall, with the blue eyes and I kinda imagine her looking like Undine, the water spirit. Which is awesome. But it's a fearful power that Izumi must learn to control, if she wants herself and her loved ones to be safe.

This was wonderful, Slayer-san. This story had really developed so much since Chapter 1, and I've finally decided that it's now a favorite of mine. It started up really slow, but now, things are just happening at a fast pace, I even feel a bit out of breath at times, like Izumi. This really is a beautiful story, and I'm glad I stuck with it and read through the long chapters of it, and I will certainly be reading on and on! Great job, Slayer-san! Your narration and your description are especially good! The dialogue, too! *bows in respect* ouo

I would love to see this animated one day! Really, I would! :3
Razorine chapter 10 . 1/3/2014
Even though this chapter contained nothing about Izumi, I was thoroughly entertained. Sure, there were some confusing bits, especially the introduction of some characters such as Smith and Desmond since I've never read Bullet Queen (I should sometime since it WAS nominated for the Manga Awards x3). But other than that, this whole chapter could've been one whole one-shot. It was really good *thumbs up*

Fergusson is a character that already springs out of the screen. I feel like I can emphasize with him, and it's admirable that he can put aside his feelings for the sake of his duty. And what's more is that he finally breaks down and succumbs to those feelings once facing Margaret.

Rune breaker is a thing of creativity ;3

Ah, so Margaret is a Succubus? Very cool, and that scene before the reintroduction of Desmond was pretty evocative. Poor Fergusson, he didn't deserve to die like that.

Who is this Margaret, eh? Is she one of the mahousen? Or the main antagonist?

Either way, it's funny how you included charries from your other story here as cameo appearances xD

Will read more soon (hopefully!) ;D
Razorine chapter 9 . 1/3/2014
Oh, Hiroto is an Alchemist. Okay!

Ah, Akira is second on my fav charrie list for Mahousen Izumi, the first being Hiroto and the third being Mai. Sorry Izumi. *is falcon punched by said character*

I honestly didn't know that Akira was a girl. I don't think anybody would've known, lol. Either way, it instigated some great and oh-so funny scenes that I missed- basically Hiroto getting his butt handed to him xD Akira and Izumi Kick Tornado!

When Akira and Hiroto were 'fighting', I was actually listening to 'Welcome Home' by Coheed and Cambria. It suited it, though I'm saving that song for more epic fights. And speaking of fights, you said that Akira is an epic fighter. Will be expecting that xD

More exposition. 'Veil' is actually a cool name to describe the boundary between the human world and the spirit world.

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 8 . 1/3/2014
Welp, Izumi has a serious temper. Should be funny in the next chapters, though I might cringe if it reaches to the 'spoiled brat' point. I have no idea why I flame on her so much. Maybe it's because everyone is doing their best to protect her while she's whining about secret-keeping. As I said, sorry *is shot* \(;_;)/

Hiroto is a great guy to be able to tolerate her. He's already a dark horse, and I'm hoping that next chapter includes some awesome action in which he and Izumi partake in. Since Izumi can practically learn anything, it's exciting to think what she'll choose as an ability. Shockwave? Fire? Shadow-bending? I'll have to find out xD

Ah, categories and info-dumps. My favorite, and I'm not lying! I try my best to remember them. I suppose that Hiroto is in the Sorcery section? I don't know. Mai seems to be an exception though x3

If a nurse walked in on them while they were still in the blanket then she might've thought they were... yeah. orz

I said Kiko and Yukari were zombies, but I was wrong. Hmm, I wonder what part they serve in this story?

Will read more! ;D
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