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Razorine chapter 7 . 1/3/2014
To be honest, I don't like Izumi at all. She whines and seems to have killed her mother. What a great protagonist.

For the sake of the story, I'll overlook her attitude. I thought I could handle it! Then again, if I could feel this strongly towards a character then it's a good thing, right? Right? *bound and gagged*

Reading this chapter was easier while listening to music. I now see why people recommend readers to play songs before reading. I was listening to some pretty bluesy music during Izumi's breakdown, so I guess it's why I feel the story more. It's like a movie!

Glad to see some explanations. The guilds are very interesting, and I wonder how many there are. probably a lot since the story is multinational. So Izumi is a mahousen with incredible pools of magic. I'll definitely be watching her growth like you said. Maybe she's like a battery for Hiroto to feed upon and utilize. Or maybe not. I better read more xD

I feel bad for Hiroto. I'm surprised he could tolerate Izumi at this stage. Hopefully some apologies are in order from Izumi, though I somewhat doubt that.

Sorry for hating on the main female protagonist *bows*

Will read more though! ;D
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 6 . 1/2/2014
I'm just liking Hiroto a liiiiiiitle bit better now.
He still is a long way before he's worthy of Izumi, though!

Izumi is just. . . adorable. Needless to say, she's my favorite character of this series. I mean, sure, she might be the generic childhood worrying bestfriend that's a little tsuntsun, but there's nothing wrong with that, and she just really so adorable. The one who'll capture her heart is a lucky guy. Hopefully it's not Hiroto, but that's kinda a weak wish to make at this point.

Mai-san is sexy! ouo

Mahousen. An individual with infinite capacity of mana (as so it says in the description). And Izumi is one. Awesome. It kind of reminds me of Index from the To Aru series. So, I guess there are more Mahousens? But even just one of them could prove to be world-changing. . . The plot's turning in a really interesting way, like, it's they type that makes me want to read on and on!

Super tentacle fight scene was awesome as hell! "Extraverse" is such a cool sounding term, and how you used the singularity theory was just beautiful! Really, that was like one, "why didn't I think of that before" moments! That was just so cool!

MMH! Next chapter! Everything finally gets them explaining! You deserved it, Izumi, you really do!

Slayer-san, thank you very much once again, for taking your time in creating this beautiful story! You're doing a great job, and please do keep it up!
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 5 . 1/2/2014
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!
That was a really good fight scene, Slayer-san! It was so fast-paced and it was just. . . good!
And I'm starting to take interest of Hiroto's abilities! The white and black glove. . . pyrokinetics and magnetic manipulation. . . it's certainly a new combination! OuO

I knew that the slow build-up would raise up to very high peaks, and you did even better than I expected, Slayer-san!
And also, it's rather flattering to have you go and thank me for every single review- you don't have to, but you're very much welcome, Slayer-san! I've been enjoying Mahousen Izumi a lot, so it's no trouble!

Once more, your narrative is wonderful. It's on the slow side, but it's comfortable and engaging! And your descriptive powers are very high-leveled! Everything is just popping out at times!

And that ending. "Another meter-wide crater was left in Shirosaki Forest that day. Beside it lay a burning sneaker." Perfect. That was just perfect, really. You couldn't have executed that better!
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 4 . 1/2/2014
*shudders* Balthazaar is creepy as hell. Also, that one other thin guy.
And now Mai-san is a ruler-throwing ninja. ouo A hot ruler-throwing ninja.

Nnngh. It should be so painful and confusing for Izumi right now. She must be so cold and scared, and Hiroto wouldn't even hug him for the sake of all that is good! Hmph!

Screw your, "It's a secret." cliffhanger line, Hiroto! I don't care if it sounded badass, you should do some explaining to poor Izumi! Nngh. The more I read, the more Hiroto becomes unworthy of Izumi! You'll have to skin yourself before you're worthy of that sweet creature! You and your "not now, not now" can go die in a ditch!

So the theme laid out for this wonderful story is a multiverse setting. Hmm. So, multiple dimensions that are layered on top of each other, I think, as far as I understood it. I look forward to how the gears of this world of yours are explained, Slayer-san!

This was a wonderful chapter! I mean, I did feel so terrible for Izumi, but that feeling you made me feel was a testament that this chapter did it's job done, and that you wrote it wonderfully, Slayer-san! Kanpai! :3

P.S.: Please do forgive me for disliking Hiroto, it's just, he's. . . argh! I know there's still plenty of the story to go, but he's pretty few-layered as of now. I'd like to see his character develop, not just being a cool-out, and I will refuse to let him have Izumi until he becomes worthy of her! (I sound like her dad, but yeah XD)
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 3 . 1/2/2014
Hiroto is a dick!

I mean, with the way things are, it's obvious that things are really going down, so why don't just he tell Izumi? Like, even if he can't, why does he have to hurt her, and not just say, "I want to protect you, that's why I can't say". Hnngh! It's so infuriating! Hiroto has no balls! If he was a man, he' just tell Izumi right away and just protect her from all the danger that comes along with telling her! Geez! THAT SLACKER-BAKA!

Izumi's nightmare/dream was so well written. That was my favorite part of this chapter. The transition between the initial dream, then the flames, then being dragged down into the pond. . . That was magnificent, Slayer-san! Really well done! OuO

Again, your chapters are quite a long read, but it's very fun, so thank you, Slayer-san! Keep it up!
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 2 . 1/2/2014
You know what? I would love having a best friend like Izumi, and I'd probably fall in love for her so bad if I were Hiroto. Such a dense idiot, he is. I don't care if he ends up being a superhero or something, but he's an idiot. I'd give Izumi the love she deserves if I were him. He doesn't know how lucky he is.

It goes without saying, but you're a lengthy writer, aren't you, Slayer-san? It's nothing bad, since I'm actually quite the same too. You're very descriptive, and your descriptive powers are good! Though I must admit, it tends to feel a bit convoluted at times, like when Kiko and Yukari suddenly entered the scene. It's just me, but I would've preferred if the chapter just stuck with Izumi and Hiroto for a while.

Your narrative is slow, but it flows quite nicely and comfortably! It just shows that you've been writing for quite a while, and that is wonderful!

I see you've settled with the traditional Japanese high school trope! I suppose it's similar with my story (though rather different in many aspects too), so I'm interested to see how everything starts to pan out! I'd like to see how you'd spice things up from here on out, Slayer-san! The build-up tends to be rather slow, but I know that it'll get really high up when it peaks! Good job so far! OuO
Fatima's Labyrinth chapter 1 . 1/2/2014
Yosh! I'll now dive right in to this!
Prepare thyself, Slayer-san! OuO

Starting with a diary entry. . . interesting!

There's not much to say yet considering that this is the prologue, but I can feel that this'll be very good already! I suppose Hitomi Izumi is the namesake of the story, huh?

Alright, Slayer-san! Take me away with your adventures! :D
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 4 . 1/1/2014
Decided to read on the phone with the Reader application installed and review on the computer afterwards. Best decision ever *w*

The introduction of Balthazar is making things real interesting. Loved his unsettling atmosphere he creates with his presence and speech. The way he beseeches Izumi, it's like she's the culinary in the fine delicacy of human meat.

[She felt emotions she had never experienced before-malice and bloodlust]
- Called it. She wants to eat Hiroto.

I pity whoever is Mai's husband. That BDSM technique is way too painful even for the hardcore of Masochists.

Got to say that at this point that I love your writing style, peppered with similes and metaphors that are really up my alley. There's a little too much adjectives for my liking, though I'll chuck it down to my minimalist preferences.
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 3 . 12/31/2013
Hitori, I applaud you sir for using the 'disguise truth as a lie' trick.

It miffs me a little when girls like Hitomi have double standards about secrets, treating her own as irrelevant but treating others like some life-saving capsule, without which, she would die a secret-starved death. I'm on her mum's side here *w*

Acid trip would have been a lot more engaging if I was reading this on paperback. Unfortunately, I gotta concur with Wong in that the long paragraphs don't help with the concentration. Well-written though.
Razorine chapter 5 . 12/31/2013
Action! Yey!

So Hiroto, Adolph and Anya have history together? Their fight proved exciting, and it was easy-to-follow and wholly entertaining. I like the range of attacks and how it was fantasy-like, and Hiroto's skills caught me off guard. An iron dragon?! He is more formidable than I expected *nods*

Some info-dumping there, though it was well-told through dialogue. I am interested in all the names such as Moon Guard and Wolf's Head. They seem to be guilds (am I right?)

Dummkopf, as I found out, means 'fool'. Whenever Adolph says something in German, I go straight to Google Translate xD

Karita might be a pervy teacher, huh? I don't know if he will be a recurring character, but with the way Izumi and Kishimoto talked about him, it seems that he could be.

Itching for some more action. Just what happened to Izumi?

Will read more soon! ;D
Katsurou Shimizu chapter 1 . 12/31/2013
Placing review for chapter 2 on chapter 1 since you have removed the glossary. Apologies if there were any confusions.

Gotta admit that the slice-of-lifey beginning dragged a little too long for my liking. It was defo entertaining, with little comedy bits with the ruler and the narrations that the girls did of the battle right at the end; my eyes sorta glazed over however when it came to the gossip portion (felt like needless fluff to me, unless there's some hidden foreshadowing with Segawa's cougar preferences in girls).

Mai needs to stop her ruler-whacking fetish, lest it becomes her BDSM hobby.
Hitomi is quite the tsundere, isn't she? She also needs to understand that there is also a thing called 'respecting one's privacy.'
Razorine chapter 4 . 12/31/2013
This is proving to be exciting ;D

So Izumi is giving Hiroto the silent treatment, eh? Gotta hand it to the latter for being patient with her. And that creepy guy was enough to make me shiver. So the second part of normalcy's death occurs with the introductions of two weirdos who think that Izumi is like some goddess. Good thing Hiroto was there to save her at the first weirdo!

Hmm, Kiko and Yukari are zombies? Hah, that means they can't die easily, which could be quite helpful. I'm still adamant in that they are Izumi's protectors as well, but I could be wrong x3

Mai to the rescue! Her Six Ruler Hurricanes sounds like a parody of some Naruto jutsu xD She must be a protector as well, methinks.

Oho, the two from the first chapter have arrived. Do Hiroto! Pummel them to the ground! And Izumi... I think she'll be slackjawed.

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 3 . 12/31/2013
Wow, even if this was long, it served well to the plot.

Won't nitpick on grammar; it's the story I look for. Everything's okay, and I like how Hiroto changed in character when it came to telling Izumi the truth. It's always interesting seeing another side of a character. I really feel bad for Hiroto when Izumi punched him. And he pretended that it was just a joke!

So there are people protecting Izumi without her knowing, huh? And by the looks of it, Kiko and Yukari are also those people!

Ah, Izumi's mother is funny with the way she teases her about her relationship with Hiroto. Her dad is the protective type, I think? They must be protecting her too! x3

The dreams again. A flashback of when they were young, and a tumultuous spiral of memories or thoughts or dreams or imaginations- it truly is the death of normalcy!

Will read more! ;D
Razorine chapter 2 . 12/30/2013
... Welp. No wonder Miles didn't want to read this. Oh well, if I don't read all the chapters, then I can compensate with some fanart... I think.

Anyway, I like Hitomi and Hiroto's relationship- while I think that it's quite common, they have that bond together that makes them unique. Jokey Hiroto and the chiding yet cute Hitomi are sure to be hero and sidekick sometime in the story... I think. Either way, Hitomi's aunt sure is strict, and the fact that she uses rulers as weapons is a great addition to her character xD Kiko and Yukari seem to be the friends who tease Hitomi and Hiroto, and I hope that they'll have a part in this fantasy plot.

Ah, Hiroto you otaku. And Hitomi, you know both of you have those feelings for each other. Don't worry, I have a feeling that this will be some slow-burner romance ;3

And the fight between Hiroto and Ushio, that was good! It was easy to follow and entertaining, and I like the whole surprise emitted from the audience. Yukari and Kiko's voice-overs were just ingenious xD And with that bit where Hitomi slugs Hiroto... well. I'm grinning right now.

That last bit though. Are they those weirdoes in the summary? And 'mein schatz' is German for 'my sweetheart'. Is the concept of magic national?!

And is Hiroto really a hero?

Will read more soon! ;D
Razorine chapter 1 . 12/30/2013
I'm sorry, this used to be titled Yohnmahoujutsu? That's... a lengthy name. I-I actually prefer Mahousen Izumi *thumbs up*

Whoo, but anyway the prologue was interesting. Not enough to grip me that much, but enough to make ask questions like 'how does this relate to the summary?' and 'what if Hiroto WAS a hero?' and 'does Hitomi like her dear Senpuu Hiroto?'. Honestly, I'm amused by Hitomi's sudden declaration of her and Hiroto just being friends. I have a feeling that this will grow to something like infatuation... or awkwardness... *ponders*

But the summary intrigued me, and there's humor in the story! Yey! Comedy always gives me the extra boost to read. And so I shall! Because I'm going on a one-night trip and I don't trust my lazy self!

Will read more! ;D
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