Reviews for Preventing the Inevitable Destruction of the World
galileogalilei chapter 1 . 5/11/2013
Well written, no spelling and grammar issues that I can see. However...

*fossil fuel addicted society* I wouldn't say 'addicted'. Was the Industrial Revolution addicted to water power, or steam power? Sure you can say those are renewable, but that's not exactly the point, is it? Dependent on fossil fuels is more like it. But this is nitpicking, and you likely said that as dramatization, and it DOES add a nice flare.

*there is a balance of nature* I laughed at this. You really think there's a balance of nature? That's nonsense. If there were balance of nature, there wouldn't be such a thing as evolution. Clearly there is, so there's no balance. You only see it as a balance because you look in short term; look over spans longer than your life and you will see there IS no balance in nature, just endless, endless change, competition, and death.

*extraction of any new fossil fuel illegal... drilling rigs (etc) should be immediately shut down and destroyed* That is, to be frank, a TERRIBLE idea! Can you just imagine what that would do? Even working full speed, if you were to do that you simply COULD NOT implement enough alternative energy to prevent the total collapse of society. I'm sorry, but going with your own analogy, we are so 'addicted' to fossil fuels that going cold turkey is simply not an option.

*alternative energy sources... must become inexpensive enough... to sustain their respective industries* Problem is, that is going to take a long, /long/ time. Make no mistake, one day they will be affordable, but that they is a ways off; it's coming though, don't worry, solar energy is climbing remarkably fast, and ITER is making magnificent progress in Nuclear Fusion.

*all vehicles that use gasoline will need to be modified* Again, terrible idea. Electric cars and such use less gasoline on their own, but the processes needed to make the /parts/ for said electric cars uses SO much more that it's not worth it. Again, give the tech a few more decades. Animal drawn carriages are hardly viable. Do you know WHY we stopped using animal power? Because it's too damned SLOW to get anything done in today's high-speed world!

*bicycles or walk* Tell that to the people who have to drive 50 miles to their jobs each day. Not everyone can do the Tour de France, no matter HOW healthy a living style you enforce.

*any corporation... of any kind must convert... or risk being shut down* Because the elite will CERTAINLY not throw a tantrum at that and not use their not-inconsiderable influence to fight this tooth-and-nail, right?

*technological innovations are being outpaced by our destructive nature* Actually, it's just the opposite. Our tech is evolving at an exponential rate. You say there's no incentive to create alternative energy, yet it's being done, HAS been done for decades.

The total elimination of fossil fuels will certainly light a fire under people's asses to get something done, but by the time they do, it'll be far, FAR too late.
Felix Golden chapter 1 . 5/25/2012
I agree with this idea COMPLETELY!