Reviews for The Dark
True Talker chapter 1 . 2/20/2012
Thank you for sharing this and it is written quite well.

The Light

The light,

Captures your fright,

It fills the night,

See these words,

Let them reverberate,

Within your soul,

Not to lose control,

To feel the love,

As sent from above,

No pain,

Only acceptance,

No fear,

Only acceptance,

No lonliness,

Only love,

For you sent from above,

Read these words,

Let them fill your mind,

They take hold,

They fill your soul,

The light,

Holds truth,

The light,

Holds everything new,

You don't need a clue,

To see all that is in front of you,

There is love,

All around you,

One day you will accept it,

For it wants you to be happy,

For it wants you feel safe and secure,

For it wants you to feel the good things,

That you deserve