Reviews for View From the Fall more thoughts on Evolution
galileogalilei chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
I'll address each point 1 by 1.

1: This is a fairly good point, however. Evolution is incredibly random. Seriously. Consciousness is, from what we have seen from attempts at a true AI, rather difficult to create. It requires a certain level of intelligence, I believe, to be possible, and this 'certain level of intelligence' has been building up slowly, near-randomly over billions of years; primates just so happened to have it work out for them.

Just because a gazelle has the evolution to run faster, doesn't mean it won't be injured and killed by the predator while the slower ones escape. So too would it be with intelligence and consciousness.

2:Different human creatures actually HAVE been developed. There are dozens, however I will only list Neanderthals. It's just that all the others have gone, well. Extinct. And there hasn't been enough evolutionary time for another species of humans to evolve, especially since our technology and smarts have seemed to make us evolutionarily 'dead-end'.

We are evolving much more slowly, because we don't have nature pushing us to evolve or fall behind, so to speak, because we are already further ahead than any other species on the planet could even hope to be.

Those are my arguments, take them for what you will.