Reviews for I will return
Lady Katreina chapter 10 . 4/19
These stories need to make their way into an omnibus of military sci-fi. One or several that I can get on my book shelves.

Well, done making an exciting story, an interesting plot, and an ostensibly happy ending! I didn't feel that secondary characters needed any more or less time, your knowledge is extensive and yet you didn't preach (any more than necessary. I'm sorry, I will not be remembering the precise difference between classifications, I hope I don't need to) and you've left me satisfied as a consumer of your craft.

I am completely okay with Steve never needing to "reveal" to his wife that he's back, it's a secret, it's not changing his body, and with Achmed involved Steve isn't who he used to be. (That would have been another point to stereotypically inject drama through the reveal, her going through the stages of grief, etc Thank you for not doing that.)

I love a competent main character, and of what I've read so far yours have competency in spades. (I'm in opposition of, as you said in your profile, those who think your main characters are -too- skilled.)
There are different kinds of intelligences, and as people are recognizing emotional intelligence as a separate kind of skill as traditional book-learning type, so should we recognize the ability to learn and do as an intelligence. In fact being a bookish person in a family full of competent doers can underline, highlight, and italicize the differences between different abilities and skills.
Your characters -are- exceptional, but that's because they're very good at the many things they've applied themselves to, and using information that they've gathered, not because you've made them super-human but because you've made someone with mastery.

Thank you for a delightful story!
Lady Katreina chapter 8 . 4/19
Another great sequence, with good solid build up of concern on several fronts before the action started.

And whoops! Looks like someone slipped, or slipped on purpose. What a cliff-hanger!
Lady Katreina chapter 6 . 4/19
Just as I don't know anything about Lucy, here is a whole chapter on her! Your timing is impeccable.
And apparently so is Steve's!
Including the timing on Achmed piping up, I'd forgotten about his presence the way I forget The Princess Bride is framed in the grandfather reading the book, until someone breaks in, like Achmed or the grandson.
It would be eerie to find another exactly like your lover, but younger.
Lady Katreina chapter 5 . 4/19
As the person putting now-Sam under observation, I'm not dying of boredom, but that's because you've helpfully skipped the downtime and given us the highlights. Which are very nice, this chapter is even-paced, a good description of his new life settling in.
It's interesting how certain Steve is about the love of his life, even though we the audience don't get any detail about her. Makes her a mysterious thing that he wants to retrieve.
Lady Katreina chapter 4 . 4/19
Complete surprise as to his new profession!
Not that I knew it existed anyhow, but that's going to be a very useful position.
I appreciate the description of what's happening with Achmed, the changes to his mind, and that although Steve is an ifrit Achmed is okay with back-seat... for now?
Lady Katreina chapter 3 . 4/19
Ah, yes, I should have expected Steve to do precisely as you had him do: be cantankerous and adaptable.
I appreciate that so far no problems have come up regarding communication; communication issues are such a crutch to force drama into a plot, and although they happen all the time in all sorts of interactions your main characters do not lack the correct terminology or training to make themselves understood.

Well, gee, now that we've gotten past the introduction and to the inciting incident, where is this going next?
Lady Katreina chapter 2 . 4/19
Incredible action sequence(s), my guts clenched up and I wasn't kicked out of my suspension of disbelief.
In fact, it was smooth and concise, not so flashy or fleshy that it wasn't exciting the whole ride. I'm sure that you, the author, have experience giving your credentials, and that was seamless, but also I, as civilian, wasn't so bogged down by the exchange of titles and terminology that it became difficult to follow.
Having read the summary I know what's going to happen next, if I hadn't I would have been relieved that first-person Steven woke up...
Lady Katreina chapter 1 . 4/19
Why is it that whenever someone is so extremely pleased with themselves life invariably throws them a curve ball to the face when they thought they were playing a different game:
In this case "Life" is "the author" because now that we've go the high, lets go read the lows...

I'm very curious at this point how his new life will progress, or if he will even attempt to return to it.

An aside: my only interesting experience with TSA was that, in order to protect the pages, I'd taken too many paperback books in my carry on. I did not know that compact paper looks like maybe C4 -the agent was very nice, and expected it to be books- but I am aware now!
Gasportjoe chapter 1 . 1/1/2014
Enjoyed reading this one as well! Hard to stop once I started! Glad to see there is a sequel!

Debate4life chapter 10 . 12/10/2012
What more can anyone ask for? Good story.
Guest chapter 10 . 10/16/2012
now is the time
Nadie2 chapter 10 . 5/16/2012
Good story! I liked the negotiation that went into sharing a brain. One thing though, you state Achmed has an IQ of 90, yet the charactor you describe would me MUCH lower. 90 IQ is borderline. They wouldn't be consiered to be intelectually disabled (we don't use the term morron anymore, we dont' even say mentally retarted anymore either) until we're in the low 70's. That may not sound like a lot, but it is. 50% of the world is between 85 and 115 and this is what we call "normal". I work with these kids as a special education all the time. At 90 IQ we are talking kids who can learn the regular curriculum with more examples and a bit more time. People you would never guess were disabled by talking to them. We're not talking about people who wouldn't understand the fight that would destroy their family. That is more like an IQ in the 50's down there with the lowest 1% of the world. People with 90's IQ defintly wouldn't go on a suicide mission without knowing it's a suicide mission. I did love the concept of what Achmed felt like after his mind was repaired. I've often look at my Autsitc students and can see what they would be like with autism. It's harder for me to picture what a person with limited IQ would be like with normal IQ. Great food for thought.