Reviews for If there is a God
True Talker chapter 1 . 2/22/2012
This is written quite well. I have a thought for you the story about; Adam and Eve - the apple - that was God's decision to give man free will. Eve had chosen the apple so, in her decision free will means it is up to us. If we as humans really want to change the world we have to forgo our greed and etc... and make the decision together as humans. We have the choice to either do the right thing or do the wrong thing.

Cancer and disease is about stress and habits. We as humans have much stress and haven't necessarily dealt with it right. Also, those out there that make our food and appliances they don't have our health in mind they have profits in mind so when they place poison (toxic substances) in our food and make appliances that further destroy our food it isn't our health that they have in mind it is their pocket book - their profit margin.

I am not going too far in saying this just do your research on certain foods and you will see what it is that I am talking about. Also, on appliances like microwaves and anything that has the non-stick material on it.

For example; powdered cellulose is cardboard and it is in our food. Some bread, cereals, and Tortilla the wraps. It is also in some pastas. Ever wonder what they do with recycleable cardboard? It is also in cat and dog food. - That is how I had found out that it is in human food. - Cat food research knowing more about human food. Also, properties of windshield washer fluid, paint chemicals, and etc... You'd be surprised.

So when they say eat whole foods and make your own - that really isn't a bad idea.

Thank you for sharing this.