Reviews for Breaking Boundaries
Jeldaly chapter 1 . 2/25/2012
Wow! Great story, and I adore the subtle humour thrown in, especially these lines:

"At first, I thought the same thing you're probably thinking right now-WTF. I need to get to sleep earlier." And "Yeah, we're present time now, get with it." Awesome!

The writing style is nice: it's the good kind that sort of lets itself vanish and lets the characters and setting take over.

The one and only issue I have with the text is that there's often a paragraph break where there doesn't need to be one; for example, this passage:

"Imagine the most gorgeous city that you can, and then multiply that by about a million.

The sky was a soft lavender color, the light pink clouds rolling along. Every building structure was different and unique, none an unpleasant sight to the eyes. A dome shaped one caught my eye to the right, solar panels atop it.

Straight ahead, though quite a distance away, was a beautifully ornate palace. I couldn't make out too much of it, because of it's distance, though I could tell it was lovely, like everything else."

This can easily become one paragraph. The breaks make the story a little choppy and it's jarring to me, as a reader.

Anyways, please update soon, this made me smile :)
Nyla Susset chapter 1 . 2/25/2012
I love it! It's brilliant!

Right now, tons of questions are coming to my head about the characters, the place, the quest... I suppose I have to wait until the next chapter to answer them...

At the beginning, I felt very identified with Blaze... it's like 'I know this situation...wait, it's exactly like that at home! Damn it!'