Reviews for Translation Amalgamation
In Case You Haven't Noticed chapter 4 . 6/9/2012
That very interesting story. Well, anyway, I'm fluent in Russian (but I can't write Russian, I can only read and speak it) so yay! But good job! Interesting...concept.

parkitcharlie chapter 1 . 2/26/2012
I'm not sure what to say...

Do I thank you for the fine meal? It was very fine. So fine.

If I could not tell you that then I might dance. Flash mob you answer. But we don't know your email.

It won't work that way. We need the internet.

But maybe I should simply sit and stare. Stare at the little teapot hanging on the wall. Whistling a merry tune.

And then I will know. If two plus two equals five then four and eight is not a number at all. It a waiter. And he waits for a while.

At the fine, so fine, establishment where you first served this meal.