Reviews for Ana
True Talker chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
The man in this story I want him to know that he should be the weight that is intended for his height and I mean the proper healthy weight because leaving your body without the nutrients that it needs takes away from your bone building cells which don't reproduce that well with age. Meaning if he keeps this up bones may easily break and he may end up being in more pain than he can handle - so he needs to eat this is without doubt and without question. I know that the man will look beyond good if he is his healthy weight - yes, I am being quite serious.

The cutting, there is no need to punish himself for things that have happened in the past - that he had no control over as he deserves many good things. He can easily be the male version of that girl in his dream - he can be better than that because he can love himself and be himself. He can be the weight that is healthy and not cut himself - he can learn to really enjoy his life because that is what HE DESERVES. I do mean this SERIOUSLY and SINCERELY. Thank you for sharing this.