Reviews for Darkest of Secrets
melinda-rox chapter 11 . 8/3/2012
Not at all. Why would you say its mushy? Okay, its five in the morning. I'll read the wizard fic now. bye.
slytheringirl123 chapter 10 . 7/5/2012
Hmmm. It's 'I couldn't smell my own lip gloss, not chap stick.'
But other than that, this chapter was, um.. uh, i dunno...
PS:The characters were so real, I felt like I'm best friends with them...strange, huh? ;)
Guest chapter 10 . 7/5/2012
Extraordinary references to our everyday pissing off school life, especially the studies aspect. Anyway, thank you for the CD and book.
Oh, and BURN! for Meera. And, is the Asian ghost thing an internal joke which i am missing out on.
One last thing, PLEASE dont stop writing, I'm really getting into the story.
Oh, the people in my book are called Mel and Tanya, I know! weird!
Guest chapter 9 . 6/30/2012
Really interesting - u have a talent!
melinda-rox chapter 9 . 6/29/2012
Firstly, The Undertaker?
And this kinda got my mind off, well, the Jake business. So good.
Listen to Bad medicine and you give love a bad name! Wrong time? k
Oh! one last thing. I like Bruce Lee!
Guest chapter 8 . 6/28/2012
-You know who...
melinda-rox chapter 8 . 6/24/2012
I should have known, you abusive name for a female dog (not really). You killed him after two chapters. We were just getting to know him. I mean, sure, i expected him to die. But after two chapter. Harsh man!
melinda-rox chapter 7 . 6/20/2012
Dude. Am i right to be thinking this. Dani...

No way! you wouldn't... would you? ... name, i guess

*blushing &laughing through amost the whole chapter*
melinda-rox chapter 6 . 6/1/2012
Different from your other chapters. I like jake. Are you going to kill him?

Dude, the final destination. That is so you-ish.

As you can see, first chapter review. I'm very religious, net crazy.

Are you going to post pics of your characters? There is an Adam in my head, but I don't know if that is how you want him to be like.
melinda-rox chapter 5 . 5/19/2012
Hi. I finally got unlazy enough to create an account. I love your story. Consider this a review for all chapters actually. I appreciate the thanks for the web thingy. Your story is very... Dark. Suits you
TheSecretWhisperer chapter 5 . 5/14/2012
blah-blah-blah-blah...this is a test review...
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