Reviews for Blind
Loqwell chapter 1 . 3/31/2012
I like this; it's an interesting way of raising the question of how much do we really know. Yet for all that it condemns us as blind, it doesn't seem arrogant or all-knowing. I feel it manages to tread the line of knowing that there is much you do not know.

The couple critiques I have are slight. I feel perhaps "the relief" could be better if it was simply "relief." Adding "the" makes it feel you have a specific form of relief in mind, and trips up the reading as I realize I have no idea concerning what you're pointing to. The other is "a corner" vs. "one corner." While I somewhat like the parallelism of "a corner" of "a universe," I feel "one corner" simply flows better. That grounding "one" sound stops me from hurtling through the line and falling towards the end.

On things I enjoyed in a more specific sense. I definitely like the formation of the two ending lines. Together they're very definitive and final, and make a lovely conclusion. I also felt the first line really drew me in. It immediately created a vivid image in my head, and I had to know where you were going with it.

I know this is an earlier poem of yours, but I hope you appreciate the review all the same.

Happy Writing!

True Talker chapter 1 . 3/7/2012
This is written quite well and it makes one think.