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YoKozo chapter 58 . 6/26/2017
Quinton's an M, huh? Does he know why snow is white?

You certainly went all out here. It's jam-packed with final moments for just about everyone and what they're up to in the world. Evan and Vy have matured and gotten closer a bit since we saw them last, but they still have that youthful spirit, or at least Vy does. I can get a sense that the others have changed too and Colonia is now normal. Must be hell of a job for Serph to start Colonia anew after AW and it's good to see these things addressed. I think what ends up happening with Matt is appropriate; he gets his chance now, but it will take a lot of making up, even though it doesn't really measure to the weight of his actions.

This final scene, I feel, is definitely gonna get mixed reactions, but I probably won't have the same reasons as others. Just glossing over Sophie would have been enough for me, but her unexpected appearance had me concerned. I don't think you really needed to explain that much to justify Sophie's sudden comeback, though I can see why you did. Honestly, the struggles that Leena and Sophie were throwing at each other was a great moment, as their relationship never fully resolved before Sophie's death. It's a good way to get some discourse out of their dialogue, but I feel you lost me afterward when Sophie tells Leena of her newfound purpose. I get the sense that you wanted Sophie to come to the conclusion that she came back to protect the world instead of feeling punished, but then this shouldn't negate the conflicting sides that Leena and Sophie had. Everything they were talking about stopped mattering there. I think, "What about what Leena was saying earlier?" "She used to think all that, so is she not paying for her sins anymore?" Compared to Matt, she got off easy, and Sophie's betrayal was probably more terrible to Leena. I think what you wanted to go for here was that Sophie's actions have no excuse, but she can't do much about it but live and do good now (much like Matt), but with so much weight on her shoulders, Leena doesn't want to put all the burden on Sophie because even Leena wasn't thinking straight during AW (conflict with Valor and all that jazz and being the Omega, Gregory's Project). They would share the burden together. The times when they needed each other the most was when they were at their loneliest. To have Leena to keep her powers is, in a way, her burden and her responsibility as well. But with Leena and Sophie together, I'm sure they are able to overcome it all. Then they can kiss kiss. I don't know if you wanted to convey that, so maybe it's just me. On another note, does this mean she can't go back to Colonia? No school, no friends that she said bye to?

Well, the ending is always one of the hardest to pull through, and I know you've struggled to get this to be as strong as possible. You have been very thorough with how you wanted to develop everyone and it's been an ambitious and exhausting journey, I'm sure. Nevertheless, it's amazing that you got this far and that you took us along the ride, so thank you for that. It may not be to your upmost satisfaction, but that means there's always room to grow better and better. Here's to Anomaly and Anomaly War!
Final Cy chapter 58 . 6/17/2017
I really enjoyed that. It's been a long and wild ride and its now completely over. I've always enjoyed reading epilogue that show what happened after the series completed.

I was not expecting Sophie to show up at the end. It does make a kind of sense though that Gregory would consider why the elements went out of balance in the first place and figure out how to prevent it in the future. It works for me either way.

I'm happy to see this completed and I hope that you will write something again in the future, even if it isn't another saga as long as this one.
Darth Zannacross chapter 58 . 6/17/2017
Ah you came back at last, glad that we got a true epilogue. Been a long ride but lets end it with style.

Final Anomaly Review Set...execute!

And a year's passed...thankfully not as long as Naruto and Bleach's time skips lol. And yet still we seen some major ripples since the end of the war, Scott's taken well to being the true ruler, Desire would be proud, if not angry for being so quickly replaced by Mia Lol. Well, with all she went through Mia deserved a break lol.

Lets see, a lot of final moments so can't go to big to fit it all in but, lets go. Glad to see Valor rebounded, his father's death did not seem to effect him to much. Glad the God of Mental got a break, and at least that ingrate Sylvia is showing remorse at last. Still...damn it all Amara your still married to Lee? Ugh, nearly as bad as Sakura with Sauske...good grief.

Meanwhile, glad Austin got a small break lol, and Evan's doing ok, at least Vy won't be, to abusive with him lol, double so for poor Leon and Kenny.

Ah, Serp being a much better emperor then Leouch I suppose lol, Alex is still stuck being a baby sitter, and Quinton...still is the same even after Sarge's death, good grief, and yet he somehow scores a date with Amelie...their is no justice in this world( Punts Quinton)

Ah, glad Justine still gets to have a life full of Justice, Ash leveled up nightly, glad he and Alexis are a couple even if they are taking it slow, and Brick survived with his brickness intact. least Matt got punished more then Sasuke and Orochimaru I guess...but leaves a real poor taste that he gets away with so much while so many others like Axel and Yorshio just got a dirt nap.

Speaking of that, one cared about Axel at all, he did not even get a grave? That's hard core cold dude, sure his dark side went wild but Matt, Sophie and the God's did worst and they got more forgiven...( salutes Axel for being underappreciated)

Well, that was a touching moment between siblings.

And Roy, is indeed and forever will be Roy.

Damn, Valor got friend zoned...after all that...doh.

And, sudden plot twist, a portal to the not quite destroyed world to reveal, the hell...Sophie is alive? Well, not sure why her father waited to reveal she was alive without even a hint but well guess she deserve a, wait pulled a Legend of Koran and sudden bisexual ending? Not that their's anything wrong with that but, maybe I'm just not to sharp on picking up those things but, that seems just a tad...sudden.

So she seriously just ditched her friends to mess around taking down random monsters with Sophie? I know she was clear with Valor that it was not a solid relationship but that's seriously cold that she left him, her friends, her uncle, everyone without saying anything, really damn cold.

Damn, guess Silva was right after all, maybe its not to late for them to rebound after all lol.
Also realized her school pals were not even mentioned, hope Amy and the others made out alright.

And welp, Leena being rude to her " new family" aside, that was a nice dose of closure.

And so Anomaly Wars at last comes to its end, this ending is making me teary eyed, this is indeed my fave story on the sight. I don't want to repeat to much on what I said for the Anomaly review finale but you did well having such a large cast of fun characters. Though, I do feel that some suffered in Anomaly, Ash felt like he got pushed to the side more, hell Quinton had more time to shine with how big a role he had, guess the others had more to do in the previous story but still, they still had their moments.

The villains were even more ruthless in this story, the Emperor was quite driven. And Matt...I would like to say that most people realistically would not have real life grudges for such petty reasons but...( Looks at current president) Sigh...anything goes these days, the drama was well done even if I felt some of the God's like Silva were far to petty, I guess it was clear that they did not have time to pick the best" moral " choice for the God's so, got to make do with what you got.

It did feel brutal as so many died, still sad that those like Axel and the others got raw deals but that's war and, was indeed better done then Bleach, and unlike Fairy Tail the stakes were real.

Over all, random sudden left turn bloom of love aside, I was happy with how things ended, the cast went through a lot and all managed to reach a happier place.

So lets see...without dragging things out to long, this was a story of intense drama, action and emotional development. Whatever you have planned let me know because I'm eager to see your next work. Heh...still hoping you have time to check out Zilos one day as I hope you will find it enjoyable.

We will see but till then, thanks for all the enjoyable moments Ritzbitz8, keep watching out for those doorknobs.
RayKamiya chapter 58 . 6/17/2017
Great job man you need to get on skype more though XD
YoKozo chapter 57 . 9/20/2016
"NooOOooOoo!" - Famous last words from Seth. Leena put up a good fight with Seth. Not the most gruesome battle ever, but managing a boss battle with some hocus pocus friendship business is very manga/anime-like. It's clear this chapter focused on the family aspect of the Bookers, from Leena's fight with Seth (in Matt's body), to her father's sacrifice. Admittedly, the final crux felt very HiME-like, though thankfully the part about reviving all the dead players was left out. Good luck advertising Colonia as a great place, Serph. That's gonna be a lot of work.

The fact that Gregory let Leena keep her powers lends to an ambiguous future. Everything concludes, but there is now a possibility that there may be some lingering forces that Leena will have to take care of. Otherwise, she's now a local superhero straight out of a comic book. Obviously, I don't think you'll be writing more scenarios, but it's nice to know that there's still a role Leena can play, and it doesn't involve family. It tied her down for the whole series, but her new "family" is what gives her conviction. Speaking of family, it's good for Matt to give himself up. It shouldn't have to be all sugars and rainbows of an ending. Still, I think Leena could've emphasized to Matt that it won't be easy to regain trust. That second chance will have to prove itself.

I know the epilogue is still to come, but I can't help wondering of Sophie when the powers were being absorbed. Her desire came true in the end, despite having to betray herself and everything. If only she were here to see it now. What would Leena and Ash say to her?

So now that APS is out of Anomalies, what is there left to do? Guess there will be one last wait and see! For now, congrats on the most taxing job complete!
Cy chapter 57 . 9/19/2016
It's finally over apart from the epilogue. It's been a long ride but I'm glad to have been around for it. There were some rather fun parts in the final chapter though it did feel a lot more campy than the previous chapters (I like campy). I'm looking forward to the epilogue.
Darth Zannacross chapter 57 . 9/19/2016
So...this is it...the real finale to it all? No final epilogue to wrap things up?

Well...first off...seems Seth was back longer then we expected...well that took the luster out of Matt's own ambitions since he got hijacked midway through...doh.

Seems Seth did not have a uber final boss One Winged Ten Tails Angel transformation for him...oh shadow game...set and...execute!

On a side note...Slivia still is a B #...just gets away with all she did? Good grief. they are in-humans are they? Don't tell Blackbolt...he Medusa and the others in that royal family gets possessive lol. Eh...X-Men forever.

Anyway...Slivia went from a petty B #$# to a MEGA B #$ and try and ruin everything...I hope her end is worthy of a Mortal Kombat fatality...but thankfully it was not enough to ruin the fun.

Well...last insights in to Seth's rational...he really did not trust others...not sure if he was just born a devil child but...moot point now since...he's deep fried. Leena took one for the team...and Goku would be proud at how she controlled a energy blast lol.

Well...better final blow then what we got for the final battles in both Naruto and Bleach so nice job lol.

Ah...and Phalanx returned...glad you did not pull a kind of pulled what Yhwach did in Bleach with that Auswählen to suck up the powers of his flunkies...though this time the fight is unfinished because of the good guys acting...not the bad guys being idiots...well...could be worst.

So...the back up plan was to suck up everyone's guess that's one way to wrap things up nicely...after a Metriod style get the hell out of the area much for any part about humans and Anomalies having to get along...oh well.

So the godly doctor gives up his life to save the world...noble enough...though...Matt gets a free pass from this..really? Guess he is joining Orochimaru and Aizen in bad guys who get away with massacres...and at least those two got locked up...good grief. He got over his hate faster then Sasuke and Vader combined lol...better then Kylo Ren I guess.

So...this is it eh...just...everyone casual on a ruined world nearly on the level of Xenogears over pizza like a episode of Teenage Mutant Turtles? Everyone letting Matt get away with what he did with not even a punch?

Well...I don't see you marking this as the end of the story so I'll hold back on doing a over all super review of the entire series...if this is the end I'll write my final thoughts on one of the data base chapters in your previous story...unless you decide to do one for this as well...or at least finish the data base for the Anomaly story lol.

That being said if this is the end...for now I'll just say this is still one of the best stories I read on Fiction Press...I admit the ending left a bit to be desired...but in the felt rushed but thank got not as rushed as Bleach felt lol. Hope your willing to check out my Zilos story one day because I would be grateful to see what you think of it.

Till then till next time Ritz.
Omni chapter 57 . 9/19/2016
Finally done eh? Long ride but glad you saw it through.
Niantic Servers chapter 56 . 7/10/2016
I can tell this is a story where family members are beloved and still redeemable until they're too far gone and by then it's pretty okay to take them down a peg or three. No mercy.

As I was reading this penultimate chapter, I remembered that the last time we saw Seth, it felt unresolved. That was at the back of my mind and I wasn't sure if it would come up here, but I'm glad it did, and in a fashion I didn't see coming. That just opens up a few more questions now about what exactly transpired and when. What is the ultimate objective now?

Everyone sending their strengths over to Leena as a physical and morale boost was very much the Power of Friendship moment I'm sure you had in mind, so although cheesy, it's appropriate.

The whole key thing doesn't seem to be much of an important thing anymore from where we stand now and I feel that's a bit disappointing.

Well, you've made it to the home stretch. 9th inning, 2 outs, bases loaded. You're up to bat. All you have to do is swing. Do you have the willpower? The confidence? Or will some force come crashing down on you harder than Niantic's servers? Find out... NEXT TIME... on ANOMALY WAR.
Ynnej chapter 56 . 7/6/2016
lmao Quinton and Sarge continue to save the day and be amusing at the same time.

Damnit! I was hoping Mia had dealt with Phalanx. No wonder they were out of the spotlight for a while. The element of surprise.

And omg, Serph, shut the thing down already. Don't be a Sigma. Good on Mia in forcing him to be faster on that.

D'aaw, the speeches of Leena's allies and friends as she chases Matt. AND LOL EVAN, his commentary on what they're doing to all communicate to Leena like that. And omg, Ash's geekery comes into play in his speech. Hopefully Matt doesn't have a final form, indeed.

And Alexis' speech is spot-on. Love it.


Cy chapter 56 . 6/28/2016
A rather intense penultimate chapter and finally the reveal that has been hinted at heavily for ages, that Matt Booker is now Seth. The death of Scott Slade was also quite satisfying though it felt like Serph had picked an odd time to hit on Mia. I'm assuming it was probably due to nerves.

One more chapter left. It's hard to believe it. This series has been going on for ages and it's nearly over. I guess next review will be after everything is done. Good luck and see you on the flipside.
Darth Zannacross chapter 56 . 6/27/2016
Damn...really feels like we are at the verge of the climax, for the entire story, sure is getting tragic enough.

First off...Matt proves he is a total self absorbed psychopath, and that the good guys kind of were reckless taking out man kind's back up plan, doh.

Well, next, out of no were the Emperor's suddenly has darkness powers of his own, could have come in handy.

And for even more bad timing, Phalanx returns, seems Mia was not the superior one, seems the fight is being taken out of view but, hopefully won't be another Yammy from Bleach lol.

Damn though, the father son relationship between Scott and Slade ended badly all right, after how badly Scott treated his own wife, and for now adding Sarge as another causality, Scott severed the bond, with a little help from Mia. That was a nice moment, glad after all she suffered she was not one added to the list.

Well, that helped stop Matt;s end plan, and his own stupidly helped stop it even more. Tsc...having all the combined powers and he could not think of a way to protect his weak-spot? Well, you deserve to lose when you overlook something that vital lol. Then again, seems like someone else interfere, was it because Slade died? The work of his dad? Guess we will see.

I admit I really did not think the Elemental Gods would get a extra life out of that, not sure what to make of that since a handful of them are still crazy jackasses. Hell, Syliva did not even say anything lol.

To bad Harmony is still a tool, good grief, never a good idea to give a tool blood bending powers but, here we are. Well, thanks to a last second power up Leena can use a chunk of her pals powers, still better then Naruto's last second power up lol, and it helped her with that rematch rather quick.

And now for the maybe final show down with a father and son clash that now gives me Kylo Ren vibes, Ren still may have been more of a punk but still...add a extra layer of ownage to Matt for being like that unworthy failure lol.

And, the final twist, is that its Seth? Well, I saw that coming to say the least but, figured it would be more dramatic. So, Matt still in their, or is Seth the only one in charge of the ship? We getting a ultimate final form? I suppose only one way to find out, but things are shaping up rather nicely with a hell of a intense chapter so keep up the great work, and see you next time, hopefully sooner then later.
Cy chapter 55 . 5/27/2016
Wow. That was pretty intense. Honestly, I'm not sure how to describe it. Really awesome fight. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I'm curious about what would have happened if Matt had won before, unleased the AW, and then later killed Slade (if he could have). Would he have let Serph rule? I doubt it but I'm not so sure he is interested in ruling so much as being the top dog. Having the world follow someone else while staying untouchable might work for him.
Darth Zannacross chapter 55 . 5/23/2016
And so the sibling duel to the presumed death gets closer to the climax, and unlike say, Sasuke VS Itachi this time its legit hate lol.

Matt shows he really will do anything going after the rest of the cast, thankfully it was not a total disaster. though it came rather close , poor Jeremiah for one, being casually thrown aside, doh.

Also, I noticed something rather disturbing, Matt said Alexis left him when they barley interacted, unless, well, lets just say even I did not think the uber betrayal take over would be effected this early, we will see.

But in the meanwhile he really pulled off his Uchia mind hax with all the illusion mind games, close one indeed.

Damn, they at last they were able to rewrite the programming to all dog pile on him but the famous words of Bass held quite true hear, he who hesitates is lost, and they freaking should have known by now not to hesitate with this crazy bastard, because now Valor got punked!

Really hope that's not how Valor goes out since that would be quite lame, but you have done a lot of brutal death's so far, we will see , time for the moment of truth, and time to see what Matt 's full power is, plus what's up with the Emperor.

Another intense chapter, keep up the great work, glad your still not giving up and till next time.
Cairo Len chapter 55 . 5/23/2016
Ah, sibling rivalry as its worse. It's a bit surreal to see family members fighting each other to the point where there's no redemption. I feel like I've mentioned that already, but it was quite apparent here.

The illusion was a pretty twisted way of getting to Leena. Speaking of illusions, it would sure be great if Evan could pull off his own tricks again. I guess the exploding objects will do for now.

The God Seed is an interesting device. A few knew about it, but something tells me Matt also knew of it, else the big turn of events at the end wouldn't have come to fruition. It's a double-edged sword. One of those "When did you think I wasn't using Suigetsu?" nonsense.

Things are finally looking grim, and I'm looking forward to see how things go. Nicely done.
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