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Niantic Servers chapter 56 . 7/10
I can tell this is a story where family members are beloved and still redeemable until they're too far gone and by then it's pretty okay to take them down a peg or three. No mercy.

As I was reading this penultimate chapter, I remembered that the last time we saw Seth, it felt unresolved. That was at the back of my mind and I wasn't sure if it would come up here, but I'm glad it did, and in a fashion I didn't see coming. That just opens up a few more questions now about what exactly transpired and when. What is the ultimate objective now?

Everyone sending their strengths over to Leena as a physical and morale boost was very much the Power of Friendship moment I'm sure you had in mind, so although cheesy, it's appropriate.

The whole key thing doesn't seem to be much of an important thing anymore from where we stand now and I feel that's a bit disappointing.

Well, you've made it to the home stretch. 9th inning, 2 outs, bases loaded. You're up to bat. All you have to do is swing. Do you have the willpower? The confidence? Or will some force come crashing down on you harder than Niantic's servers? Find out... NEXT TIME... on ANOMALY WAR.
Ynnej chapter 56 . 7/6
lmao Quinton and Sarge continue to save the day and be amusing at the same time.

Damnit! I was hoping Mia had dealt with Phalanx. No wonder they were out of the spotlight for a while. The element of surprise.

And omg, Serph, shut the thing down already. Don't be a Sigma. Good on Mia in forcing him to be faster on that.

D'aaw, the speeches of Leena's allies and friends as she chases Matt. AND LOL EVAN, his commentary on what they're doing to all communicate to Leena like that. And omg, Ash's geekery comes into play in his speech. Hopefully Matt doesn't have a final form, indeed.

And Alexis' speech is spot-on. Love it.


Cy chapter 56 . 6/28
A rather intense penultimate chapter and finally the reveal that has been hinted at heavily for ages, that Matt Booker is now Seth. The death of Scott Slade was also quite satisfying though it felt like Serph had picked an odd time to hit on Mia. I'm assuming it was probably due to nerves.

One more chapter left. It's hard to believe it. This series has been going on for ages and it's nearly over. I guess next review will be after everything is done. Good luck and see you on the flipside.
Darth Zannacross chapter 56 . 6/27
Damn...really feels like we are at the verge of the climax, for the entire story, sure is getting tragic enough.

First off...Matt proves he is a total self absorbed psychopath, and that the good guys kind of were reckless taking out man kind's back up plan, doh.

Well, next, out of no were the Emperor's suddenly has darkness powers of his own, could have come in handy.

And for even more bad timing, Phalanx returns, seems Mia was not the superior one, seems the fight is being taken out of view but, hopefully won't be another Yammy from Bleach lol.

Damn though, the father son relationship between Scott and Slade ended badly all right, after how badly Scott treated his own wife, and for now adding Sarge as another causality, Scott severed the bond, with a little help from Mia. That was a nice moment, glad after all she suffered she was not one added to the list.

Well, that helped stop Matt;s end plan, and his own stupidly helped stop it even more. Tsc...having all the combined powers and he could not think of a way to protect his weak-spot? Well, you deserve to lose when you overlook something that vital lol. Then again, seems like someone else interfere, was it because Slade died? The work of his dad? Guess we will see.

I admit I really did not think the Elemental Gods would get a extra life out of that, not sure what to make of that since a handful of them are still crazy jackasses. Hell, Syliva did not even say anything lol.

To bad Harmony is still a tool, good grief, never a good idea to give a tool blood bending powers but, here we are. Well, thanks to a last second power up Leena can use a chunk of her pals powers, still better then Naruto's last second power up lol, and it helped her with that rematch rather quick.

And now for the maybe final show down with a father and son clash that now gives me Kylo Ren vibes, Ren still may have been more of a punk but still...add a extra layer of ownage to Matt for being like that unworthy failure lol.

And, the final twist, is that its Seth? Well, I saw that coming to say the least but, figured it would be more dramatic. So, Matt still in their, or is Seth the only one in charge of the ship? We getting a ultimate final form? I suppose only one way to find out, but things are shaping up rather nicely with a hell of a intense chapter so keep up the great work, and see you next time, hopefully sooner then later.
Cy chapter 55 . 5/27
Wow. That was pretty intense. Honestly, I'm not sure how to describe it. Really awesome fight. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I'm curious about what would have happened if Matt had won before, unleased the AW, and then later killed Slade (if he could have). Would he have let Serph rule? I doubt it but I'm not so sure he is interested in ruling so much as being the top dog. Having the world follow someone else while staying untouchable might work for him.
Darth Zannacross chapter 55 . 5/23
And so the sibling duel to the presumed death gets closer to the climax, and unlike say, Sasuke VS Itachi this time its legit hate lol.

Matt shows he really will do anything going after the rest of the cast, thankfully it was not a total disaster. though it came rather close , poor Jeremiah for one, being casually thrown aside, doh.

Also, I noticed something rather disturbing, Matt said Alexis left him when they barley interacted, unless, well, lets just say even I did not think the uber betrayal take over would be effected this early, we will see.

But in the meanwhile he really pulled off his Uchia mind hax with all the illusion mind games, close one indeed.

Damn, they at last they were able to rewrite the programming to all dog pile on him but the famous words of Bass held quite true hear, he who hesitates is lost, and they freaking should have known by now not to hesitate with this crazy bastard, because now Valor got punked!

Really hope that's not how Valor goes out since that would be quite lame, but you have done a lot of brutal death's so far, we will see , time for the moment of truth, and time to see what Matt 's full power is, plus what's up with the Emperor.

Another intense chapter, keep up the great work, glad your still not giving up and till next time.
Cairo Len chapter 55 . 5/23
Ah, sibling rivalry as its worse. It's a bit surreal to see family members fighting each other to the point where there's no redemption. I feel like I've mentioned that already, but it was quite apparent here.

The illusion was a pretty twisted way of getting to Leena. Speaking of illusions, it would sure be great if Evan could pull off his own tricks again. I guess the exploding objects will do for now.

The God Seed is an interesting device. A few knew about it, but something tells me Matt also knew of it, else the big turn of events at the end wouldn't have come to fruition. It's a double-edged sword. One of those "When did you think I wasn't using Suigetsu?" nonsense.

Things are finally looking grim, and I'm looking forward to see how things go. Nicely done.
Ynnej chapter 55 . 5/22
I am so glad Leena got there in time to save Alexis.

Oh wow, having the Affinity Souls be reborn under Fortuna is a great plan.

Such teamwork. This is glorious. Alexis and Evan seems to have caught on. If only they can pass that info onto Leena as she still seems to give time to listen to Matt.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
Ocean'sGrayWaves chapter 54 . 4/4
No Casual Mode, just casualties.

Things have gone on for pretty long, huh? Almost like we're nearing the end or something. The APS duo was pretty much the focus of this one, which is nice. This is their big moment and they seem to have gotten their ABI and CAM maxed out for this awesome Affinity Soul fusion.

Which means something bad might happen to them afterward, right? Hmm... Admittedly, there were brutal deaths that caught me by surprise. It was pretty amazing when Tristan started screwing the rules, though. Like that time Quinton punched Seth. The momentum is still going up here, but I think this chapter had a good balance of either side dominating. Can't be too long now.
Ynnej chapter 54 . 3/15
Still loving the teamwork between these guys. And Leena's entrance as Valor's backup! So awesome and hilarious.

But wow, it gets really intense fast. Loving Sergeant's and Quinton's comeback. Tristan put up a good fight while he could, and good burst of bravery there with Serph.

Looking forward for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 54 . 3/8
Glad your back, time to resume the showdown. We start off with Leena getting, haphazardly thrown to the climax lol. Hopefully her friends can handle Titan, we have enough causalities as it is. Though, seems Leon and Nadine survived at least, huzzah, hell even Keggy deserved better then that, poor not Thor though.

Well, its mostly because of Ace, and it seems Sarge and Quinton were about to be his next victims, till, it seems they have the Mangekyo Sharingan to suddenly summon Sussano'o? Well, did not see that coming, did not think Ace would go out without one last duel with Ash, heh, between Quinton and Ash's own brother he barley has had any wins to himself this story lol.

Well, at least Xion is not one of the foolish bad guys who would fight to the death merely out of pride, though, not sure what's going to be his fate after that.

Meanwhile, seems Nathan at last also met his end, after all the greif he caused Axel and everyone else he got what he deserved, Tristen is indeed ruthless. A shame, he at last got Emperor Jackass to feel some pain, to bad he was to caught up to see the second gun, arg.

Well, for all of Susano'o's epic power, if Slade can stop them dead in their tracks it will be all for naught, time to see what the game plan is, heh, it seems like Serph just might pull a Leouch like move to conclude the history with his father and mother, we will see.

Another intense chapter that's epiclly progressing to the final showdown, quite looking to see how the current cliffhangers are resolved, so till next time keep up the great work and till next time.
RayKamiya chapter 54 . 3/8
Holy shit man work has been keeping me busy...

but these last few chapters have been really fun to read
Cy chapter 54 . 3/7
This chapter was well worth the wait. The appearance of Susano'O, the third of the original lords of the God Realm, was pretty awesome. All I could think of was that same feeling I have when Omnimon appears. It may not sound like much with that comparison but for me it's essentially the highest level of "this is going to be good" edge of the chair style anticipation of action. It did not disappoint, especially when we saw the indominatable Xion surrender to its power.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter. The stuff with Leena is fun but I will admit that the part I'm looking forward to the most is the continuation of the scene in Slade's office. I'm really excited to see what will happen there, especially since it doesn't quite feel like Scott will be exiting the stage yet no matter how worried he is right now, facing down what is likely one of the single most powerful beings in the series if not the most powerful based on the hype.
Guest chapter 54 . 3/7
Can't remember the log in.

As I said...poor Ace and Panzer... It really got me where I live.

Glad to see you overcame the distractions to finish this. End is in sight, things are looking good for the heroes...kinda?
Cy chapter 53 . 2/6
Sorry it took me so long to read this.

Good chapter. I liked some of the banter from Ash and Mia. The battle between Mia and Phalanx was a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to the final battles that are coming in the next few chapters.
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