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Darth Zannacross chapter 7 . 9/2
So Ash really won, damn, and meanwhile Leena was rather reckless but, it pulled off this time.

Meanwhile Axel and the others are in a bind as Brick and Not Thor are both rather stubborn roadblocks, lol, at least the cast shares my view on the Thor likeness.

Well, seems teamwork was able to prevail, but James seems like a killjoy, or maybe he just wants to kill Quinton, either way, can't catch a break it seems.

Meanwhile, Earnest is a odd name for the " Lord of Plasma", makes me wonder just how earnest he is lol. Well, since he is in favor of genocide , sounds rather sadistically earnest, I mean I do suppose the earth is overpopulated at times but, still don't trust just what this guy has planned. On top of the fact that Leia is with him, yah he is going to be the main bad guy eh? Pull a Aizen or something? We will see.

Well, James is quite the elitist, glad Axel proved him wrong, his AS is rather badass to, glad he got a good deal for having his mind messed up with for so long. At least Leena's hard work paid off and she can meet her father, hopefully its not a bitter reunion.

And, Xion!? Does this mean Xemnas is going to show up? Lol, not the same one I guess, lets hope this Xion has a more stably personalty lol. Well, they all passed the tests, lets see how the real madness goes so, nice conclusion to the arc, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 6 . 9/2
Another reminded that most of theses gods were just random teenagers, was the one in charge really Zordon? Lol, well, nice to see Ace and Lee's interaction.

Still, I thought Ace was hopelessly stubborn about Ash but he REALLY does not learn, even goku is less thickheaded, damn, that's the kind of power one of the top brass has, Ace seems keen on learning the hard way, I do wonder what Jeska has planned for him, how to make him not be a tool? Guess we will find out.

Well, I seen plenty of stories with tough training sessions but this does seem like being thrown in to the wolves more or less, at least its not in a environment with 20 times earth's gravity, not yet at least lol.

So, this turned in to a grudge match between brothers, hopefully it does not get quite as bitter as Sasuke VS Itachi or Solid Snake VS Liquid Snake lol, we will see.

Meanwhile, did not expect Hercules to join the melee, even if its not quite the one that was expected, damn bugs, lol.

Well, the duel between brothers was intense but I did not think Ash would be pushed far enough to get his own Digimon, er, soul, I have to admit I think of the King Boomer from Mario on hearing it but, I guess it gets the job done lol, did not think Adrian would go down that easy, oh well, Ash has made some progress, unless his brother is going to pull out something killer next chapter lol.

Well, we will see, till then keep up the great work, another round of nice drama and action.
Darth Zannacross chapter 5 . 8/31
The lord of all light is named Lee eh? Rock Lee would be so happy lol. Well, time for a truck ton of new characters, this feels like having to learn all the Bleach Captains and their staff at once lol.

So, Scott/ The Emperor is not the one in charge but this Domino? Thought they would be the same person, guess not. Well, gives me a Bleach senior captain Yamaoto vibe of being a killjoy but I suppose that's what being a leader does to people

So, the so called gods can't even get the job done with the environment eh? Not looking quite so Divine, Storm from the X men could get the job done by her self lol.

On top of that, it seems quite dysfunctional at the moment, I can see why the title is what it is lol.

Well, Axel, Sophia and Leena are all making progress on there ambitions I guess, we will see what comes from it. On top of that, Ace is still causing trouble, he is nearly Bowser at this rate lol. Well, we will see what Lee's true agenda is I guess, nice set up for the storm to come I suppose, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 4 . 8/29
Well, Ace's brother leaves quite a strong impression, with impressive powers to boot. Still, his callousness allowed Ace to get away and he does not seem to have much love for his brother.
Meanwhile, the cops showed they are no longer cannon folder, good for them lol.

Well, we see a castle in god's realm, its rather godly all right, nearly right out of Castlevaina, with a armory to boot, curious to see who had to make all of that stuff lol.

And now their is Tammy, seems, moody for someone of such power, we will see. And we also got some nice reunions with Brick and Gaff, glad they are doing well.

So, chat with the Gods, time to see what all the fuss is about, we will see but, nice setting the stage.
Darth Zannacross chapter 3 . 8/28
And we are reintroduced to Ash, playing FF 13 2, I see he enjoys suffering lol. Well, Sophia shows she still loves being a jerk, at least Ash has mostly rebound from the fiasco that was Felicia it seems.

Also glad to see Axel is doing well, and he let Leena in on what Dom told him, more questions that need answering lol. Even Austin has improved a tad, though, now that section might be opened to some juicy developments, along with another ominous player.

Ah, to bad Roy and Alexis are not around, er, and Justine to, and yet the coppers are going? Hopefully they don't make the situation worst.

Well, to top it off, Ace is alive? He really is like Team Rocket of the story, or maybe Bowser lol.

Still, talk about twist ending, Ash's brother returns? Hope he does not go by the same logic of Itachi, we will see. Things are heating up, another great chapter and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 2 . 8/27
Well, the second interloper seems quite vicious indeed, thankfully not Thor, er, Ulric made a surprise return, did not think he would be coming back any time soon. Still, this Shaendru seems quite formidable, we will see if he reaches Seth's level of nastiness soon I guess but, he is making a good debut.

Well, Leah is still being quite brutal and clearly has a grudge, but Mia's grand return cuts down on revenge gal's vengeance it seems, glad to see Mia is less crazy or things would be even worst lol.

Glad Mia forced the bad guys to retreat, its like a ironic view of how the previous story started. I see Levy is still the same, at times he reminds me of the pizza guy from Futerama lol.

On top of that reunion we got another one with Valor, with the good news that Leena can at last get what she wanted after all this time, the entrance to the realm of the gods, Seth would be so envious lol.

Well, Leena's father sounds more and more like a jerk, just hope he is not a Relius or Gendo kind of father, that would suck

Though, speaking of fathers, never expected Valor to have a living dad, and for it to turn out to be Not Thor, well done at least, never thought Ulric would be linked like that.

Well, glad Alex is doing well at least, and as the gang tries to get the band back together, as we see just how the Emperor has been plotting his grand game, on top of that it seems we have a rouge god, this can't end well.

Well, the stage has been and its quite a epic set so nice job with another dose of epic action and drama, looking forward to how things go from here so till then keep up the great work.
Cy chapter 50 . 8/27
Such an intense chapter. So many deaths with even the mighty Ulric Garinator falling. And then that ending... The next chapter is going to be nuts.
Darth Zannacross chapter 1 . 8/25
And so, long time no see, been so long since, a few days ago lol. Ah well, things start off nice and cheerful with a prison break it seems, getting Spiderman vibes, I wonder if they were busted out by the Kingpin? Lol, unlikely but we will see, still, Ace never learns it seems even after all this.

Oh well, in the end the Element Lords decide to crash the party, and I was wondering where Valor was lol.

So, in the end, Ace and co all met there ends, guess no final grudge match after all, damn, and not even sure who got the kill in, reminds me of the Transformers movie where they killed off half the cast for new bots to take the spotlight lol.

Still, three years have passed, more then the two required to get in? I wonder what is causing Leena the delay, we will see. In the meanwhile, reunions ahoy, nice to see Sophia catch up, still, no using social media? That's just being callus lol.

Valor's Father eh? Forget at times theses guys are not quite godly at times, should be interesting.

Well, we start off the story with a new angry broad it seems, a female fatale who, fights like Maka from Soul Eater? Well, she seems to be linked to what Dom and Axel were talking about last time, seems this is going too escalate to top level intensity rather soon, with Leah being able to put Yoshino on the ropes , quite the cliff hanger.

Well, a epic start full of action and drama to part two so well done, keep up the great work and till next time.
Jester chapter 49 . 8/5
I liked seeing that a lot of characters have strong conviction. In particular, Nadine showed that, through both her words and her feet. It's unfortunate that the other characters can't carry that, thanks to the sight of their dearly departed. It'd be pretty amazing if Quinton were the one to make them come to their senses. This could be one of those cases where not having a strong attachment could come in handy.

Slade's a dirty player, but I haven't forgotten that the secret to his hocus pocus mind tricks is all in the wrist. Or rather, what's on his wrist. What a joke. That clown should be lynched. Or is that what he wants...? He's the kind of guy I imagine would have a contingency plan for his contingency plan.

Such language in this chapter. Captain America wouldn't approve, but it's a good indication that things are getting more and more serious.
RayKamiya chapter 49 . 8/3
Damn man well worth the wait _
Ynnej chapter 48 . 7/12
So many deaths omg. Adrian. It's great how Ash gets to work with Adrian in bringing down Shaendru though, and that Ray even got some shots in to bring him down.

...Those three. Is it? Could it be? Is it Felicia, Collin and Axel?
Ynnej chapter 47 . 7/12
Wow. What an opening. Fuck. o_o

Omg. I am crying. Well done. Kudos.

Thank goodness that Justine stayed behind too. And ha! Roy's the dad of the group, making sure the kids like Vy behave haha.

MIAAAA. This is awesome. Mentor and mentee!
Ynnej chapter 46 . 7/12
I'm liking all the reminiscing between the characters. Didn't think about the possibility of Ash and Alexis together until that interaction. For some reason, it works.

Loving how Justine and Roy are helping each other with their worries that is so them. And how Roy panics when they're about to do the do. LOL

Bwahaha, Vy's apology. Love the scene between Vy and Evan too. Much needed. Evan really does need to start accepting support. And that little scene of the past was cute.

Wow. The scene where Sophie stabs Leena in the shoulder and Leena plummets her away. What a tragic battle. :(
AC chapter 48 . 7/11
Things are really taking off now! The fight between the Harvelle brothers and Shaendru was pretty intense. Almost on another plane of fight sequences. I could just imagine the graphic violence but the crystals and ice make it pretty awesome at the same time. Cool to have Tara's thing resolved. It's been too long so good to wrap that part up. That mall is a curse.

And I see you put a small teaser at the end there. That's gonna be something special, especially if these guys are now united against Leena. But that last guy might turn thins around so that speculation's up in the air.
Cy chapter 48 . 6/28
More brutality. That was a good chapter to read. It was also so satisfying to see Slade beat down Seth and Shaendru die. You have to feel bad for Adrian and Tara though. They really got a raw deal. Tara waits seven years just to see that happen when they finally meet again.
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