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Darth Zannacross chapter 38 . 10/9/2015
Eh, sorry cut my last review short last time because of how annoyed Sophie made me, still, seems Like Matt's at last going to answer to his backstabbing spree, his ego is so large now it can be seen from freaking Pluto, ugh.

As much as Matt is annoying me though, Sophie is still disgusting me more at the moment, and it seems I am not the only one who feels that way.

Seems Sophie is even more consumed with hate then Sasuke, Obito and Madara would be quite impressed with her descending in to a pure" Avenger". The fact that she seems to think that she is the only friend Leena needs shows just how warped she is on a level far beyond the likes of Axel and Felicia's issues, ugh.

The fact that she killed Koji and Yoshino and was able to take down there AS's without breaking a sweat shows much a threat she is, if she thinks herself as pure it must be in the same way Vegeta thinks he is pure evil lol.

Well, that's quite a tragic end to the arc, I think this series is surpassing Game of Thrones with the betrayals, we will see if it has a better ending, only one way to find out so keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 37 . 10/8/2015
Well, that was a sorrowful blast from the past, showing how bitter things have come since then. And now Leena has become more vicious then her enemy's, oy.

Meanwhile Vy is pulling out all the stops while still having a grasp on herself, with the help of the almighty, Starfish? Well, not what I expected but, got the job done. Vy keeps leveling up, she went from one of the side cast to disabling the god of light, with a Star fish, sure will look impressive on mores resumes lol, for fighting at least.

Still, Leena seemed to unleash even more overkill on Leah, good thing her friends could calm her down , though, their attempts to get her to see the light nearly drove her further in to the depths of the dark side. Thankfully Evan pulled a Professor X and stopped Leena from going Dark Phoenix mode. Still, Leah was snapping out of it only for Matt to appear and erase her, not caring he erased yet another former girlfriend levels his evilness another bar or so, and as if Leena was not depressed enough, ugh, poor Axel has been forgotten all ready, sigh.

Damn it, they REALLY need a override for how the elemental system can work since both Matt and Slade can just turn off most of the hero's at this point, thankfully Evan was able to knock down Matt down a peg.

That is, till Sophia decided its a grand time to reveal she is alive , and, hopefully just nearly fatally wound Evan. Great, after all the time she ragged on Felicia and Alexis now she is a traitor, so SO hard to find trust worthy people theses days.
Darth Zannacross chapter 36 . 10/7/2015
Well, Mia's demonic alter ego is as sadistic and is as rageful as ever, but thankfully the hero's got another lucky break, Amera has the role of master level light user much better then Lee lol. Glad she was able to bring Mia back to normal, that girl has suffered enough, sadly Lee is being the precisely opposite of usefulness as she was. Even he knows he is horrible for the job lol

Still, at first I thought Vy was screwed since the Emperor's doll crushed her easily. It seems she is regaining the mojo she had at the end of the last story, she is going to need it to survive. She was able to get some moves in but, it seemed it just caused Lee to get more serious, only for her to get even more serious, so we will have to see who is the most serious of the two lol.

Speaking of passion it seems Leena's bad day has driven her over the edge as Leah is snapping out of her delusions, looks like another tragedy is going to unfold, must be a combo pack, arg.

Well, another intense chapter, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 35 . 10/6/2015
Doh, sorry, a error made me post the review prematurely last time. I was going to say with Seth one way or another out of the picture for the moment looks like Matt is going to take over the stage, or share it more with the Emperor of the jerkstore, we will see.

As for this chapter, Fake Thor's beard is fake to? Outrageous! Well, it seems for all the losses the good guys are ready to push back. Mia was free from the mind control, only to be taken over by her demonic Soul, doh. Yoshio hold her own but Mia is just on a whole higher tier sadly, we will see if Koji arriving will tip the scales in their favor, I rather not see Mia die to.

On top of that Lee continues to be a prick and try and cause hell for Ash and Vy, I wonder how they will get out of this since Vy all ready died once, arg.

On top of that, Darth Sidious would be cackling in delight with how close Leena is to descending in to the dark side, despite Leah waking up now its Leena who has her eyes closed and can only see rage, we will see if this will lead to another tragic event or if the two can come to a understanding, quick someone get the 00 Gundam Raiser we need a Trans Am burst stat!

Well, another intense chapter with drama and ace action, keep up the great work and till next time!
Darth Zannacross chapter 34 . 10/5/2015
Well, Seth's beast is quite the monster, reminds me of that one Yu Gi Oh monster Mystical Beast of Serket, with the absorbing the monsters it feasts on and all that, arg, still mad Jade got off screen killed, whatever.

Well at least Alexis was able to put Kat in her place, though it just made the broad go to new levels of insanity for her, good things Alexis is a ace Final Fantasy summoner and can pull out the king of the sea! Guess it would fit better then Bahamut lol.

Meanwhile, Seth unleashed quite a force on Gaff but he managed to fight through brainwashed allies and monsters alike, and at last he managed to take Seth down, for a heavy price. Sadly, while Gaff was mega badass in this duel, firstly, between all the hints Seth lead so far and , all ready escaping death last time, no way this is how it ends I am sure he has some Xehanort level plan to come back with a even stronger body, maybe even taking Gaff's body for himself?

Either way, I have a feeling this victory is going to be spoiled, sadly Gaff taking up more nobleness brought about his doom, damn it two guys I liked died in two chapters, arg. At least Kat seems to be dead at last, she got the bad end she had coming for her, still, poor Alexis, sigh.

Well, Seth is either dead or at least out of commission
Darth Zannacross chapter 33 . 10/4/2015
So, Axel really is dead, damn it all, he really got screwed over, and Valor got screwed over to for betraying his ideals on a fluke, and Leena is so going to be scared for life, this is entering Zeta Gundam levels of darkness now, hopefully it won't enter Ideon levels of bleakness or well, everyone is going to be dead.

So, Lee is still a bastard but, at least in lighter news the aquatic battle went better. I mean, Brick was making things get tense quickly but, huzzah for the Lord of darkness having dynamic timing, and, he has a Blood Sword? Respect points for him went up quite a lot lol. Also glad that Vy and co were able to get not Thor to snap out of it with some nice stunts.

Well, that ended well but, the showdown between Seth and Gaff is ramping up to extremely deadly levels quite quickly, Seth all ready using mind controlled meat shields, and despite getting hit he takes blows as casually as Obito/ Madara, and looks like he is about to bring out the big guns. If Alexis dies like Axel died I am so going to be pissed off, but, we will see. Another intense chapter, keep up the nice work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 32 . 10/2/2015
So, Leena had quite the disturbing awakening, from one trauma to another. Speaking of Trauma, Gaff is at least wise enough to not trust anything Gaff says on face value, now to see if he is strong enough to survive settling this long grudge, likewise hope Alexis can survive Kat's rage and put her in her place once and for all.

On top of that it seems Ash and the recently freed jail mates are holding there own on the brainwashed army, though, how will they hold their own on the wrath of Brick's mighty, Penguin?
And, Leena learns the truth about Leah in fact being her friend, Matt truly is heartless to use two girlfriends like that, he truly only cares about his revenge, and maybe some twisted version of love for Leena in the same messed up way Mithos Yggdrasil did all those things for the sake of Martel, love and hate that can only mix in to tragedy.

Speaking of Tragic, god damn it, Axel was THIS close to snapping out of it, and Valor did not even really want to kill him either, just a VERY bad timing. On top of being the same place where Felicia died? Damn it, this can't end well. Well, very intense chapter, quite looking forward to how this resolve, with a touch of dread lol.
Darth Zannacross chapter 31 . 10/1/2015
I see Matt is bound to put Leah under more pressure, he kind of set her up for this so, not sure why he would react surprised at the outcome, other then him being a petty psychopath I suppose.

Damn it Axel, stop letting the darkness dig a hole for you before its to late! When did he even kill his father anyway, no one caught that? Eh, in any case, Valor is showing Dark Axel he bit off more then he could chew, but sadly this seems to just be a distraction for Lee, how the hell did anyone think this guy was worthy of being the Master of all light? He is as not divine like as you can get lol.

Still, now Lenna is at the mercy of her fractured minded brother, bad way to wake up from trauma, hopefully the messed up minds of Mia and Axel can be calmed down before things get worst. Well, I guess things are worst since Kat and Seth are ambushing Alexis and Gaff. Seth wants Gaff to kill him eh? Oh this is such a trap that Admiral Acbark does not even have to look at the panel.

No doubt Seth has some Aizen/Dio/ Madara level plot hatching, hopefully Alexis and Gaff can get out of the plot with their heads still on their shoulders.

Well, another intense chapter, can't wait to see how this drama will unfold.
Darth Zannacross chapter 30 . 9/29/2015
Well, things are starting off in dire states, Seth and Scott having a combined plan means nothing good for everyone else. On top of that, come on Axel, don't go relapsing on us! Damn, like Yami Marik and the Green Goblin the dark side seems to have taken advantage of dire times and taken control, though Kat helped with that, she lived far to long.

Hope he can break free before its to late. But speaking of being consumed by pettiness, Valor's old " Flame" is raging on everyone it seems, good thing Ash and Vy and co are around to try and cool her off, could have almost have worked if her mind-control tools did not come in for back up, good thing the former residents of the Deep came to the rescue, the enemy of the enemy is my friend I guess, most of those guys were pawns.

Meanwhile Gaff and Alexis are being set up but hope they can find out before its to late, and we will see how big of a mess Axel's outburst with Valor and Yoshino will be, another intense chapter, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 29 . 9/28/2015
Well we start today with Earnest unleashing a earnest beat down on the combined might of the hero's, don't take a god of plasma lightly. Axel nearly had another relapse, hopefully we won't solve one problem only to put another in its place.

At least Justine and the new kid seem to be holding there own with Lelia, though she seems to be just getting revved up, but speaking of getting revved up Jade is not playing around, nearly unleashing his Mystic Art, Indignation? Damn, Seth is one stubborn bastard to shrug that off, Dhaos would hate him for that lol.

Still, Seth clearly has some tricks up his sleeves, damn bad guys and their endless sleeves of evil tricks. Speaking of tricks though, it seems Roy's group had a few of their own. Still, in battle marriage proposal? I suppose the heat of battle is where many truth's are laid bare, and it leaves for one hell of a resolve boost, still, would have been better to do that BEFORE you got her pregnant Roy, doh.

Well, despite the gap in power I guess this time quantity won over quality, Serph and Desiree arriving with there talents helped be the deciding factor it seems.

Still, not all the battles are going well. Jade dying off screen? Oh hell no this has to be a front Jade, even a alternate reality one, can't go down that easily, hopefully this is part of his plan, arg, Seth your going to pay for that.

And back in the other world, it seems Earnest was going to think about the error of his ways, only to be Matt's next target, damn that bastard moves fast.

Well, won a few battles, not sure if they lost the war or not yet but things are overall getting more dire, so till next time keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 28 . 9/27/2015
Talk about epic clashes, extremely tragic clashes to sadly. Domino has the veteran bad-ass role down pat taking on the whole goon parade at once. Titan looked like it was going to wreck house till Matt had to be a party crasher, I hate that guy.

Meanwhile, Earnest is, earnestly powerful, did not think the likes of Quinton and Sarge could even be on the same league as him, guess they really have come along to push a Elemental God in to a corner, however briefly. At least it was enough time for back up to arrive, and now, they are power rangers? Can't wait till they all combined their Souls to form the Affinity Soul Megazord lol.

On the other hand, seems Jeska is quite nihilistic if she is siding with the man who killed her father over just not even trying to do anything else, I did not like her but though she had more to her, turns out there was less, meh.

So, Domino was able to put Matt and co in a bind but Matt proves he is quite the dirty fighter using Tammy like that, and thus Domino is down, damn.

Matt keeps adding more and more layers to his death, and things keep getting more and more dire, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 27 . 9/25/2015
Seems like mostly a warm up chapter, but the mother of all warm ups. Jade and Evan were right on to something before Seth crashed there party, hopefully they can survive to pick up where they left off.

First off we have brainwashed Mia causing chaos, hopefully she can be broken free before things turn tragic their, and on the other end Slyvia has become quite bitter, so many people in this story only care about there bitterness over the greater good, I suppose that sad truth is that its human nature, Seth may be right lol.
The Emperor further shows how much a D Bag he is disposing of those he does not find useful, and since Austen is still alive, I guess he is about to experience some major suffering, oy.

Meanwhile the lord of Plasma has his own agenda, I wonder if he will switch side? Also, I forgot that Lenna and Leila were different people, to many people with close names lol.

On top of that Seth is fighting Jade, hope he gets a Mystic Cage to the face, while Matt's crew dog piles Domino, I wonder if that's going to lead to a epic beat down like Yamamoto from Bleach did lol.
And on top of it all, Matt really does not care about all that Slade has done, despite being the mother of all D bags and hates his father just because he left even though it was to save his life? What a ungrateful bastard, I so can't wait for him to get owned hardcore, hopefully that will come sooner or later.

Well, things are going to explode, another great chapter can't wait to see how everything unfolds.
Darth Zannacross chapter 26 . 9/24/2015
So, Evan lucked out and got to have a Phoenix type soul right when he was about to die? Well, that reverses the bleak levels a tad, good thing since I am not quite ready for those four to die. Well they escaped but things are still dire, not sure it was a good idea for Evan to push them all away in a time of crises, they need all the fire power they can get to say the least.

Meanwhile, what's left of the good guys seem to be in dire states, and we learned Leena has even more hidden potential then I thought, and Mia ruining wild was crazy, this would seem to be on the level of Ichigo or Naruto going out of control, I guess only one way to find out.

Meanwhile, I forgot Sargent was black, and was married, arg, my bad, hope his wife was not introduced just to die, we will see. Meanwhile, so that random robbery was not so random, Leena's father left a safe in the real world? I wonder just what it is.

Maybe Jade knows, glad that he is back, maybe he will unleash his true power now that things are getting dire lol, but a little Jade clears up some tension before things get rather tense.

Well, in any case looks like Seth has planned a homecoming party, one with mind control and genocide is the party favors, lovely. Guess its crunch time, the gauntlet has been thrown and the stakes have never been higher. Who will survive? Only one way to find out but in the meanwhile keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 25 . 9/22/2015
So we start off with the hero's in a bit of a bind. Nice to see Leon and Keggy back, time to see, damn, offed like they were cannon folder, fell even faster then Chad in Bleach.

The Emperor's pet is rather powerful, Vy made got rather strong in her last fight in the last story, to see her defeated so effortlessly, well, it hypes up the new power status quota I guess, still, damn, I guess this is much more darker then ones like Bleach or Naruto, at least you don't have to worry about angry fan girls devouring you for killing there fave.

Still, its even more annoying that they all died while Ace is still alive, despite how thin ice he is with Seth, he is lucky Seth is not the kind that rips out body parts as payment for betrayal, Ace would be so screwed if he screwed over the Shredder from the 2003 cartoon lol.

Meanwhile, did not think Jeska would willingly side with Seth since he killed her father, I thought she was brainwashed, I guess she is rather detached, she did seem annoying previously, ugh. Well, Seth seems to have a edge on everyone, we will see if he can make the likes of Aizen, Doctor doom and Darth Sidious proud, in time we will see.

Meanwhile, Gaff and Alexis getting it on, guess its true stress brings people together sometimes. As long as he does not call her his wife's name lol.

Speaking of figuring things out, Valor confronts uncle pizza man and we find, Leena may have links to that dark past after all? Oh this can't end well, double so if Leah was Matt's girl for a time, Matt really goes through ladies quick, jackass.

Still, the fact that the two WERE best pals and that Leah also seems unsure of the truth means, big mind screws ahoy, joy. Well, Seth clearly is aiming something extremely ambitions, and at least in his head its not just for being a dick, we will see.

And, we will also see what to do with this random appearance of Foruna, hopefully this one is kinder then the final boss of tales of Destiny two lol. I guess that means, Evan and co are not screwed just yet? We will see, but in the meanwhile another epic chapter with epic action and drama so keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 24 . 9/20/2015
Well, we start off with the Emperor acting like he owns the place as usual, while, Justine still seems like a bad mother, ugh.

So, Zack is being goaded in to robbing stuff, the Gods are greedy gods lol. We will see what Tristan knows, and he knows quite a bit, we at least see what drives both him and Slade's own sister to defy him, piece of the puzzle are being linked at last lol.

Speaking of that jackass Emperor, Evan is normally smart, this was not a smart move to rush in to confront him lke that, and it ended badly.

The Emperor having a failsafe is, smart for him, bad for, everyone else. You think Leena's pop would be able to find a way to override it, hopefully he can because this is even more cheating then Seth's unlimited mind control lol.

Seriously though, Scott is messed up, turning his lover in to a homculious of sorts and desires to turn all of Colonia to be replaced with such beings? He is more like Relius Clover then Garth was lol.

He is quite messed up, wanting to purge the world, the evil contest between him, Matt and Seth keeps growing.

Well, hope Evan and Vy can survive being his puppets, another tense chapter, keep up the great work.
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