Reviews for Anomaly War
Darth Zannacross chapter 18 . 9/13/2015
Well we start off with more servings of the Emperor's jackassery, and what made Mia be so bitter, understandable to, not really fun to be treated as a discarded tool, sigh.

Meanwhile, Harmony feels like someone out of twilight, ugh, or someone who has Naruto's Sakura syndrome, can't stop loving a psychotic jackass, ugh.

Well, Garth is showing how long he has been a scumbag, but shockingly a moment when Ace is not annoying, guess we see what made him so bitter. Also seen just when Mia went rouge, and how the beta team first worked as a team, could be a worst first outing lol.

Seems Domino is quite stubborn as he jumps to the risky power up, and it seems Matt and Seth are on the verge of making their own moves. Well, we are aware of what happens but like the Star Wars movies and others seeing it in action is another thing so, looking forward to how history was made.
Darth Zannacross chapter 17 . 9/11/2015
And so today begins with the reunion of father and son, a very, angry, cold reunion, oy. Well, nice to see Valor dealing with the rub-ix cube that is romantic feelings lol, its even harder when walls collapse during key moments, damn the walls.

So, at last the proper debut of the Anomaly's seems like it was lacking fanfare, I know!( Plays the 90's X men theme)

Well, trying to figure out who is the most massive dick in the end between Seth Scott and Matt, eh, I will give it a tie.

Well, we will see how things go but glad the picture is getting cleared on many things like Matt's ambition, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 16 . 9/10/2015
Well we start off seeing how Mia got cursed, ah the Emperor is just delighted, what a dick.

Meanwhile, never thought Seth would be, so, timid, unless its a act like Aizen , we will see, he is clearly the lying sort in the future. Also, a tad bitter feelings seeing Felicia now, poor child with a doomed fate.

I see we see how the god project begins, Domino seems all right for now, the pressure of his job indeed weighed him down, nice seeing Ace pre evil days along with the others, ah the times when Gamecube was new, good times.

Well, even if timid Seth was still a genocidal psycopath from the start it seems, Garth to, oy. Well, shocked the Emperor did not approve with how much of a hackass he is, unless he has a even more evil plan, still, poor Nash.

So, more nice lead up, we will see where it all leads but keep up the great work.
PostOfficeErrand chapter 50 . 9/9/2015
"The death count is too damn high!"

Admittedly, I didn't expect to see any of these fellers go down so fast, but that's good. Don't wanna make the outcomes predictable and all that jazz. The trio of Justi-Girl fighters went down brutally. No heroics, no theatrics, just cold death. Guess we'll see them fighting on the other side? I feel this is a setup towards that familiar moment in time. That's what the epilogue of this chapter feels like as well.

A lot of losses and hopelessness that I can see carrying on to the next chapter, which isn't so bad. I see it as a way just to push that tone down on us before eventually turning that into a slither of hope. A turnabout, if you will.
Darth Zannacross chapter 15 . 9/9/2015
So, time for a Turn Back the Pendulum moment, at least the cliffhanger was not QUITE as bad as how it was done in Bleach lol.

Now for all the juicy origin stories lol, well, Matt starts right off the bat as a bit of a jerk lol.

The more I see of Colona, the more it comes across as the City from Bioshock Infinite, just more advanced, and less reality jumping lol. More glimpses of the Emperor it seems, still reminds me of Charles from Code Geass, we will see if he is just as extreme.

Well, we now see Valor pre pervy god days lol, seems ok so far, the meeting of the bigwigs is the moment of history it seems, Garth was clearly always a jerk, well, at least he is dead. Speaking of a reunion with corpses, we see pre evil Gabby, pre dead Nash, and pre tormented Mia, the Emperor seems to have always been a pompous jerk, ugh.

Still, nice to see Jade and Dist again, working on the Replica project I suppose? Lol, well, nice to see how things begun, and how Seth begun the start of his dark agenda, it all seems innocent at first lol.

Nice start to the key to the truth of Anomaly, looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 14 . 9/8/2015
So we start off with a ominous phone call that I presume is Matt, if it all was a crank call it could have been rather awkward. Well, Leena is in a very dire spot and Leah seems to be a dead women walking, hopefully her father has some super healing machine or something. Meanwhile Valor seems to be doing well against Phanalx, the odds were not in the cyborg's favor as Valor got the home field advantage, to bad the good news ends there as Matt appears. And, who the hell thought it was a good idea to let anyone have a doomsday switch on his heart?

Well, that's rather dire but, things seem even more dire since, Seth is alive? Knew he would not go down that casually, but, hope his reason for survival is not hand waved for to long or that's just lazy loll. Still, Jeska hated Seth before, he killed her father! Maybe she is brainwashed like with Alexis? Guess we will find out, but, I see Kat is alive, that tool is durable lol, but, Lee is also in league with Seth? Seems very unholy for the god of light, he is quite unworthy of that role.

Oh I see, Earnest is forcing his hand, another traitor, lovely, not very earnest. Still, Brick and not Thor are traitors to? There must be brainwashing involved, Brick hated Seth to, ugh.

Well, on top of this mess, Sophie managed to unleash her own beast thanks to her rage, large flaming tigers are quite formidable indeed, but it seems she is right up there with Sasuke now with being consumed with the hate and is all to willing to go to the dark side, this , can't end well.

And on top of that Matt has poor brainwashed Mia keeping Valor busy while being ready to go more Sith Lord on Sophie, talk about a cliffhanger. Well, this was quite a epic chapter indeed, between Seth and Matt and all the others the bad guys have quite the imposing force, and the hero's are not looking in good shape, hope that can turn around, till then another great chapter with great action, till next time keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 13 . 9/7/2015
So, a bit delayed but, revelation time. This harsh testing, reminds me of many of the super soldier programs in anime like 00 Gundam, once more the tragicness rings me to the harsh growth of Allelujah Haptism from the super soldier program in that. Still, even Leah seems to know that Leena is not really to blame and is being driven by hate, quite the trend I suppose lol.

Well, the Gods are getting even more anxious and things seem like they are about to blow up, Lee seems to be on the spot.

But speaking of things blowing up, Xion nearly becoming the Thing and putting Axel in to such a bind that he had to let his dark half out seems like a bad omen, if he wins the battle and loses the war its a hallow victory to say the least.

Meanwhile, Shaendru is quite the resourceful baddie, I wonder if Sophe's fiery wrath is enough to truly do him in or he is waiting to transform yet again, or if her own darkness will end up consuming her.

Speaking of darkness, nearly sounds like the Lord of Darkness is rounding up some serious trouble, using Tammy to strike the one weakness of the leader of gods dose sound quite dastardly, guess we will see the truth to this soon enough but does seem quite tense, double so if Jeska is a traitor, she was a enemy to Seth before, but maybe she was working with the true bad guys? Guess we will see.

Speaking of finding out the truth, Leah is piling on the mind games, and, is quite a contrast, is she being a double agent Revolver Ocelot style? Well, whatever she really is, she is clearly brutal, but, since the story is over something tells me Leena is not dead, unless, they have to find the Dragon Balls to revive her lol.

Well we will see, another great tense chapter, and, oh yes, I noticed I suddenly got around 30 views from Canada, was that you looking at my story? Lol, could be just a bunch of random readers from Canada, just curious but in any case till next time keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 12 . 9/7/2015
So, vintage flashback time, see how Sarge became sarge lol. Also, ironic how Quinton's grown since he seems to be indeed worthy of having powers, maybe it was not by choice though, lol.

Oh Collen, how ironic things look at the start, how deceptively innocent.
Well, back in the present, Ace shows even more Team Rocket mannerisms lol. And lol nice Mario nod by Ash.

Well, Shendru is quite the oily snake but, seemed he ticked of Yoshido enough to bring forth her wrath, guess we will see if his creative talents can withstand Hades.

Axel seems to be doing ok but Xion seems to be ready to show his nasty side.

Glad to see Gaff back in action, see he is not rusty, but wither or not it will be enough to take down this Deadshot fanboy is up in the air.

Lol, I remember when bringing out the souls was a rare thing , now they are nearly as common as Pokemon, much more powerful Pokemon at least.

Still, Sargent is doing ok in the face of Adrianne's fury, her own summon, reminds me of that one broken Yata card back in Yu Gi Oh lol, meanwhile, Ace losing to Quinton would really drag him down like how no one takes Bowser seriously after losing to Peach and Toad lol. Still, Yin and Yag, nice, I wonder if they will merge in to a fusion monster? Close enough, and nice part with the Dragon Punch, Ryu would be pleased.

So, Valor is helping give Phalanx some extreme humbling, we will see if its enough or if it will just cause the cyborg to go in to overdrive.

Well, another intense chapter overflowing with tense fights so keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 11 . 9/5/2015
Well, Matt's actions have caused serious cracks between the Gods, like you could just chug a pebble and it would collapse in to a chaotic battle royal, oy, being under god lockdown won't ease much, arg. Both the lords of Light and Darkness seem to be up to something.

Well, more insight in to the nightmare horror shows killings of the past, Gaff seems to be the man with the answers, and the answer is that Leena is innocent? Leah seems to disagree, and we got another battle royal ready to explode, with another sure to be Ace thrashing as the cherry on top!

Well, time to see what the real deal is, at least the deal told be disgruntled Leah. Well, things are shaping up, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 10 . 9/4/2015
Well, Matt seems twisted with hate indeed, even more then most of the other antagonists introduced so far in this, and that's saying a lot. His power to absorb other powers is nearly like Rouge, without the touching part, only he is much more willing to embrace his power it seems.

His power put Mia in a bind though, being dog piled by five enemies is quite the challenge unless your Goku or Naruto or Ichigo or one of those main leads lol, Mia did her best but the odds were not in her favor, backed in to a corner she had to unleash her full power, which seems to be like letting the Nine Tailed Fox out before Naruto came to terms with it, good thing Ryan, er, Pervy god, ahem, Vaylor had that failsafe spell to save Mia from another bad end, though Matt and co got out so, damn.

Well, Leena is rightly ticked off but at least her father is trying to fill her in on things, so she is the rightful heir to Excalibur? Hope its not as moody as the one from Soul Eater lol.

Still, I wonder why Ace was sent to Matt and co, to be a mole? We will see I guess, Matt is plotting something rather explosive it seems, this can't end well.

Also, glad Ash and Sophie had a bonding moment, glad she is getting less hostile, hopefully she will stay that way.

Well, another epic chapter, things are escalating more and more each chapter, looking forward to see what Matt has in store for everyone so keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 9 . 9/3/2015
So Sophie is not quite a traitor yet? Guess we will see, wicked move she pulled. Also glad to see Seargent's new moves, he moved up a few levels in coolness lol.

At least Leena is doing better with her rematch with Leah, and, got a badass new summon as well,giant rhino with explosives, should have been a upgrade in one of the Donkey Kong games lol.

Well, it plowed through Leah but, Phalanx seems like quite a tougher target.

Meanwhile, seems" Matt" caused quite the ruckus if just him being alive is such a threat.

Still, we met him at last and, he seems quite, unhinged, and powerful, and more obsessed about Leena then Collen was, that CAN"T be good.

Well, the stakes have been raised even higher, this looks like its going to get even more tragic, we will see but, nice introduction to the long hyped brother, we will see how this reunion ends but till then nice fighting and drama again, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 8 . 9/3/2015
At last, the long awaited reunion, could have gotten better, could have gone worst, at least her father did not want to turn her to a living doll or some Doomsday key for a fourth impact lol. Seems like he is a anti social guy but not evil, not yet at least, still has better people skills then Sheldon from Big Bang Theory lol.

Still, finding out your brother is a cross between Groot and that Titan in Final Fantasy 13 is a bitter truth to swallow. If her father is not evil , might be a tad, careless or to focused, oy.

Still, seems Sophia has even more darkness in her heart then expected, hope Darth Sidious or Obito or Xehanort are not around lol. Well, not sure if Seth is still around or not but, seems like this can lead to trouble if such issues are not worked out soon.

Well, someone is causing trouble at least, this Harmony is not acting very Harmony like and, specter from the past? Seth? Guess we will see, still, does not bold well. Seems Sophia is being manipulated by someone, at least Mia is showing some nice growth by calming down Sophia just in time for more trouble.

Also finds out Brick is related to Xion, and Xion trained with Saito from Kenshin to weld a Zanbato, this can't end well.

Still, cool to learn more about the inner details about stuff like how the Darkness Zone worked.

However, this ambush is making things dire rather fast, and, Sophie really is turning full traitor , ugh, this is Felicia all over again, we will see.

Well, another intense chapter with intense action and drama, keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 7 . 9/2/2015
So Ash really won, damn, and meanwhile Leena was rather reckless but, it pulled off this time.

Meanwhile Axel and the others are in a bind as Brick and Not Thor are both rather stubborn roadblocks, lol, at least the cast shares my view on the Thor likeness.

Well, seems teamwork was able to prevail, but James seems like a killjoy, or maybe he just wants to kill Quinton, either way, can't catch a break it seems.

Meanwhile, Earnest is a odd name for the " Lord of Plasma", makes me wonder just how earnest he is lol. Well, since he is in favor of genocide , sounds rather sadistically earnest, I mean I do suppose the earth is overpopulated at times but, still don't trust just what this guy has planned. On top of the fact that Leia is with him, yah he is going to be the main bad guy eh? Pull a Aizen or something? We will see.

Well, James is quite the elitist, glad Axel proved him wrong, his AS is rather badass to, glad he got a good deal for having his mind messed up with for so long. At least Leena's hard work paid off and she can meet her father, hopefully its not a bitter reunion.

And, Xion!? Does this mean Xemnas is going to show up? Lol, not the same one I guess, lets hope this Xion has a more stably personalty lol. Well, they all passed the tests, lets see how the real madness goes so, nice conclusion to the arc, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 6 . 9/2/2015
Another reminded that most of theses gods were just random teenagers, was the one in charge really Zordon? Lol, well, nice to see Ace and Lee's interaction.

Still, I thought Ace was hopelessly stubborn about Ash but he REALLY does not learn, even goku is less thickheaded, damn, that's the kind of power one of the top brass has, Ace seems keen on learning the hard way, I do wonder what Jeska has planned for him, how to make him not be a tool? Guess we will find out.

Well, I seen plenty of stories with tough training sessions but this does seem like being thrown in to the wolves more or less, at least its not in a environment with 20 times earth's gravity, not yet at least lol.

So, this turned in to a grudge match between brothers, hopefully it does not get quite as bitter as Sasuke VS Itachi or Solid Snake VS Liquid Snake lol, we will see.

Meanwhile, did not expect Hercules to join the melee, even if its not quite the one that was expected, damn bugs, lol.

Well, the duel between brothers was intense but I did not think Ash would be pushed far enough to get his own Digimon, er, soul, I have to admit I think of the King Boomer from Mario on hearing it but, I guess it gets the job done lol, did not think Adrian would go down that easy, oh well, Ash has made some progress, unless his brother is going to pull out something killer next chapter lol.

Well, we will see, till then keep up the great work, another round of nice drama and action.
Darth Zannacross chapter 5 . 8/31/2015
The lord of all light is named Lee eh? Rock Lee would be so happy lol. Well, time for a truck ton of new characters, this feels like having to learn all the Bleach Captains and their staff at once lol.

So, Scott/ The Emperor is not the one in charge but this Domino? Thought they would be the same person, guess not. Well, gives me a Bleach senior captain Yamaoto vibe of being a killjoy but I suppose that's what being a leader does to people

So, the so called gods can't even get the job done with the environment eh? Not looking quite so Divine, Storm from the X men could get the job done by her self lol.

On top of that, it seems quite dysfunctional at the moment, I can see why the title is what it is lol.

Well, Axel, Sophia and Leena are all making progress on there ambitions I guess, we will see what comes from it. On top of that, Ace is still causing trouble, he is nearly Bowser at this rate lol. Well, we will see what Lee's true agenda is I guess, nice set up for the storm to come I suppose, till next time.
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