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Darth Zannacross chapter 1 . 8/25
And so, long time no see, been so long since, a few days ago lol. Ah well, things start off nice and cheerful with a prison break it seems, getting Spiderman vibes, I wonder if they were busted out by the Kingpin? Lol, unlikely but we will see, still, Ace never learns it seems even after all this.

Oh well, in the end the Element Lords decide to crash the party, and I was wondering where Valor was lol.

So, in the end, Ace and co all met there ends, guess no final grudge match after all, damn, and not even sure who got the kill in, reminds me of the Transformers movie where they killed off half the cast for new bots to take the spotlight lol.

Still, three years have passed, more then the two required to get in? I wonder what is causing Leena the delay, we will see. In the meanwhile, reunions ahoy, nice to see Sophia catch up, still, no using social media? That's just being callus lol.

Valor's Father eh? Forget at times theses guys are not quite godly at times, should be interesting.

Well, we start off the story with a new angry broad it seems, a female fatale who, fights like Maka from Soul Eater? Well, she seems to be linked to what Dom and Axel were talking about last time, seems this is going too escalate to top level intensity rather soon, with Leah being able to put Yoshino on the ropes , quite the cliff hanger.

Well, a epic start full of action and drama to part two so well done, keep up the great work and till next time.
Jester chapter 49 . 8/5
I liked seeing that a lot of characters have strong conviction. In particular, Nadine showed that, through both her words and her feet. It's unfortunate that the other characters can't carry that, thanks to the sight of their dearly departed. It'd be pretty amazing if Quinton were the one to make them come to their senses. This could be one of those cases where not having a strong attachment could come in handy.

Slade's a dirty player, but I haven't forgotten that the secret to his hocus pocus mind tricks is all in the wrist. Or rather, what's on his wrist. What a joke. That clown should be lynched. Or is that what he wants...? He's the kind of guy I imagine would have a contingency plan for his contingency plan.

Such language in this chapter. Captain America wouldn't approve, but it's a good indication that things are getting more and more serious.
RayKamiya chapter 49 . 8/3
Damn man well worth the wait _
Ynnej chapter 48 . 7/12
So many deaths omg. Adrian. It's great how Ash gets to work with Adrian in bringing down Shaendru though, and that Ray even got some shots in to bring him down.

...Those three. Is it? Could it be? Is it Felicia, Collin and Axel?
Ynnej chapter 47 . 7/12
Wow. What an opening. Fuck. o_o

Omg. I am crying. Well done. Kudos.

Thank goodness that Justine stayed behind too. And ha! Roy's the dad of the group, making sure the kids like Vy behave haha.

MIAAAA. This is awesome. Mentor and mentee!
Ynnej chapter 46 . 7/12
I'm liking all the reminiscing between the characters. Didn't think about the possibility of Ash and Alexis together until that interaction. For some reason, it works.

Loving how Justine and Roy are helping each other with their worries that is so them. And how Roy panics when they're about to do the do. LOL

Bwahaha, Vy's apology. Love the scene between Vy and Evan too. Much needed. Evan really does need to start accepting support. And that little scene of the past was cute.

Wow. The scene where Sophie stabs Leena in the shoulder and Leena plummets her away. What a tragic battle. :(
AC chapter 48 . 7/11
Things are really taking off now! The fight between the Harvelle brothers and Shaendru was pretty intense. Almost on another plane of fight sequences. I could just imagine the graphic violence but the crystals and ice make it pretty awesome at the same time. Cool to have Tara's thing resolved. It's been too long so good to wrap that part up. That mall is a curse.

And I see you put a small teaser at the end there. That's gonna be something special, especially if these guys are now united against Leena. But that last guy might turn thins around so that speculation's up in the air.
Cy chapter 48 . 6/28
More brutality. That was a good chapter to read. It was also so satisfying to see Slade beat down Seth and Shaendru die. You have to feel bad for Adrian and Tara though. They really got a raw deal. Tara waits seven years just to see that happen when they finally meet again.
RayKamiya chapter 48 . 6/28
God DAMN man this is getting fun and holy hell

sorry it took me so long to read these lately been really swamped with work X_X
Cy chapter 47 . 6/11
Sorry it took so long for me to read. Sophie returning and dying was a bit unexpected. Adrianne dying, a bit more expected.

I've got to say, things have really changed from the first series. In that AS were seen as pretty much the ultimate weapon. Here they are almost casually slaughtered.

I'm sure we can expect more death and dismemberment in the near future. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story.
Ynnej chapter 45 . 6/10
Love how the new characters in an already diverse cast can still give input, such as Nadine spotting the overlooked game. And hahaha, loving the bond between Nadine and Sarge. They can ensure Quinton stays behaved.

Omg, Sophie's reappearance and her first line answers my question. Love Leena's attempt to break the ice after Valor leaves. And damn, that last line. Chilling.

Onward to the next chapter!
Ynnej chapter 44 . 6/9
Wow. The scene between Leena and Gregory. What intensity. The part where Gregory promises he will make amends to his mistakes, even if it costs his life and Leena disagrees. D'aaw, very Leena. Though I guess Sophie would have loved to make Gregory really pay if she heard his confession...

Aaaand another character gone mad from being neglected for too long. A lot of loose cannons now. Though it's nice to see another scene of Mia who isn't possessed no longer. A silver lining.

Onward to the next chapter!
tri.'s plot chapter 47 . 6/5
Oh man, the two Royal Knights are gonna team up and fight one of the Sovereigns. This is gonna be lishus. Fighting old friends... it's like a corrupted form of nostalgia.

Ugh, reading Sophie's final scene was a little unbearable. I didn't imagine Leena to go for it at that moment and so abruptly, even. And so, our first departure. I feel there could have been more before Sophie left, but in her state, I can see it had to be done with pretty briefly. She would have wanted it that way, too. At least she got one chapter in this final volume, but surely her sacrifice will be what empowers Leena for these final fights. Hang in there, Leena!

So is Adrianne responsible for the extinction of Dinosaur Affinity Souls?
Cy chapter 46 . 5/11
I liked that fight. It was brutal, as a fight between those two would be expected to be. I have to say I rather like how Leena left Sophie there restrained. Sophie can likely get out on her own eventually, but it will be a while before she recovers enough.

I wonder how Leena is going to deal with her destroyed shoulder. Onwards, to the final volume!
Symbiote chapter 46 . 4/29
The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's the kind of feeling I got from reading this chapter. The use of pairs of characters looking back at the beginning is a nice device to remind us that these characters have been through a lot together. Interestingly enough, each pair seems to have some sort of romantic relationship with each other, or at the very least platonic. Does that mean Evvy is real? :O

It seems to me that the ones who've changed and matured the most are Leena and Sophie, who are also the only ones to be looking back at each other through fighting instead of conversing during downtime. Too busy beating each other up, I guess. Speaking of, some of the most brutal stuff to happen since a long while. Leena's gonna need to see an emergency for the umpteenth time.

Bring on the final volume!
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