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Darth Zannacross chapter 27 . 9/25/2015
Seems like mostly a warm up chapter, but the mother of all warm ups. Jade and Evan were right on to something before Seth crashed there party, hopefully they can survive to pick up where they left off.

First off we have brainwashed Mia causing chaos, hopefully she can be broken free before things turn tragic their, and on the other end Slyvia has become quite bitter, so many people in this story only care about there bitterness over the greater good, I suppose that sad truth is that its human nature, Seth may be right lol.
The Emperor further shows how much a D Bag he is disposing of those he does not find useful, and since Austen is still alive, I guess he is about to experience some major suffering, oy.

Meanwhile the lord of Plasma has his own agenda, I wonder if he will switch side? Also, I forgot that Lenna and Leila were different people, to many people with close names lol.

On top of that Seth is fighting Jade, hope he gets a Mystic Cage to the face, while Matt's crew dog piles Domino, I wonder if that's going to lead to a epic beat down like Yamamoto from Bleach did lol.
And on top of it all, Matt really does not care about all that Slade has done, despite being the mother of all D bags and hates his father just because he left even though it was to save his life? What a ungrateful bastard, I so can't wait for him to get owned hardcore, hopefully that will come sooner or later.

Well, things are going to explode, another great chapter can't wait to see how everything unfolds.
Darth Zannacross chapter 26 . 9/24/2015
So, Evan lucked out and got to have a Phoenix type soul right when he was about to die? Well, that reverses the bleak levels a tad, good thing since I am not quite ready for those four to die. Well they escaped but things are still dire, not sure it was a good idea for Evan to push them all away in a time of crises, they need all the fire power they can get to say the least.

Meanwhile, what's left of the good guys seem to be in dire states, and we learned Leena has even more hidden potential then I thought, and Mia ruining wild was crazy, this would seem to be on the level of Ichigo or Naruto going out of control, I guess only one way to find out.

Meanwhile, I forgot Sargent was black, and was married, arg, my bad, hope his wife was not introduced just to die, we will see. Meanwhile, so that random robbery was not so random, Leena's father left a safe in the real world? I wonder just what it is.

Maybe Jade knows, glad that he is back, maybe he will unleash his true power now that things are getting dire lol, but a little Jade clears up some tension before things get rather tense.

Well, in any case looks like Seth has planned a homecoming party, one with mind control and genocide is the party favors, lovely. Guess its crunch time, the gauntlet has been thrown and the stakes have never been higher. Who will survive? Only one way to find out but in the meanwhile keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 25 . 9/22/2015
So we start off with the hero's in a bit of a bind. Nice to see Leon and Keggy back, time to see, damn, offed like they were cannon folder, fell even faster then Chad in Bleach.

The Emperor's pet is rather powerful, Vy made got rather strong in her last fight in the last story, to see her defeated so effortlessly, well, it hypes up the new power status quota I guess, still, damn, I guess this is much more darker then ones like Bleach or Naruto, at least you don't have to worry about angry fan girls devouring you for killing there fave.

Still, its even more annoying that they all died while Ace is still alive, despite how thin ice he is with Seth, he is lucky Seth is not the kind that rips out body parts as payment for betrayal, Ace would be so screwed if he screwed over the Shredder from the 2003 cartoon lol.

Meanwhile, did not think Jeska would willingly side with Seth since he killed her father, I thought she was brainwashed, I guess she is rather detached, she did seem annoying previously, ugh. Well, Seth seems to have a edge on everyone, we will see if he can make the likes of Aizen, Doctor doom and Darth Sidious proud, in time we will see.

Meanwhile, Gaff and Alexis getting it on, guess its true stress brings people together sometimes. As long as he does not call her his wife's name lol.

Speaking of figuring things out, Valor confronts uncle pizza man and we find, Leena may have links to that dark past after all? Oh this can't end well, double so if Leah was Matt's girl for a time, Matt really goes through ladies quick, jackass.

Still, the fact that the two WERE best pals and that Leah also seems unsure of the truth means, big mind screws ahoy, joy. Well, Seth clearly is aiming something extremely ambitions, and at least in his head its not just for being a dick, we will see.

And, we will also see what to do with this random appearance of Foruna, hopefully this one is kinder then the final boss of tales of Destiny two lol. I guess that means, Evan and co are not screwed just yet? We will see, but in the meanwhile another epic chapter with epic action and drama so keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 24 . 9/20/2015
Well, we start off with the Emperor acting like he owns the place as usual, while, Justine still seems like a bad mother, ugh.

So, Zack is being goaded in to robbing stuff, the Gods are greedy gods lol. We will see what Tristan knows, and he knows quite a bit, we at least see what drives both him and Slade's own sister to defy him, piece of the puzzle are being linked at last lol.

Speaking of that jackass Emperor, Evan is normally smart, this was not a smart move to rush in to confront him lke that, and it ended badly.

The Emperor having a failsafe is, smart for him, bad for, everyone else. You think Leena's pop would be able to find a way to override it, hopefully he can because this is even more cheating then Seth's unlimited mind control lol.

Seriously though, Scott is messed up, turning his lover in to a homculious of sorts and desires to turn all of Colonia to be replaced with such beings? He is more like Relius Clover then Garth was lol.

He is quite messed up, wanting to purge the world, the evil contest between him, Matt and Seth keeps growing.

Well, hope Evan and Vy can survive being his puppets, another tense chapter, keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 23 . 9/19/2015
We start off with Serph over his head just in time for his daddy to return, just in time to be a dick. Well, at least he was more attentive then Charles was to world affairs in Code Geass.

Well, despite all the bad news, at least some good news with more of the gang returning, nice to see Alexis is back and ok. Touching , if awkward reunion between her and Gaff. Also, Justine is all ready pregnant? The hell, kind of fast.

Well, on top of everything finding out Seth is still alive is freaking Alexis hardcore, justifiably since, being a mind slave is kind of traumatic. Well, we will see how they can regroup, especially when Scott is starting his own end game.

On top of that, we have a random bank robbery? Wait, Roy got Justine pregnant and did not even marry her? What, the city is so advanced and they can't do abortions here? Hell, Alex should shotgun wedding Roy at this rate, good greif.
Well, at least Nadine seems like a fun trust worthy newbe.

Well on top of everything, the Emperor has confronted Evan, this can't end well, hope it does not end to bad for poor Evan and his family, only one way to find out so till next time keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 21 . 9/18/2015
And so the past has been unfolded, nice job.

Ugh, Harmony starts off right off the bat being even worst then Sakura from Naruto, I mean come on,this is as bad as when the Harley Quin falling for the Joker levels, And SHE had a better excuse.

Well, the showdown was intense, ended quicker then I thought though, I guess everyone was to green to go ALL out though, and Matt did still pull out some killer moves like, nearly going Kurama from Yu Yu with the demon plants lol.

Still, it showed how green Matt was, he nearly reenacted that nightmarish fuel part of Aikra with how insane things were getting at the end, good thing his dad was s merciful. Eh, not sure if it was for the best to keep his survival a secret, as we see, it did not end quite so well.

Also we see Seth was in cahoots with the Emperor from the start, shows Slade was always evil, ugh.

Nice to see Ace was not always a dick, lol, I would say Seth is more Mister Sinister then Magneto, with a touch of Xenanort.

I see we see how Serph got started to, I realized we did not see his sister and how she got where she was, I guess we had a lot of ground to cover, oh well.

So, nice way to end things, the circle is now complete, Valor is a cool guy, and at least Leena's father was looking after her. Well, nice wrap up to the flashback, sure does set the stage for what's to come, looking forward to just how intense things get with the further incite to how things got where they were.

Another great chapter with solid tension and action, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 20 . 9/16/2015
I don't know, when Palpatine became emperor he managed to hide his dickness till he fully took over, Slade is so blunt about his personality I don't know how anyone liked this jerk long enough to ever take power even if he did bring a utopia, oh well, people are stupid, sigh, I guess its like Code Geass, few had the choice but to have a jackass as the leader, ugh.

Meanwhile, so the first " Rollout" of eclipse, Gaff is as badass as usual, still, even if Collen is wearing a mask, you think Gaff would realize the person who's family he just killed was with him, I think he never saw Collen so, works out, still awkward lol. Still, Collen always was a punk lol.

Speaking of crazy, Matt is on par with Collen with hate driven actions, though, Matt's excuse is more petty then Collen's since his father at least had noble intentions. Talk about family tension, oy.

Well, at least Valor was able to trick the green Collen to get out, if only he knew how big a pain he would cause, oh well, hind site is a pain.

Still,as bad as Collen was in the story, Matt seems even more crazy and kind of selfish, er, extremely selfish not caring at all about anyone but his own hate that was not even sent his way out of malice.

Things are rather dire, and we saw how Jade and Not Thor got the power to, I guess its up to Valor now though, time to see how this flash back will end, but another nice epic chapter with intense drama and action, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 19 . 9/15/2015
Ah, we start off today with Brick playing it cool as always. Well, we see Mia's first rampage in depth, and see how Domino debuted his power, not a bad debut.

Still, we clearly see just how many jerk points the Emperor Seth and Garth all have, Garth was clearly pulling a Darth Plagueis to Darth Sidious situation, raised a monster and only realized far to late how bad idea it was.

Meanwhile, seeing Ace getting his hopes up, now I can feel a tad more, sympathetic on why he feels so jaded, broken promises can hurt to say the least.

Seems that the Emperor and his own so not generous timetable is forcing everyone to dire choices, joy. But, we also see Shendreu causing trouble early, just in time for Seth to cause more trouble and debut his new order, he sure was not very subtle about being a jerk lol.

So, we will see how things go from here, another great chapter with great drama and action so till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 18 . 9/13/2015
Well we start off with more servings of the Emperor's jackassery, and what made Mia be so bitter, understandable to, not really fun to be treated as a discarded tool, sigh.

Meanwhile, Harmony feels like someone out of twilight, ugh, or someone who has Naruto's Sakura syndrome, can't stop loving a psychotic jackass, ugh.

Well, Garth is showing how long he has been a scumbag, but shockingly a moment when Ace is not annoying, guess we see what made him so bitter. Also seen just when Mia went rouge, and how the beta team first worked as a team, could be a worst first outing lol.

Seems Domino is quite stubborn as he jumps to the risky power up, and it seems Matt and Seth are on the verge of making their own moves. Well, we are aware of what happens but like the Star Wars movies and others seeing it in action is another thing so, looking forward to how history was made.
Darth Zannacross chapter 17 . 9/11/2015
And so today begins with the reunion of father and son, a very, angry, cold reunion, oy. Well, nice to see Valor dealing with the rub-ix cube that is romantic feelings lol, its even harder when walls collapse during key moments, damn the walls.

So, at last the proper debut of the Anomaly's seems like it was lacking fanfare, I know!( Plays the 90's X men theme)

Well, trying to figure out who is the most massive dick in the end between Seth Scott and Matt, eh, I will give it a tie.

Well, we will see how things go but glad the picture is getting cleared on many things like Matt's ambition, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 16 . 9/10/2015
Well we start off seeing how Mia got cursed, ah the Emperor is just delighted, what a dick.

Meanwhile, never thought Seth would be, so, timid, unless its a act like Aizen , we will see, he is clearly the lying sort in the future. Also, a tad bitter feelings seeing Felicia now, poor child with a doomed fate.

I see we see how the god project begins, Domino seems all right for now, the pressure of his job indeed weighed him down, nice seeing Ace pre evil days along with the others, ah the times when Gamecube was new, good times.

Well, even if timid Seth was still a genocidal psycopath from the start it seems, Garth to, oy. Well, shocked the Emperor did not approve with how much of a hackass he is, unless he has a even more evil plan, still, poor Nash.

So, more nice lead up, we will see where it all leads but keep up the great work.
PostOfficeErrand chapter 50 . 9/9/2015
"The death count is too damn high!"

Admittedly, I didn't expect to see any of these fellers go down so fast, but that's good. Don't wanna make the outcomes predictable and all that jazz. The trio of Justi-Girl fighters went down brutally. No heroics, no theatrics, just cold death. Guess we'll see them fighting on the other side? I feel this is a setup towards that familiar moment in time. That's what the epilogue of this chapter feels like as well.

A lot of losses and hopelessness that I can see carrying on to the next chapter, which isn't so bad. I see it as a way just to push that tone down on us before eventually turning that into a slither of hope. A turnabout, if you will.
Darth Zannacross chapter 15 . 9/9/2015
So, time for a Turn Back the Pendulum moment, at least the cliffhanger was not QUITE as bad as how it was done in Bleach lol.

Now for all the juicy origin stories lol, well, Matt starts right off the bat as a bit of a jerk lol.

The more I see of Colona, the more it comes across as the City from Bioshock Infinite, just more advanced, and less reality jumping lol. More glimpses of the Emperor it seems, still reminds me of Charles from Code Geass, we will see if he is just as extreme.

Well, we now see Valor pre pervy god days lol, seems ok so far, the meeting of the bigwigs is the moment of history it seems, Garth was clearly always a jerk, well, at least he is dead. Speaking of a reunion with corpses, we see pre evil Gabby, pre dead Nash, and pre tormented Mia, the Emperor seems to have always been a pompous jerk, ugh.

Still, nice to see Jade and Dist again, working on the Replica project I suppose? Lol, well, nice to see how things begun, and how Seth begun the start of his dark agenda, it all seems innocent at first lol.

Nice start to the key to the truth of Anomaly, looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds, till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 14 . 9/8/2015
So we start off with a ominous phone call that I presume is Matt, if it all was a crank call it could have been rather awkward. Well, Leena is in a very dire spot and Leah seems to be a dead women walking, hopefully her father has some super healing machine or something. Meanwhile Valor seems to be doing well against Phanalx, the odds were not in the cyborg's favor as Valor got the home field advantage, to bad the good news ends there as Matt appears. And, who the hell thought it was a good idea to let anyone have a doomsday switch on his heart?

Well, that's rather dire but, things seem even more dire since, Seth is alive? Knew he would not go down that casually, but, hope his reason for survival is not hand waved for to long or that's just lazy loll. Still, Jeska hated Seth before, he killed her father! Maybe she is brainwashed like with Alexis? Guess we will find out, but, I see Kat is alive, that tool is durable lol, but, Lee is also in league with Seth? Seems very unholy for the god of light, he is quite unworthy of that role.

Oh I see, Earnest is forcing his hand, another traitor, lovely, not very earnest. Still, Brick and not Thor are traitors to? There must be brainwashing involved, Brick hated Seth to, ugh.

Well, on top of this mess, Sophie managed to unleash her own beast thanks to her rage, large flaming tigers are quite formidable indeed, but it seems she is right up there with Sasuke now with being consumed with the hate and is all to willing to go to the dark side, this , can't end well.

And on top of that Matt has poor brainwashed Mia keeping Valor busy while being ready to go more Sith Lord on Sophie, talk about a cliffhanger. Well, this was quite a epic chapter indeed, between Seth and Matt and all the others the bad guys have quite the imposing force, and the hero's are not looking in good shape, hope that can turn around, till then another great chapter with great action, till next time keep up the great work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 13 . 9/7/2015
So, a bit delayed but, revelation time. This harsh testing, reminds me of many of the super soldier programs in anime like 00 Gundam, once more the tragicness rings me to the harsh growth of Allelujah Haptism from the super soldier program in that. Still, even Leah seems to know that Leena is not really to blame and is being driven by hate, quite the trend I suppose lol.

Well, the Gods are getting even more anxious and things seem like they are about to blow up, Lee seems to be on the spot.

But speaking of things blowing up, Xion nearly becoming the Thing and putting Axel in to such a bind that he had to let his dark half out seems like a bad omen, if he wins the battle and loses the war its a hallow victory to say the least.

Meanwhile, Shaendru is quite the resourceful baddie, I wonder if Sophe's fiery wrath is enough to truly do him in or he is waiting to transform yet again, or if her own darkness will end up consuming her.

Speaking of darkness, nearly sounds like the Lord of Darkness is rounding up some serious trouble, using Tammy to strike the one weakness of the leader of gods dose sound quite dastardly, guess we will see the truth to this soon enough but does seem quite tense, double so if Jeska is a traitor, she was a enemy to Seth before, but maybe she was working with the true bad guys? Guess we will see.

Speaking of finding out the truth, Leah is piling on the mind games, and, is quite a contrast, is she being a double agent Revolver Ocelot style? Well, whatever she really is, she is clearly brutal, but, since the story is over something tells me Leena is not dead, unless, they have to find the Dragon Balls to revive her lol.

Well we will see, another great tense chapter, and, oh yes, I noticed I suddenly got around 30 views from Canada, was that you looking at my story? Lol, could be just a bunch of random readers from Canada, just curious but in any case till next time keep up the great work.
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