Reviews for A Letter Of Denial
WritingandHorrorFanaticErb88 chapter 1 . 3/13/2012
This was an interesting letter to read. You're right, in reality there are an awful lot of loose ends that are never tied. Writing letters to someone who will never recieve it is a way of forcing out the emotion that you might not have been aware you had in the first place, as well as coming to your own conclusion of how you truly feel once you've got the initial wave of unstable emotions out. This is a type of story that's commonly written, writing to the dead, but you made it your own and unique, which is impressive.

I liked that the letter wasn't perfectly written; as in, the emotion continuousy shifted from heartbroken, to blameful, to questioning, back to blameful, and so on. The structure wasn't perfect, but that's the beauty of letter writing. You captured the character, and made me interested in the full story. In fact, if you ever wrote something explaining the story behind this, I'd love to read.

All in all, I liked this letter, and I plan on reading your other stories that you published. So don't be surprised if you see another strange, creepy review from me :) Good luck with your writing!
GHOTIfish chapter 1 . 3/11/2012

so touching...

'I hope it's sunny, wherever you are. I love you, Ben.' *sniffle-WHEEZE-WHEEZE-HONK*