Reviews for A Year Full of Days
kaymom72 chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
Excellent! Loved Nate and Quentin. I was feeling so sad near the end and for Quentin to tell Nate to come to England...Whoo Hooo. Go Boys! I'll read this one again.

Happy New Year!
understand chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
I think I've lost count of how many times I've read this.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
Oh my gosh, this was beautiful! I love Quentin and Nate so much! And all the drama and inner turmoil was touching and also made for a very emotional story! I don't quite get why Quentin kissed that girl at the party, but it doesn't matter cause he ended up with Nate! thank you so much for your awesome writing and time spent on this story! love, love!
the wild semicolon chapter 1 . 11/21/2012
So I absolutely never ever review, because I'm lazy and maybe like resent good writers a tiny bit, but I absolutely just had to here.

I'm in shock. I'm in story shock. I've overdosed. I am having a severe psychological reaction and need immediate mental attention. GAH :o

Okay, well, I did read Side Effects first. Here is a funny little anecdote for you: I was lurking on another Fictionpresser's account, dove into her favorites and pulled out exactly two stories. It was Side Effects and A Year Full of Days. I tried out this one first, decided I didn't want to make a commitment to a long oneshot because I hate using the scrollbar, and moved on to Side Effects. Which was long as well, but I don't pretend to be logical, so. So I loved Grace, was spectacularly overjoyed to read about a sequel(ish), and read. And honestly, I like Nate better than Grace.

So I mentioned I never review, right? There are a lot of reasons for this, being as I'm such a rambler and only vaguely ever address the story itself. But I'm trying, because I absolutely just adored Nate in every single facet available to my psyche. -see that sentence? I barely know what I wrote there. Anyhow, Nate. Nate Nate Nate, jaysus madame, you write a good character. Nate is like in every way the epitome of perfection. The most common fault with companion stories is they badly if ever match the previous character set up in the original story, but A Year Full of Days slipped so seamlessly into the casque of Kellan's POV Nate I actually stopped several times in the story and simply marveled at OMG I Get Him Now. And the interactions between Kellan and Nate, christ almighty, that is perfect. It reeked of that feeling when two best friends are horribly out of sync, which is precisely what you were going for, so I hereby laud you as impeccable.

Nate hates himself in just the best way, I swear, and the scenes where he does nothing but hate himself and drink, well, I have no words. I'm trying to point out what I adored best, which is both imprecise and insensible because that's so hard to identify. Quentin is a beautiful thing as well, though Nate is what made me decide to review you (lucky you!).

Onto your style itself: gorgeous. I mean ****, lady. (Here's to hoping you're of the X chromosomes, cuz I've probably addressed you as such lots by now). What I like about yours is that it blends, you see, it follows the bumps and curves of the content and hits the exact right intelligence level (I hope you understand what I mean, it's not too pretentious or lowlevel) and that if I examine you with a critical eye, I can also identify actual talent and precision, which is wonderful.

And goddamn, I just gotta say, I got the fuzziest feeling in my brain when Nate reveals his boyfriend to Kellan. That was just, XD. I also haven't addressed half of what I Wanted To Say at various points in this review, but I can't remember them, and when I will they will scrape at my insides and go like YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT THAT IN THERE JEEZ. And then I'll just be frustrated. But I'll submit this now, because.

And so I conclude with that I love BBC's Merlin too, we have so much in common, come be my best friend FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. Serioushlay.
KatieBobb chapter 1 . 11/11/2012
I'm SO sad this is over! It was amazing. I fell in love with these boys. :( I wish the sequel had a sequel. Thanks so much for posting.
Yume ka Mage chapter 1 . 10/1/2012
After reading Side effects of forgetting, I jumped on this one : Nate was my favorite character and I'm glad he has his own story. Even if Will is much better for Kellan and Nate really clumsy when it comes to feelings, I found him touching. So I like how Quentin is able to approach him gently and make him fall in love.

Thank you for this story (and sorry if my english sounds weird).
restinbeatz chapter 1 . 9/20/2012
It made me so sad that Kellan and Nate are so awkward and were barely even friends anymore, but glad that at the end they seemed to have worked things out. I feel like an idiot for taking so long to catch the Will and Grace reference, I like that you did that though. As much as I love Will, Grace, and Kellan, I'm glad Nate got a story for himself that gives him a lot more depth and portrays him as a more sympathetic character and he gets to have his own happiness. As much as I hated him in "Side Effects", I just can't here. It's also interesting to see his viewpoint, like how he doesn't really find Grace interesting as much as odd and annoying. And there's the relationship he has with his dad, it's so sad how they're not really close anymore since his mother's death and him never being around anymore, but pretty heartwarming at some moments. If you've ever read the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, one of the girls has a similar home life with her dad and younger brother, after the mother's death. Nate's coming out was really anticlimactic, I was expecting it to be really bad and maybe his dad would kick him out or something, but his dad was just like "okay," so I guess he already suspected. (By the way, are you a Buffy fan?) I have to mention again how much I love your characters, they're so funny and snarky and so interesting, the interactions between them are always fun to read. And I love Quentin he's so awesome, so very awesome. And I love Merlin too, it's a great show that I've gotten addicted to the last few months, I'm finishing season 3 now, I'm trying to finish it (and Doctor Who) so I can watch the new season when it comes out. And the end seriously made me cry a bit, seriously I was upset that Nate would have this amazing person leave him just like that and I was really hoping it wouldn't and I was so happy it didn't and it got funny as soon as Quentin was like, "What the hell am I doing". I didn't like when Kellan kissed Nate, I wanted to smack him for doing something so stupid, but I feel like that needed to happen for Nate to stop having doubts and for them to realize who they really wanted to be with.
Universal Trance chapter 1 . 9/2/2012
...HOLY CRAP. My heart is whole again. During Side Affects I was like no, no, no, no, no, no poooooor Naaaate (while I was shipping willxKellan on the side) On this one I was like :D the whole time!
Joey miles chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
ok you just hit the top of my favorite authers list.
semantics chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
I was a Nate/Kellan shipper the whole way in Side Effects, but after reading this story, I can finally move on and be content with the people they each ended up with. The whole story was very sweet, and Nate stayed true to the character in Side Effects.
The whole airport scene was very sweet. I had thought that Quentin was going to realize that oh! His father was an Iowan therefore Quentin himself was an American citizen as well, so he actually didn't need to come on a visa... but asking Nate to move with him was much sweeter.
Insanity's Genius chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
Aww, awesome story! D
ImmanenceEnsured chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
Long review, seriously, this deserves me waffling. Right?
I love it how you start the first chapter with so many frustrations! I was in it from the start, angsting together with Nathan. Then we get a glimpse of Nate’s home situation and we start feeling for him, right away. You tell things in this wonderful manner, conveying everything with just the right words. Brilliant!

I love the “sky easy on his eyes” line, it’s beautiful. And when his dad breaks the 'news' about Kellan to him and Nate’s all devastated about the man’s reaction… well, that was a very tender scene. Got me hooked completely.
“Nate pushes the door open, resigned to his fate, and runs smack dab into every single girl employee standing in a gaggle right in front of the bathroom. "Um," he says.” This wonderful sentence made me smile.

I’m in love with the video game/storm scene. Really, you built the atmosphere so well! When Nate analyses Kellan’s smile and the way they used to share glances – I’m not a very cheesy person, but ack! – that kinda broke my heart, a little bit. Kellan you bi-
“He wants something to hide behind, something else to focus on, but this is so bright and stinging that it's all he can do to smile back, laugh a little breathlessly, and look away.” … Heartache...
“He's so far into himself that his feet feel very far away from his head.” Another one of those awesome sentences. And here's another:
"Yeah," Nate says, his eyes going on with their blinking and his lungs with their breathing.” You so totally have a knack for saying things in a cute and smart way.
“Backlit by afternoon sunshine, shooting the spaces between his curly fly-aways through with gold” Cute!

The phone parts were brilliant in a lot of ways. I nearly caught myself squealing at some point. And I love it how you made it so they can’t have a proper meeting time and time again. It’s so unfortunate, but bliss all at the same time.

“As expected, or, well maybe not expected, but certainly not unexpected” Aw, Nate, you adorable SOB.
And just as I thought Nate would be the one to mess things up, there’s Quentin kissing someone else. I liked that. Very much. Gives Nate a chance to show some balls! Even though I was pretty pissed off when Quentin called it an ‘interest’ rather than a cheat. Bastard.
"Oh, sure," Nate spits, "just call me later and we'll work it out between orgasms. Fuck. You." You go Nate baby!

And then Kellan has the nerve to come back and attack Nate with stupid rebound stuff. I’d have punched him in the face. Luckily Nate is a pacifist, judging by his actions.
Only complaint:things are too easy at the end. Nate makes up with the father, makes up with Kellan. Where’s all the heartache from the beginning? Where'd that go, you described it in such an amazing way- Nate being confronted time and time again. I held my breath during those scenes - not kidding, they were SO well-written! I still hate Kellan for thinking he can keep on playing with Nate’s feelings. Nate shouldn’t be so nice, even if he should.

This story was the best. Thank you so much.
Chowdizzle chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
Ahhh! This was soooo good. I've already read it like multiple times. I can totally feeeel Nate's feels! I read this one first, and Side Effects after, so due to my loyalty for Nate I just couldn't like that one as much even though it seems to be more popular on here. Lol, I was just like nooooo why are you doing this to my Nate? Bad Kellan! But anywho, both are extremely well written - you're an awesome writer. I'm also following The Sudden Visibility of Sound so I can't wait until you update that! :)
Lieutenant Starshine chapter 1 . 7/24/2012
I don't really have an eloquent response to this story, so this will have to do: HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT. This story was so fabulous and true to life and I just loved watching Nate grow from a scared little boy partly in love with his best friend to someone who is honest with himself and everyone he cares about and just. Jesus fuck. This story is beautiful. And, yeah.
I mean, Side Effects was great and all. I definitely enjoyed it. But I adored this one to death. And you're wonderful. The end.
RiotFalling chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
Just as fantastic as the first! It was wonderful to Nate's part of the story, and even more wonderful to see the boy end up happy. I love the progression of Nate and Kellan's relationship through both stories, I like the point the landed on in their last conversation, talking about their respective boyfriends. Fantastic job, I adored both of these stories so much, I cant even find the words.
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