Reviews for He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Wanderingreader chapter 2 . 3/15/2012
A RATED story for your first one here :)

In all honesty, this story confused me. You stated that she was not wearing an underwear only to read in the next paragraph Ryan took it consistent and DO NOT RUSH THINGS, dear.

Give your story some development especially the first few chapters as this is one of the most critical in writing because you are giving backgrounds about the characters, settings, etc.

Also, it never hurts to check the grammar. Find a good Beta (I suggest MakeupGirl, the author of PERSONAL DRINK 1 and 2 or SABLEQUEENIE of In His Arms She Fell) who can assist you in developing and writing your story. I know this is your first time...hehehehe...

Lastly, as an author be open to criticism. I am already giving you this as I too, write stories (in different sites). Do not follow those who ask for reviews only to complain why some reviews are harsh. Trust me, when you decided to publish your will only get worse!