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Fate Rose chapter 33 . 8/9/2013
So, things have been pretty good since my last review. We went to VidCon and we met DAN AND PHIL AND GRACE AND MAMRIE AND HANNAH AND TROYE AND THE LIZZIE BENNET CAST AND THE GREEN BROTHERS AND SOME BRITISH YOUTUBERS PITA LIKES AND YES. It was awesome. I also have my scholarship back and my roommate is willing to switch so Lupes can live with me. I was productive today and filled out the pre-check in stuff for ASU. I also posted a Housemates one-shot yesterday (technically today) so maybe after I finish this review I can got play sims.

I literally didn’t even finish my ‘life update’ before getting distracted by tumblr. Damn, self.

Anyways, Angel got fixed today and not she’s wandering through the house because she can’t be outside and she’s all drugged up so it’s kind of funny to watch. She’s also ten times calmer than normal. And Vinnie is stuck in Bullhead a bit longer, so it looks like I’ll get to see him one more time.
You’re at your grandma’s and you’ve seen We’re the Millers and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and I know you wanted to see a third one but I’ve forgotten what that was (Planes? Yeah, it was Planes.) So that’s what we’ve been up to!

Onto the chapter.


Oh, yeah. She’s pregnant. I almost forgot. Ahahahahaha. Shot gun wedding, lol.

So she’s not having a giant wedding? Cute.

At least she’s having a wedding. Psyche probably would’ve murdered them if they had tried to elope.

He thought the dress shouldn’t be white? Ahahahaha, oh Eros. If people followed tradition, no one would have a white wedding. (Fun fact: a lot of people have off-white dresses, to skirt that tradition!)

Oh! If they did traditions, did they do the ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’? …I wonder where that tradition comes from. Huh.

Stupid internet. I got distracted again. Damn. And dinner is going to be soon so let’s see how far I can get before I have to leave.

They didn’t tell them! :c Sad face. That sounded like fun and awesomeness. But it makes sense, I guess.

I’m that clingy girlfriend that you didn’t realize you signed up for. Just so you know. This is my warning, but you’re in too deep now. Muahahaha. c:

They could have a small-ish wedding ceremony on Earth with Brooke and Sean if they really wanted. A lot of work though.

I would get super annoyed if other people were overbearing about my wedding. I mean, I know Peyton wanted her to plan it, but yeah. It’s still her wedding, you know? But she gets Nate, so it’s all good.

Okay, well I just ate diner. It’s 6:40. Let’s see if I can get this done before 7.

I just tried to picture Eros in a pink suit. I did not succeed. Just nope.

I’m wondering if her mom will make an unwanted appearance. It sounds like something her mom would do, crash her wedding.

Gold, pretty. Much better than pink.

Peyton and Nate need more immortal friends. They’re really sad. It’s like how on Glee Mr. Schue doesn’t have any adult friends.

It’s 6:49. I got distracted again. I’m probably not going to finish this by my goal.

Aw. Eros is walking her down the aisle! How cute and parental of him. Sometimes, that family is adorable. A lot of the time, it’s just kind of sad, but most of the time it’s cute.

Butterflies! She has butterflies in her stomach and just asdfjkl; cuteness.

Eros is marrying them. XD This makes me think of the Friends’ episodes where Joey does the marrying for Monica and Chandler and for Phoebe and Mike. It also reinforces my belief that Peyton and Nate need more immortal friends.

“Right. I do.” That sounds like something Joey would’ve said. XD

I like writing vows for characters, but usually I write one person’s and then I don’t want to do the other because I feel like I’ve already said everything and this is why couples only have to write their own vows and not the other person’s as well. Yep.

D’aww. They’re married and on their way to being the awesome parents we know they’ll become! Whoo.

Dammit, Psyche. I knew the wedding was too simple!

(Glanced at the clock. 6:57. This isn’t happening.)

Seriously, Peyton. You should have expected this.

I suppose, technically, it’s not the wedding. It’s the reception, so Psyche still listened. But she’s a cheater-face.

“Nate paraphrased a saying that Peyton has once told him.” Is Peyton talking in the third person now? :p I feel you though. Switching points of view is super tricky.

Eros has a gift! Cute!

You are now talking to me over facebook. My productivity is about to die. Also, it’s 7:03, so I have unsurprisingly failed.

It was supposed to be a surprise! Cute! If he gives them a house, I will find it very Twilight of him. Nice- I mean, I wouldn’t turn down a free house- but that will still be my thought.

(Random note: I’m jamming out to spotify and ‘Party in the U.S.A’ just came on.)

“Gifts from gods are never what they seem.” Wise words, girl. Wise words.

You are actually not talking to me over facebook. You sent one message, so I’m not too terribly distracted. …by that.

Nate’s so cute.

When my characters in the old series of mine got married, she had a very similar proposition about the house/bedroom for her husband. XD

“Your condition.” She doesn’t have the plague, Nate. You’re fine. It’s all good.

“Screw that. Let’s go.” BEST LINE OF THE CHAPTER. Although, I imagine she wants to screw Nate and not ‘that’, but you know. ;p I’m so funny. (No I’m not.)

Oooh, now I am curious about that present.

Brooke and Sean’s baby! I know about that! And I’m also excited because babies one doesn’t have to live with are adorable. :D


So yeah. You’ve been working on an AUA chapter recently, so I don’t even have to say ‘update soon’ but I can say ‘See you soon!’ because we shall all be in the same city (ish) soon! Yay!

I miss your face, even though I just saw it. See you soon!

Final word count: 1,094
Just Tacos chapter 32 . 7/22/2013
Just spent the longest time trying to go through Athena's Enigma and Cupid's Granddaughter trying to think of who their child would be, and the only person I could come up with is Cassandra Perkins. I couldn't find Sean and Brooke's last name, but that's who I think it would be :o

Can't wait to read what's next!
Fate Rose chapter 32 . 7/19/2013
Okay, so it the Friday before my sister’s birthday. I’m getting chemo and Jess visited this week for her and her brothers’ birthdays, so I saw her and she gave me a copy of her 2012 NaNo. It’s a zombie story and it’s interesting. You’ll get to read it sooner or later and you can get back to me on that. San Diego Comic Con is currently happening and we’re not there. I have never wanted to be there more than this year. There’s Legend of Korra and Big Bang Theory stuff going on and the HOT AS HELL Teen Wolf cast is attending. I just want to be there and tumblr keeps reminding me how much I want to. But VidCon is in two weeks AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR THAT, LIKE IT LITERALLY JUST HIT ME THAT IT’S ONLY *TWO WEEKS* AWAY AND YES. So that’ll be fun. Expensive, but fun.

I’m also currently facebook chatting you, which makes it very difficult to actually read and review, considering I already have a super short attention span. But I’ve got this!

Onto the story!

Right. Peyton is pregnant. Brooke apparently knows. Nate doesn’t. Got it.

“Maybe our babies can be the best of friends one day!” D: WHY WOULD YOU HURT ME IN THAT WAY?

Ohmygoodness. Brooke telling him like that is a hilarious mental image and it’s just perfect.

I can see Psyche having like 50 outfits, all of them made by her. And she’s like, made a baby blanket for the kid too. XD It’s a cute mental picture.

‘Smiling knowingly’ Eros is such a little shit sometimes. I love him. He’s using it against her! That’s funnier. Meaner, but funnier.

I always get weirdly happy when Pyro is mentioned. Like, ‘Awww, doggie! They still have the dog! Yay!’ I will be sad when they don’t have him anymore.

“The usual awful.” Work, college, school, and doing stuff summed up in one sentence.

I never want to own a Saint Bernard, but I’d like to snuggle one, one day.

I’m still sad that Brooke and Sean have to leave. D: Probably not as sad as Nate and Peyton, but sad none the less.

The fact that he’s complaining about work to her is actually super adorable and it just makes me feel like they’re an old married couple and I enjoy that thought very much. And one day, they will be an ‘old’ married couple. They’ll never be old, but their marriage will! Old couples are the cutest.

I wonder if Brooke really would name the baby after Peyton if it’s a girl. And I wonder where she comes up with the actually baby name. Is it supposed to be a nod to Greek mythology, since her bestie is a demi-god and her hubby’s bestie is a fallen angel. I don’t know if they did that on purpose or not. I know you did, but I wonder if they did or it was just a random coincidence.

Ahahaha. Oh, Nate. You are adorable, sir. Positively adorable.

I’ve been lost in thought while doing dishes and had a family member enter the room and nearly give me a heart-attack. It was poop.

I genuinely don’t understand why Peyton’s having such a hard time telling him. Like she should just be able to be like, “Yo, I’m pregnant,” or, “Hey, Nate, you knocked me up,” or even, “Guess what? We made a baby!”

I could go for a good snack right now.

No, Nate. You can’t wait. Well… I mean, I guess you can wait about eight months before you actually have a baby, but that’s all the waiting you’ll be doing.

“I don’t want to be a mom right now!” Calm your shit, Peyton. You’re gonna do fiiine. Logan’s a good kid. Evie’s a little on the easy side, but overall you and Nate raise some good kids. And they’re cute. So just relaaax, woman. You got this. Nate’s got this. I have faith!

Wrong, Nate. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You will be parents shortly and it will be adorable and you’ll be happy. Peyton just needs to calm down.

DON’T CRY, PEYTON. No crying. Nate’s chill, he’ll be happy. He loves you bunches and one day you two will be married and everything will be cute and happy so just think of that and for the love of Pysche, don’t cry!

“There’s a baby in there!” As opposed to…? Nate, you’re silly.

Seriously, why is Nate the last to know? Not cool, Peyton. Not cool.

“Now we don’t have to name our kid after them.” Ahahahahaha. Nice thought process there. XD But now I’m wondering if Logan and Evie are named after anyone special. Hmm…

lol. She does have quite a few connections in high places, doesn’t she? I don’t think anyone would ever get used to that. I mean, Peyton was born into the crazy and even she finds it odd.

“This apartment can hold three…but a house could do it better?” lol. Nate’s so silly. Peyton didn’t even have to say a word. She just had to shoot him a look, ‘Like, hell no we aren’t raising a baby in an apartment, the eff is wrong with you?”

Peyton, you are a demi-god. You’re like 80 some odd years old. You are not too young to be a parent or to own a house. You wanted to be normal, so be normal!


Five? Ahahahaha. No.

I don’t know what the age gap between Evie and Logan is. Huh.

I find it fun that Logan is the ‘oops’ baby because he seems so unlikely to *have* and oops. I feel like Evie is probably an oops too, because they want to wait. But I still don’t know the age gap and I’m honestly too lazy to look that up, so yep.

Whoo! Wedding! I’m excited.


Update soon! I shall R and R as always. :D

Final word count: 1037
Allafey chapter 32 . 7/19/2013
OMG! Is their kid Jason!?
Fate Rose chapter 31 . 7/9/2013
I had to get blood work done this morning so I had to get up at 7:30. As my grandma backed out of the driveway, I was blinded by light and thought to myself, ‘Oh god, why is the sun up?’ So that’s my story of the day. I’m tired.

I’m currently getting chemo and you’re probably asleep because it’s only ten am. You could be up, but for your sake I hope not. Anyways, it’s the summer before our second year of college. You’re living with your grandma; I’m still with mine. I have come to the conclusion that there is a very strong possibility that I will be getting an apartment next summer, so maybe we’ll see each other. That’d be nice.
Also, this weekend you’ll be here and I am excited because eff yeah, Sam time! :D

Ugh. I’m hungry and I ate breakfast like an hour ago. It was Captain Crunch, in case you’re wondering or future me is wondering. Bleh. Stupid bodily functions.

Also, I have headphones in but no music playing. I ought to fix that, but I don’t feel like opening Spotify or Windows Media Player so I’ll just sit here and continue to not listen to anything.

Rambling done; time to review. Focus, Fate! You’ve got this!

:0 Is she pregnant? Is it going to be a shotgun wedding? Is that why there’s going to be angst in here?

Okay, I got sick of the sounds of the chemo place, so now I’m opening Spotify. I’ve decided to enjoy some Plain White T’s.

Oh, Gods. She is so pregnant.

Oh, look! Hera! We were facebook chatting about this, because it was late and you accidentally called her Juno! (I wonder if future us will remember little things like this.)

PEYTON, STOP BEING SO DUMB, YOU ARE PREGNANT. With Logan, I hope. It’d be very sad if it’s not Logan, because that would mean Peyton had like a miscarriage or an abortion or something equally traumatizing. But you’re not that mean… right? …right. Even I’m not that mean.

I like how Hera is all like, ‘Eros, you know how two people make a baby. I don’t have to explain that. Your granddaughter got laid.’

Two weeks. Wow. Someone found out very early.

She has to tell Nate… I wonder how he’ll take it.

“That’s not how it works.” lol, Peyton. You were getting some, so yeah that’s kind of how it works.

Species. Ahahahaha. Logan and Evie are pretty unique, I suppose.

I feel you, Peyton. I’d lose my shit. Pregnancy is scary and babies are terrifying. They’re so fragile. Why would something so important be so fragile? Don’t get me started...

Two years? I guess that’s a long engagement. It just doesn’t seem like when they have forever. To humans though, that’s like weirdly long to be engaged.

I hope Nate doesn’t freak out. D: I need happy, couple-y fluff. Not an upset OTP.

Ahahahahahahaha. Brooke is pregnant, too! I mean, she’d have to be for the timeline to work out, right? Is that a confirmed fact? Because I mean, I know about the baby, but is it like a spoiler to other people? Because I don’t know, so I try to not mention it. Yeah…

Oh! Surprise job. But also pregnancy news coming. I know it.

‘Godparents’. I laughed, too.

They would be awesome godparents, if they wanted.

Are they moving away? That would be sad. Although, maybe good? But sad. And not good since they do actually want to tell them.

Holy shit. Not only are they moving away, they’re going across the country. Wow.

Nate’s cooking is a valid thing to miss. If I could meet any of your characters, it would probably be him. He makes cheesecake. Also, he’s hot. (Although Chase would be cool to meet too…) Why are all of your men so attractive? Gah.

Good for Nate! He got a job. But that is literally the reason Shania doesn’t want to be a baker. She doesn’t want to do her hobby for a living because then it won’t be fun.

Nate’s so cute. He knew something was up with his fiancé and managed to politely kick out his friends so she could tell him what was wrong and he could make it better. Adorable!

ANGST. One giant paragraph of angst. Better than one giant chapter of it, at least.

They are incredibly cute! Although, I thought for sure Nate would find out about Logan in this chapter, but I can wait for another one.

Also, your author’s note answered my question about that thing that I know. It would be somewhat spoilery. I wonder how many people will guess it. (Random note: I am still hungry. I literally just thought to myself, ‘I’m hungry.’ I don’t know why I’m surprised by this. I haven’t eaten anything.) I think maybe some people will get it, but I’m still trying to figure out the messed up timeline.

Random note: It makes me happy that Pyro is still around. I really hope you don’t write the angsty dog dying chapter. v.v I’m not sure you will, honestly. But I feel like it’s wrong to just brush it aside, so gah. I don’t know. (Again, I thought, ‘I’m hungry.’)

IT JUST OCCURRED TO ME THAT YOU WILL BE HERE ON FRIDAY AND IT IS TUESDAY WHICH MEAN YOU WILL BE HERE IN THREE DAYS AND I AM SUDDENLY VERY EXCITED. SAM TIME! …I might be a little bit clingy. Just a little. XD But you were the best roommate ever sooo… I feel justified. And I can’t wait for us to live together again.

So I have my own chapter (Housemates, for future reference) to write so that you can review it and I really should get on that but effort. It’s a filler-y chapter, too. Like… I don’t want to write it, but it kind of needs to go in. *sigh*

Spotify hasn’t had a commercial in like ten songs. I am suspicious of this. Or maybe it has and I wasn’t paying attention…

Well this is a really long CC review although nothing will probably ever be as long as that 1400 word review I left you once. But still. My CC review are usually like 600 or 700, so I’m doing better.

Time to work on a chapter so I can play Sims later. Adios! Feel free to update soon. :D An Unsteady Affair would be nice, but I’m not picky.

HOLY CRAP. I looked at my outline and there are only four Housemates chapters left. I feel motivated! I CAN SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

…I was wrapping up. Right. Adios! Update soon! Looking forward to seeing your face soon!

Final word count: 1,133
Fate Rose chapter 30 . 7/5/2013
So, I’m tired because I make stupid life decisions. I was up until four am even though I *knew* I had to be up at nine today for chemo at ten. And since it’s Friday, the place is super busy (all appointments with the doctors are on Thursdays and Fridays, but they were closed yesterday for the fourth so it’s extra busy today), my chemo started kind of late. So I feel like I got up early for nothing. Bleh. I’m also so tired that I forgot which story I needed to review and started heading over to AUA. But I realized my mistake and here I am, ready to review!

Life update: You’ve spent your summer at your grandma’s, going to the pool. Your cousin is visiting and a couple of days ago, he got his hair dyed red after you got your hair trimmed. I’ve had an uneventful summer, but I saw Denise, Lupes, and Danish the other day during the worse Denny’s trip we’ve ever had. Bad service and no air-conditioning. IN JULY. D: But on a happier note, you’ll be visiting us all next weekend! And that makes me really happy. Also Jess will be here so WE CAN ACTUALLY GET THE WHOLE GROUP TOGETHER AGAIN. This literally hasn’t happened since sometime during senior year. Prom? Graduation? Idk. But all of us (Katie and Cece included) should be able to get together and we should just enjoy the fuck out of each other’s company. (Also, not prom I realized because Destiny and Katie weren’t there. Holy balls, when was the last time we were all together?)
I’m tired. I ramble a lot when I’m tired. Too the chapter!

“I didn’t look that bad in the speedo.” Ahahaha. Ohgoodness. No, Sean. Bad. That was not okay.

And it just occurred to me, aww! They’re married! I bet they ask why Nate and Peyton aren’t. XD I can see one of them bringing that up.

And there it is! Brooke doesn’t beat around the bush, does she?

Aww! They’re engaged! So cute. So freaking cute. I hope this chapter is all fluff and happy feels because that would be totally awesome. Fluff is awesome. I really do love fluff. I like… never write it, but it’s so cute and awesome. I should write more fluff. Why don’t I write more fluff?

Four for you, Brooke! You go, Brooke! I’m very happy that she only has one job and that college/work is no longer slowly killing her. Although, I’m just now realizing that if she’s still in college, they got married a little on the young side. Well… Sean had already been married on the young side, so I guess it doesn’t exactly matter to him.

I was honestly wondering why Nate wasn’t doing the cooking from the beginning but I was like, ‘Well, it isn’t their house so I guess that makes sense.’ But seeing as it sounds like Sean took a blowtorch to the enchiladas, I feel like Nate should’ve done the cooking from the beginning.

…I just gave myself sad feels, because this bromance can’t last forever.

“Nate is hot.” YES. ALL MY YES. Nate is like… the anger of hotness. Forget being an angel of fire, that should be his title! Like, dang girl. You scored a nice looking soul mate. And he cooks! He’s great.

Yep. Even Brooke points out the cooking bonus.

‘Slightly blackened enchiladas.’ lol. Seriously, though, who let Sean cook?

It takes talent to both overcook and undercook something. I am impressed at the level of his failure.

Nate’s like a five year old. His friends are being all couple-y and he’s just like, “Ew.”

I can’t say I blame Nate for thinking Eros is better at the job. I mean, Peyton paired Nate with Lily. Eros paired Nate with Peyton. And since Eros was the correct one, I can understand Nate’s feelings.

I don’t know why, but I just wondered what it would have been like if I could have finished out the semester with you all and then I got sad. What the hell, self? Let’s go back to the happy, fluffy world of Nate and Peyton putting onff (brain, what are you doing? I mean OFF) their weeding. (Dammit, brain, WEDDING.) I’m tired. Please excuse my typos.

Abercrombie and Fitch. Gross. But model Nate? Hell yes.

I like how Brooke is married, but even she’s still like, ‘Nate is hot. So hot.’

I didn’t know it was possible to be adorable and hot, but in my head, Nate can totally pull that off. Which honestly just makes him hotter. This is not fair. How is any woman supposed to resist him? And then he’s married, so all the women he meets are just forced to drool in silence. Not cool, man.

It’d be nice if they knew, but I think Eros would be super opposed to that idea and also, I feel like they wouldn’t believe them or they would freak out and it would just be sad and tragic and it would hurt Peyton, Nate, and all your lovely readers. Let’s not. I mean, I hope it would go well, but I just don’t feel like it would. Is this going to be a chapter in our future? Because I’m now incredibly curious about how it would play out. Also, I just misspelled curious without the u so it was curios and word didn’t correct me, because apparently that too is a word and it took me a moment, but I realize that it’s the plural form of curio, but to me it just looks like curious without the u. Random story of the moment.

Since they decided to tell them, I want that as a chapter, because it sounds interesting, like I said.

“Is this what normal couples talk about? We’re so boring!” Nate, normal couples are not immortal. But if you take that out of the equation, yeah. Basically. You two are practically married already.

She gets to kiss this super hot guy who can totally cook and she complains about it?

…well, if that’s what she gets from complaining, complaint valid.

The looped arm thing is so cute and kind of dorky and that just makes it so much cuter. Why don’t we have cute, dorky boyfriends? Gah.

FIVE? Whoa, Nate. Are those children coming out of your body? No. I didn’t think so. You get back to Peyton on that number when you can birth those children yourself, okay? Okay.

So cuuuute. It was all fluff and sweetness and I am happy.

Ooooh, the next one is a big one? Hmm… Maybe a skip ahead to that wedding they’ve been putting off? (Look, I managed that whole sentence without typos!)

So much cute. The happiness in this chapter was lovely and I am thrilled. Now I get to go write some action that will probably turn into angst. Why does everything I touch turn to angst? D: I don’t know. It just does. But we have you for fluff. You for you! And yay for your fluff!

Looking at my word count, I’ve come to the conclusion that either I should always review when I’m this tired or I should never, ever be allowed near a word document again at this point. I’m not sure. I guess I’ll just leave it up to you. It’s been a while since I’ve left you a sleepy review and usually those are the fun ones, so I hope this is a fun one. They’re fun, because I feel like neither of us has a filter when we’re tired. We kind of just type whatever we think, even if it has like no relevance to anything at all. Yup. And I am just pointlessly rambling and holy crap my chemo will be done soon, I didn’t realize I was taking so long to review this. Well that’s nice. Dammit, I was trying to wrap things up. Thanks, brain. -.-

Anyways, adios! I’m caught up now and so you should most definitely update either of your stories soon, because that would be super awesome and it would make me and all of your other readers very happy. I have cancer, Sam. You should make me happy. :p

Okay. Done rambling. I hope.

Final word count: 1400

(I’m like a hundred percent sure this is my longest review. Ever.)
Fate Rose chapter 29 . 6/29/2013
I don’t want to write, so I went to my email and clicked the link to your last update, because I hadn’t paid any attention and I honestly thought it was an Unsteady Affair update and the I read the first sentence and was very confused and looked and it was chapter thirty of this and I haven’t even read chapter twenty nine, so guess what I’m doing now? Reading chapter twenty nine.

Anyways, as for the life update: VidCon is in a little over a month. You are still living with your grandma and I’m still with mine and we are not together and it’s sad. Although I am finally starting to get excited about living with Denise, but I’m afraid if I get too excited, it won’t happen. Someone just facebook messaged me. I bet it was you.
It was you.
I haven’t been very productive this summer but neither of us has so it’s all good. Oh! And my vision is fixed and I’m driving again so yay! That’s pretty much it. I bet future you is remembering how awesome VidCon was. Are you dating Dan yet? :p Alright, onto actual reading and reviewing.

Poor Psyche! They’re so cute together, but sometimes she and Eros are just very sad.

For the God of Love, Eros is actually pretty oblivious to his wife’s feelings.

Lily is a sad character. I don’t like her much, but she really is sad. I mean, Nate is hot stuff and she totally has a right to be jealous of Peyton. And Eros is kind of a jackass for letting Peyton screw with this poor girl’s feelings (even if Peyton didn’t know that’s what she was doing. Eros knew! Eros KNEW!).

Oh! Neat! This is where Lily meets Eurus. Cool.

Her mind blanked because he’s so hot. That’s actually hilarious.

Gah. He’s so shallow though. It is not cool when a guy knows he’s that hot. It’s mostly just really annoying. LILY IS A PRETTY GIRL, SIR. I don’t even like her and I know that!

It is very difficult to review and chat with you on facebook at the same time. I don’t have the attention span for this. And I have to leave sometime soon and I want to finish this review before I leave.

They’re cute. Weird, but kind of cute. Eros was right! They do have stuff in common! How nice..

(We’re discussing the movie RED and how our freshman ENG 200 class has destroyed John Malkovich for us.)

Oh, good. Psyche is getting some time with her immortal hubby. Just because they have all the time in the world to enjoy one another’s company, doesn’t mean that he can always put her off! Someone needs to tell him that!

Jeeze, Peyton. Tone the attitude down a little. I mean, I get it. You don’t like Lily. Neither do I. But still, no need to be so unpleasant.

Peyton, you are confusing the crap out of the poor nature angel.

Well, I’m glad Lily just let it all go. Good for her.

Good for Lily! She was honest and told Eurus she has a boyfriend! Not a lot of women would do that. I’m proud of her. I mean, I wish she didn’t have a boyfriend to tell him about, but I’m proud of her for not lying or hiding it.

Now, shut up, Eurus. No one needs to know that Peyton likes him and stuff.

He’s so shallow, ugh. At least you made it funny.

EROS GO LOVE YOUR WIFE, SHE’S GETTING IMPATIENT WITH YOU. Psyche is gettin’ real tired of your shit.

Ohmygod, that was hilarious. I love Psyche. She’s so like cute and sweet but then she could probably cut someone if she felt she needed to. And her bossing Eros around is the best thing ever. She’s so great.

I AM EXCITED FOR WEDDINGS AND BABIES AND TODDLERS AND CHILDREN. Toddler Evie and Logan sound like the cutest things ever. Like oh gosh. You should make this family on the Sims one day so we can have pictures of all this! Because that sounds like twenty different kinds of adorable.

Oh! And we get to see younger Vee and Jay? Well, I am super excited now!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve left one. Maybe even a month or more. :0 My apologies. But yay! I reviewed! And I’ll get around to the next chapter soon. In the meantime, you should totally update An Unsteady Affair. Yes? Yes. And I’ll get around to updating The Housemates. And everything will be great.

Alright, I’m going to go see The Heat with James, so I’m off! I shall talk to you later on facebook, because that’s what we do now that we’re four hours apart instead of four feet.

Final word count: 814
chocoyum4 chapter 30 . 6/25/2013
Another wonderful chapter as was written by yourself ) this one was funny and cute ) I really liked it ) It was just what I needed haha ) As always, looking forward to your next installment!
Guest chapter 29 . 6/18/2013
Great. great, great!
Fate Rose chapter 28 . 6/1/2013
I don’t feel like being productive, so I figured I should come review.

You’re out to lunch with your family. I’m chilling in my living room. I reviewed early this morning (by that I mean one am) so really not much has changed since my last life update.

Guess I’ll just get straight to the chapter! Hopefully it doesn’t cause too many feels.

Seeing as I was watching Friends yesterday, the whole ‘Wrong Name Game’ reminds me of when Ross was about to marry Emily and he said Rachel’s name at the altar instead. Except in that case, I’m pretty sure Ross was actually in love with Rachel and not Emily. Nate on the other hand, is not in love with Lily, even if he wants to think he is. SHE IS NOT YOUR SOUL MATE, DUDE.

“I love you.” “I don’t love you.” Geeze, Nate. Way to give a girl some mixed signals.

Is it hard to write first person POV in a guy’s head. I imagine it is. I’ve only done it once and I’m still iffy on that chapter… But yeah… You do it pretty well, I think.

Nate is not the only one who is confused. I don’t know how I feel about Lily either! Do I like her? Do I hate her? Last chapter I had Lily feels. This chapter I just find her annoying. During CGD, I hated her but that was probably because Peyton did, too. Goodness. She is complex.

Can Lily hate him if she can’t get angry? Why are emotions so freaking complicated? Gah.

Aww. It’s like he’s addicted to Peyton.

The internet! The way most people kill time!

I don’t know if Nate’s research is cute or creepy. I wanna say cute, but it feels kind of creepy, even if they are soul mates.

Oh! Pyro! Right. He exists. Silly me.

It’s okay, Nate. You don’t need Lily to speak to you. Peyton doesn’t like her anyway. And she really doesn’t like Peyton. So it all works out, okay? Okay. Glad we cleared that up.

Carnation! I know you know this, but I shall say it again: carnations are my favorite.

Flower shop makes me think of HBA. If they took place in the same city, I’d find myself wondering if Charlie worked there. ;p


He’s coming for you Peyton! All the cuteness is on its way!

“Could I just grab her and kiss her?” D’aww. YES NATE DO THAT.

“Mr. Cupid.” Lol. Nate, you are silly.

Four for you, Nate! Braving Peyton’s family for her! You go, Nate!

Peyton is like…eavesdropping if I remember correctly. These two are super cute. Even if they’re parents now and therefore much less adorable.

“So I came up with a plan around that.” Good for you for thinking things through!

“Gods never forget.” Are they elephants? Lol.

“She was wrong.” Eros you little shit. I mean, I will begrudgingly admit that your method worked, but it was pretty rough on your granddaughter and her soul mate.


He really did do his research. Nate, I think you need a hobby. Or another job. Or Tumblr.

Nate, Peyton already loves you. She’s just all stubborn and stuff. You should know this.


I like how Nate just assumes Eros is lying. Which is probably a good thing, since he does tend to do it a lot.

“Nathaniel.” How proper. It’s weird.

It’s a good thing I know they get together in the end because otherwise my heart would have just shattered at that last sentence.

I’ve seen that video of your face! (This is what happens when I’m bored and you had no minutes on your phone and yeah.)


Also, I’m almost caught up! Whoo!

I hope you enjoy this review. I think I’ll work on editing HOTD. I need to get that done while I can still sort of see…


Final word count: 678
Fate Rose chapter 27 . 6/1/2013
So it’s 12:30 on a Friday night and I was going to go to bed, but you played Sims 3 all day, so now you’re queueing stuff for your Disney blog and you talked me into staying up, so here I am.

We’re talking on FB. You’re in your grandma’s house and I’m in mine. The last time I saw you was when you crashed at my house for Cece’s graduation.

I asked you if the chapter would be sad, but I opened it before you even answered so I guess I’m going to read it. You said yes, btw, so I don’t particularly feel like I’m going to enjoy this. Maybe I should just give you my heart now. Oh, wait, I did that in the last chapter… So you should still have that.

Four months? Wow. I do not remember him dating Lily for that long.

He’s happy with Lily. HOW DO YOU HURT ME WHEN YOU’VE ALREADY CRUSHED MY HEART? I don’t even know.

Warning: It’s late, so this review will probably be ramble-y.

Aww. It’s always fun to be on a date and just to talk for hours on end.

Dammit, Lily and Nate are not cute. Nope. Not at all. I ship Nate/Peyton. My OTP is Greek Angel.

Lily didn’t like Peyton around? Interesting. Rather valid, considering Peyton kind of completely steals Nate from her, but still.

Oh. Right. This is after the kiss.

I have Lily feels! Lily feels! DAMMIT, SAM.

Dude, Lily and Nate are like…fighting. What is this weird world I have stumbled into?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. This is just so weird.

Is it hard to write a character who feels no anger? I bet it’s hard.

They aren’t meant for each other. But it’s still sad that she says it.

You have me sort of shipping a ship that I don’t ship. What the hell?

“Who knew? Peyton didn’t.” Lol. But seriously, Nate, this one’s not her fault. It’s totally on Eros.

Nate loves you, Peyton. Why are you so surprised? THIS SHIP IS CANON.

FFS, NATE. Why did you say Lily? You love Peyton!

He went after her! He didn’t do that for Lily!

I don’t know why I’m so invested in this when I know how it ends… But yep.

Your personal life got busy? Hmm…. tell me about this secret boyfriend of yours. ;p

I did enjoy. And it gave me something productive to do! I’m slowly but surely catching up on this story. And look! Two reviews within 24 hours! I mean, not technically on the same day, but still… almost. I’m just an hour and a half late.

Hopefully you see this before heading to bed, but you’re almost done with your queue so maybe not. But it’ll still be here in the morning, so you’ll see it sooner or later. I hope you enjoyed my review, even if it’s not super awesome.

Well, I’m done here! Adios!

Final word count: 504
Fate Rose chapter 26 . 5/31/2013
Okay, so I opened CC and went to see what chapter the last review I left was for. And it was for chapter 24. But I looked at chapter 25, which is the ‘What if?’ chapter and I swore, I’d read that. So I checked and yep. I read it shortly after you updated it. My review made me a little sad because I talked about what an awesome semester we were going to have and how I couldn’t wait to live with you again. That didn’t exactly go as planned.

But anyways, I’m one less chapter behind then I thought I was so whoo! Onto review this one.

I’m currently getting chemo done. (It’s my last treatment for a whole month, yay!) You’re at home with your dad and grandma and stuff. I haven’t a clue if you have plans for today. You’ve been to Disneyland recently and I saw Taylor Swift in concert, which means the next exciting thing in our lives is VIDCON. And I am definitely excited.

Onto the chapter!

Brooke and Sean’s first date! Dammit, Peyton! It is totally your fault that Sean is all sad and stuff! But your best friend doesn’t remember you anymore so there’s that… This is possibly one of the meanest things your writer has ever done.

“I breathe when I sleep.” Lol. Total college life right there.


Aww. She sort of remembers Peyton. But she doesn’t. I’m having all the feels, thanks.

“I don’t have anyone to have fun with…” SHE HAD PEYTON ONCE. *sob*

“I wish I had a friend like that.” I didn’t need my heart or anything. Nope. Not at all. You might as well hold onto that. I feel like you’re just going to keep breaking it if I do.

“I kind of ran into them and she was running away while he was shirtless.” Comedic relief is both welcome and successful. That mental image is cracking me up.

Well, that was a feel-filled (try saying that five times fast) chapter. But it had a cute little ending that didn’t make me want to sob, so that’s nice.

“cute little chapter” Eff you. How about a heartbreaking little chapter? That’s much more accurate. Cute little chapter. Right.

Anywho, I did enjoy it at least. It was (mostly) nice to see some Brooke/Sean. What would their pairing name be, I wonder? Brean? Sooke? Shooke? (There’s no ‘h’ in his name, I know, but there’s one that’s pronounced so it kind of works?) I don’t know. What do you think?

Also, I’m now wondering about Peyton/Nate’s ship name. Oooh, we could go all Once Upon a Time with it and do something like ‘Greek Angel’ or some such. I don’t know. :0 They’re your characters, so I suppose it’s up to you. Although… ship names are usually the fandom’s fault so there’s that…

And now I’m just rambling, so I suppose I should wrap up this review. It’s on the shorter side, but my CC reviews tend to be short, so yep.

Anyways, have a fabulous day and feel free to not update soon as you did that yesterday. Also, if future you reads this and is still writing this story, I will buy you cookies or some sort of comfort food, come to your house/apartment/room (if we live together) and help you finish this story, because we both know you don’t want to still be writing it. I don’t know how I will help, but I will! Even if it just involves sitting there and brainstorming with you/cheering you on. Yep.

I miss your face.


Word count: 619
Fate Rose chapter 24 . 5/17/2013
SURPRISE! I’m going to work on catching up on this story! Whoo! I seriously have no reason not to, so I seriously need to get on top of this.

Anyways, if I’m not mistaken, you’re on your way back from Disneyland or in Hollywood. You said you were stopping there, so that’s probably where you’re at.
I’m at the doctor’s, getting chemo. Nothing new. Although, I did update a chapter of the Housemates yesterday AND I posted a one-shot. A very shot one-shot, but a one-shot nonetheless.

Also, today is Friday and you get here on Sunday. I am excited. I GET TO SEE YOU! And hopefully we’ll get to see the teachers and we’ll watch Cece graduate! Holy crap! It’s gonna be fun times.

Onto the chapter!

“They already fight as if they were married.” Lol. That’s like…the perfect description of those two.

I feel like every chapter from Eros’ POV just makes me understand why he and Peyton don’t get along.

Psyche is so sweet!

“We were like that once.” No. Nope. Just nope. Eros and Psyche are responsible adults and nope. My brain rejects that sentence.

“I thought this game was wrong of us to play?”
“But we were winning!” Ahahahaha. Perfect. That was just great.

“She did a good thing.” “She did a bad thing.” I feel like they think she’s two. It’s kind hilarious.

Sometimes, I still can’t see my mouse and then I get really annoyed. Random fact of the day.

“There would be no fun in yelling at her if she was expecting it.” Bad, Eros! There shouldn’t be any fun in yelling at her at all! She is your granddaughter! (She is stubborn and I’m sure she annoys you at times, but still!)

lol. Eros said ‘hooking up’. He’s too old for that in my brain.


Eros lied! He lied, Peyton!

Psyche breaks my heart sometimes.

Psyche needs a hug, too.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Psyche and Eros don’t make out. They’re much too old for that. Nope.

Holy crap. I am so far behind that you updated this chapter before Christmas! It’s May! Ohmygoodness. I’m sorry for being such a terrible number one fan! D:

I did enjoy! And hopefully I will make more progress in catching up on this story, because this is just ridiculous.

Well…this is a rather short review, but my CC review are usually on the short side, so my bad. :c Anywho, update soon! Like whenever you can! Either story! (Although. preferably AUA, because yes.)

Have fun on your vacation/returning from your vacation! SEE YOU SUNDAY! (Excited screams!)

Final word count: 440
Drakron chapter 28 . 4/22/2013
Great come back!
Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf chapter 28 . 4/21/2013
Nate was my fave character...
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