Reviews for Finding the Center play
The Autumn Queen chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
Interesting. I think this has quite a bit of potential. You could have expanded it out quite a bit. This seems to be written as more of a scene play than a theatrical play, so I don't suppose it would be appropiate to say I'd like to see more acts? My favourite scene was probably the first one though. I found that the depth somewhat diminished further down. The synopsis became less apparent. It was, I feel, only that first scene where it was startingly apparent, and truth be told that was what I was looking most forward to when I clicked the link.

One thing though. When you're stating which character is talking, you should be consistent. I thought for a moment that Anias and Anna were two different people because you kept on using it interchangably. You can't expect someone to remember the names and nicknames from the character list. Also, in some places you've spelt Llamas with a capital, and in some places, without. Little things, but being consistent really does help.