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Calico Trayce chapter 5 . 5/19
Hahaha OMG this was hilarious. From Nick’s blind naivety to all the poor things being done to him. I read something like a description of this brothel on one of your other stories, so I am definitely intrigued to read it now! I know it’s on hiatus, but DAMNIT I love to torture myself like that.

Here’s my character reaction breakdown:

Eric – Straight? Maybe? (had to go back on this note once he was like “goin’ in for some pussy” called iiiiit) LOL, but such a hot asshole. I loved how he didn't even bat an eye to rip into Nick like that. Or Cedar… like c’mon what’s with that tension hnnnggg. By the way, I totally agreed with Cedar, he’s not a very good escort, and I’m surprised he’s not fired.

Cedar – Fucking hot, experienced cocksucker right there. Ugh! He was way too good at that blowjob… and… aahhhh so hot. He was my top choice /snort/ but then you know how it goes… /cough*EVAN*cough

Pink-haired Boy – Aww, I didn't get to find out his name (WAIT BENI?) but holy mother of hell what a game changer! Nick… with a slutty bottom like that, mind-blown.

Smoky Gold-eyes McGillicuddy – Because I didn't know his name at first BUT DAMNIT IT’S ARIAN ISN’T IT! I KNOW IT ISSSSS (CONFIRMED ARIAN OMGGGG) I just kind’a squealed like a fangirl the whole way.

Evan – MORE MORE MORE /sobbing weakly to myself/ Please Nick… good god even if it isn’t your destiny I want him to ruin youuuuuu

Other stuff to complete this review:

Eric threatens to send him to Evan – lol… oh man I got too excited at that.
2.I really like Cedar too and he was so perfect to Nick. Kind’a sweet but also eager and calling him cherry – so cute! His talk in the middle was so down-to-earth and like, seriously praise Jesus because it’s exactly what a scaredy-cat like Nick needs. Tons of hand-holding… or no choice in the matter … LOL! And when he said to skip the condom my heart skipped a fucking beat! The whole scene… everything… even the fucking shower. So good!
always, the writing was detailed, even-paced, captivating and had me scrolling the entire time. Seriously, I am doubting you are human at this point… your cast of characters are so REAL.
has such an awesomely lewd body… you have such a perfect character. I mean, how many times did he cum at this brothel? Definitely got his money’s worth ;)
5.… Nick… omg at the end going back for a /girl/. He seriously never gives up that he’s straight, I fucking loooove it! So stubborn… But I was sooo entertained at the “inflexibly gay”... seriously though that bitch receptionist got my hopes up… double appointment… Nick… Cedar… Evan… /drooling.

You are right. This chapter was an achievement in the making. A fucking sex tomb of sexy amazingness. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
Calico Trayce chapter 4 . 5/16
Hell yes, a cat! LOVE IT! Fuckin' spirit animal right there. :D

The whole journey to Arian was so great! When Nick got his heart crushed by that old lady though, ugh, dying. My heart broke for him... poor Nicholas!

Then, I continued non-stop until the end! Savagely taking in the apologies and love-making like a beast! Aaahh.
But now your Author's Note has me worried, should I be scared of the epilogue? xD
Calico Trayce chapter 3 . 5/16
Hnnggghh! Ben... I kinda liked him but oh well. I liked tearful, sobbing Nicky shouting for Arian even more! Then such a surprise when he shouts "I'm gay!" Hallelujah! OMG never thought the day would come. Eeee

His mom is awesome. Holy crap, how understanding! What did you have to be afraid of, Nick? With such a cool mom like that!

At the end I was just like: OMG go Nick gooooo! Find him and get him back will you pleaaaaase!
Calico Trayce chapter 2 . 5/16
Holy shit - so the beginning almost-rape was super hawt. Am I a bad person? I'M GOING TO HELL RIGHT? TELL IT TO ME STRAIGHT! Poor Nick-Nick! But... aaagh so torn... it was too good to feel /too/ sorry for him, plus he's being such a whiny, stubborn beeyotch he deserves to be tortured a little. Honestly, Arian is sooo cute, like a loving puppy-dog! Ugh, how could you resist such a passionate person? NICK DAMN YOU. *sobs like a baby at the end* damn... y-youuuuu.

No but seriously I love it.
Calico Trayce chapter 1 . 5/16
Of course I'm reading everything of yours like a crazy fangirl. Hope you don't mind...

This was such an interesting read so far. It's not in that first person style I've gotten so used to, but splendid all the same! At first I was like, "DAMN IS THIS THE SAME NICK?" from your other story, but kept reading and figured, no - ? LOL.

Anyway, what a sweet chapter and concept! A fated wedding to an other-worldly magician. Love this kind of fantasy! I don't know what you're talking about, "sex in this part is so bleh" - I thought it was great! So cute... so gentle... so loving! SO WHAT THE HELL NICHOLAS?!
Sarah chapter 5 . 4/15
fantastic story and would kill for an epilogue!
morningstorm70 chapter 5 . 3/25
It was sooo hot my glasses were fogged
I hope you are going to post the epilogue?
Hyaci chapter 4 . 1/2
Adorable. Absolutely adorable. The angst was well done and the reconciliation was a little rushed but believable.
Pantu chapter 5 . 1/20/2014
I'm reviewing this one as a separate story, because it kind of is.
Nick was definitely less irritating in this one, maybe because he's older, maybe because he had less time to mope in denial. The pacing was good, and the s*x scenes were nicely mixed up so they didn't get boring.
But still another excellently written story,
Pantu chapter 4 . 1/20/2014
Hey there,

I really enjoyed this, although I have to say, Nick is a winy little b***h. It was fun and enjoyable to read and you write really nicely. My one issue was the big chunk of Nick walking from the portal to the city to find Arian in this chapter. It was a little drawn out and even though you write beautifully I found myself wondering when he would get there. I get that its about giving him time to change and adapt, I just felt it could have been condensed. The rest of it is excellent, even the parts you said you needed to go back and change, and I hope you're still working on your WIP pieces because I'd love to read more of your stuff.

Thanks for sharing, (and messaging me so I could stalk you back :P)
XxDangerousPleasuresxX chapter 4 . 12/21/2013
This wonderful, albeit short, story has put me through painful years and unbelievable happiness. I love stories with alternate universes and this one does not disappoint. I may have got a little frustrated with Nicks ignorance at times but that just developed his character and made the feelings in the story all the more intense. I would really like to see some kind of epilogue. I do hope I'm not too late and you're no longer looking to make one. Thank you so much for this story and I hope to hear back from you. :)
andy chapter 4 . 9/25/2013
pleeeeeaaaaaseeee? epilogue?
I liked the story very much, so sweet and sad at the same time.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/26/2013
Hngggngn please update this, your writing is awesome :D
magnanimousSquirrel chapter 4 . 8/21/2013
I've been listening to music while reading this and several songs matched up almost perfectly, like I'm Sexy and I Know It played for their first time. And I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz played in this chapter.


This story was really original, I thought. And it was well put together. I didn't notice any blaring inconsistencies and it wrapped up nicely. I would like to know more about Arian's world though. Like what's this coloring poisoning? And why is everyone so naive?
GadgetGurl chapter 4 . 7/21/2013
Read the whole story in one go, thought it was quite good. Have to say, I think Nick is a bit of an ass, although he redeems himself in the end. But then, I don't really have a thing for characters in denial so it's probably just me. Arian really got me though; for most of the story I was kind of thinking that he was a bit too sensitive (crying. um...), but in the end he was brutally honest about his fears and emotions. He is a very well-developed character.
The descriptions of Eralis were a little vague but very enticing. I would like to see more about this world :-)
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