Reviews for I Play For You
PeaEnvy chapter 1 . 5/21/2012
My review's going to look so small buuuuut I like it, it’s sweet : ) awwwww x
Victoria Best chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
Wow, I love this! It was so beautiful! I love how the theme of the piano runs through the whole piece, almost acting as a sort of symbolism. It suggests that nothing lasts, not love, as this story indicates, but even music doesn't last either.

I love the description of how the narrator plays the piano both when they are happy and when they are sad, letting themselves get lost in the music and almost treating it as a sort of escape. It seems that when the narrator plays the piano, it is only then that he feels happiness and can forget about the everlasting pain he feels from the loss of his lover. It was brilliant how the piano started off as the way that the two fell in love, and so it seemed like an object connected with happiness, but you ended it with the piano becoming the representation of loneliness. This was genius!

It is such a beautiful love story, and it even has some deeper psychological messages running through it regarding society and expectations. The two main characters cannot be together because of their different social classes, and that is really the only divide in their relationship. Their relationship is frowned upon ethically and the girl is expected to marry someone from the same social class because of the norms in her society. The story begins to question society, and why it is so unacceptable that they cannot be together when they clearly love each other. This made me ask myself: is human nature really that fallible? The girl succumbs to the pressure from her parents and goes through with the arranged marriage, even though she is in love with someone else. This really made me think about how cruel humans have become, and how we are so blind that we do not appreciate love, only riches and wealth, as this clearly shows because the girl goes to marry a rich man with a high social status. You really enable us to empathise with the narrator, even though not much is revealed about him, only how much he loves her.

I felt so sorry for him, and could feel his pain throughout. There was a chilling tone running all the way through this, as sentences such as "Funny how, once we lose things that we worked so hard for, we tend to grow indifferent to everything else." What a line! It showed his pain. The language used was so simplistic, but almost fragile, and showed how he is actually incredibly vulnerable and has been hurt beyond repair. Right from the beginning it is clear that even he seems to think that this love is too good to last. It is clear right from the beginning that their social classes create a huge gulf between them, and they can never truly be together, simply because this corrupted society would never allow it. This is brilliant :')

I am definitely favouriting this! This is one of the best stories I have read on here in a while. You are such a talented writer and are a real inspiration. This was absolutely stunning. Keep writing and following your dreams! :D
meowmie chapter 1 . 4/10/2012
Thank you for a beautiful,melancholic story~~~ (_。)