Reviews for Maybe, Probably, Surely
Irony'sFriend chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
Aw, that was so cute! I love when best friends become more 3 I like how you pulled excerpts from each grade and then pulled it all together in prom. Good job, as always!
LeUndeadRabidChipmunk chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
okay, first thing i HAVE to ask, did you base zoey on anyone you know? WHO? do you understand how perfect she is? she's this carelessly pretty, down to earth, weird, straightforward, ACDC LOVING person which is frikk-n irresistible! do you even fully understand that! both the characters, so down to earth, believable and totally relatable it's amazing! dude, you pulled off writing from the guy's point of view soo perfectly! how in heck! i was just goin like, why the blue blistering barnacles haven't i read this earlier? you should've bugged the life out of me over this! the characters are so strikingly normal! please, please, pleease, write up more characters like these! pleeaaasee! the thing about zoey in grade 6 made me chuckle, that was totally me back then too! HATED frikkn copperfield! oh and this in grade 5,

''She was always there. She was a back bencher…like me. And she was always muttering stuffs that…well, I was thinking. It was like hearing my thoughts out loud.''

awesoomeness! why are you such a salivaphobe though? and the sneaking in the phy notes that zoey does, dunno why, but that was badass! B

''After probably the seventieth shot (just me exaggerating here), we probably got one good shot, because Mom went all frustrated and started throwing Puerto Rican curses at us.''

i laughed hard man! puerto rican curses! XD XD

''"Uh-huh. Remember which one?" he asked. I almost squealed. It was the new track they had covered. I had been searching the net for this one, and was disappointed to find it so exclusive. ACDC had long since stopped making albums. They basically went on tours now. So this song was a huge deal to ACDC fans.

Sean smiled at me when he saw my face radiating in excitement. He took my hand and twirled me around. He head banged after a while, and I followed suit. It was fun. It messed up my hair, but it was worth it. We kind of went nuts with all our weird dance movements. Everybody else thought we were cranking up the party meter. And everyone else went crazy.

It isn't really a song that sets the mood. It is always the person you are with. And I know that my best friend has had it planned out from before. You know, getting the ACDC track from somewhere, making me dance; making everybody else dance. And like he had said earlier, we did end up having the greatest time ever. And somehow, my embarrassing moves didn't embarrass anyone.

To tell the truth, I think I would break Rule# 23 of 'Zoey's Guide to the Real Deal' book. Wanna know why? Because I love my best friend. I always have, as a matter of fact. Maybe that's why I never thought of dating someone else.''

speechless. that was too good ') even sean's ending totally gayed out in comparison! ab-sol-utely loved it! this was tooo good! dayamn! and pleeeaase, write up more stuff with chars like these! sooo loveable! _
Lethaldoze chapter 1 . 4/28/2012
It was nice. i liked both the characters of Sean and Zoey. the perfect best friend pair. The whole thing with the different time thing was ingenious.

Now about the ending...much more to be desired. I wanted to know more about how exactly tell each other their feelings. So i found the ending pretty abrupt.

Other than that it was pretty great. the whole friendship concept was really great!

Cheers! D
The Time Warper chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
Thanks for the acknowledgement about reviewing your first one-shot! I liked this one, too. Your characterization was strong and it was a nice read overall. Keep writing!