Reviews for Creativity
TheresaHart chapter 1 . 4/12/2012
Neat story here! I like it. Um, some of the repetition bothered me a bit, like:

"The Being was very different from the Creature; it could be easily seen that the Being had experienced pain before, but there was more beyond just the hurt in the Being's face, joy and wonder were clear on its face"

"Face" is repeated at least twice, and I'm fairly certain "pain" and "experienced" show up again both before and after this quote. (Thank you for using "its" properly!) While

I understand you're going for an antiquated and mythical feel in your description and language, I still feel as though this short could be expanded with more showing instead of telling.

Even so, was well worth the read! Very creative, especially how "Inspiration" motivates Creativity. Thanks for sharing this! I hope I helped.