Reviews for In Apatheism I Trust
AnonymousLily chapter 1 . 5/16/2012
ex Catholic too. Studied a number of other religions too- haven't found one I believe, although all seem to have shards of wisdom. I think looking at other religions- especially Buddhism & Taoism helped a lot. I am an agnostic- I do care, I just think we as human beings can't know if any or all religions are true. I sincerely doubt it's possible for only one to be anyhow. I think we westerners might personify God too much- if it exists- it might be as unthinking and powerful as the ocean. Probably easiest not to care! I frequently think when I die, that's it, and that's okay too. I won't know. I sometimes think they should have ex-Catholic meetings-like in recovery, lol!