Reviews for Beginners
empiresofwater chapter 80 . 6/3
Oh, congratulations! I am so happy for you to have finished this story after so many years (I didn’t realise it had been eight!). You have done a great job, and I really liked this finale. I can’t wait to read your finalised version too!
(And thank you for the note at the end as well!).
empiresofwater chapter 79 . 4/22
Great chapter! Like I said before, it’s good to see Walter and Jamie’s relationship coming to the foreground again. I think you’ve tied it up nicely, and brought the strands together. It’s good to see the main characters together again in these final chapters. I’d like to see Jamie’s overview on it all at the end as well, just to bring it back to his voice and see how he has progressed in his own words!
empiresofwater chapter 78 . 3/27
Nice! It’ll be good to go through the entire edited story at some point, like you said you were working on, as it has been so long that Walter and Jamie’s relationship has felt a bit lost in the other ones. I guess they are the main focus of the story so it was good to see that come round again, even if the start of their sex scene felt more violent than sexy. If that was what you were going for, great, but I’ve found that some mass romance novels tread that line a bit tightly!
empiresofwater chapter 77 . 2/20
Nice! It was good to see Jamie have some space to explain his feelings, and to come full-circle with Walter but as a changed character. I think it was quite good at showing both of their vulnerabilities and emotions!
empiresofwater chapter 76 . 12/26/2019
Nice chapter! I liked Sid’s openness contrasted with what seemed to be a lot of insecurity on Jamie’s part about his own interests. It was nice to have a conversation between them that revealed some of their feelings, as you said! The only thing I was a bit concerned about was the idea of them sleeping around a lot, which felt like a very old-fashioned stereotype of the LGBT community. I know that that kind of comes with the territory of the romance genre (lot of sex and emotions!) but it just stuck out to me!
empiresofwater chapter 75 . 12/5/2019
Interesting! I liked the harsher interaction between Jamie and Juan and the insight into some of their deeper feelings, as well as Jamie’s reactions to his time in the cell, which wouldn’t be something he would get over quickly! I also liked the little scene with the girls running up to Sid, and not Jamie - it said a lot about both of them!
empiresofwater chapter 74 . 11/3/2019
Great chapter! I liked Jamie’s conflicted feelings about Walter and Juan - I wonder who he is going to end up with. I suppose the obvious answer might be Walter as romance narratives tend to go with the character ending up with their first love interest, but I cannot tell where you’re going to go at the moment, which is good as it keeps up the mystery. Also, I liked Jamie’s strength coming through, not that he took charge and killed a man, but because he is learning to see the consequences of his actions and living with the person he is turning into!
empiresofwater chapter 73 . 10/2/2019
I enjoyed this chapter and seeing Jamie progress a little, even though it would have been exciting to see the shootout and conflict firsthand from his eyes! The setup for his decision between Walter and Juan at the end was nice too!
empiresofwater chapter 72 . 9/4/2019
What a bold and daring chapter! I was a little confused at Jamie’s motives here but the tension was very obvious and evocative. I want to see the outcome of all this, especially from Juan’s side and what he must be thinking!
empiresofwater chapter 71 . 8/13/2019
Great chapter! I loved the twist and Jamie’s helplessness. I know you say that sometimes you don’t like how helpless your characters are, but I thought it was totally believable in this chapter and portrayed well! It felt very exciting and in the moment!
empiresofwater chapter 70 . 7/15/2019
What a choice for Jamie to make! Seems he is torn between two worlds. It’ll be great for him to make this grown-up decision and see his character come through! Oh, and I can’t wait to see what excitement is ahead with the kidnapping (I couldn’t help but think that maybe Jamie thinks of himself as kidnapped in a way too, into a new life!).
empiresofwater chapter 69 . 6/25/2019
I love the contrast between how Jamie acts with Juan and his mother, just as you said! I can tell that it doesn’t take much to distract Jamie and get him under a spell, and that is interesting (almost like a modern much more sexy fairytale LOL).
empiresofwater chapter 68 . 5/28/2019
I just loved the image of Sheila in that big jeep bumping about all over the road! It got me wondering about the gears in American cars too - I guess it’s what we would call automatic over in the UK with drive and reverse and neutral without the gear changes? I want to know more about the Brotherhood as well! Can’t help thinking Jamie is getting himself into another tense situation!
empiresofwater chapter 67 . 5/12/2019
Great! Jamie’s underlying anxiety is really intriguing, and the way he is trying to relax but can’t quite seem to manage it with his past running to catch up with him. Can’t wait to hear about his night out with Juan!
empiresofwater chapter 66 . 4/11/2019
Great chapter! I really liked how you gave a little insight into the demography of Santa Loma and the details of the guards around the palace! But, as much as I love Jamie, I would have loved to have seen him more engaged in learning about the society and culture and political shake-up of Santa Loma in this chapter! I thought that would give him a great leg-up to strengthen his own position and confidence, seeing as he feels so out of place and worried about Sheila arriving. I think it would be so awesome if he managed to beat her at her own game LOL!
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