Reviews for Dark Asylum
Genesis Gurren chapter 2 . 5/3/2012
The first part of the chapter is executed quite well, though there is a few tweaks that can be done.

"His sneakers were dirtied by the dirt but he was oblivious to it."

I think you can use another word to replace 'dirtied' so repetition feels a little awkward.

"...showing a muscular toned stomach."

I think muscular toned abs is a better way to put it

"... pushing him backward until he felt on his feet."

Whops, spelling error. It is supposed to be 'fell'. However, feel on to his feet seems a little word. Consider rephrasing?

You should fix your phrasing and paragraphing as I tend to get confused while reading this chapter.

The second part of the chapter, right after a force field was conjured by 'someone', I lost track of the character's interaction. There is so many characters thrown into the chapter that I somehow got confused. I think you should describe each new character so the reader's could make a mental image of them, rather than just 'a man' or 'a woman' The dialogue between character also needed to be more specific.

Keep on updating, I like the setting and I am guessing there is a really great plot to this.
Genesis Gurren chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
Ah, the storyteller introduction. I say you did a great job using this style of introduction for your first chapter to generate interest from the readers. The pacing for this chapter is amazingly smooth and well executed. I'm guessing the story will center around the guardian of this 'so called asylum'. Keep on writing, fellow Malaysian
Eti-Nry chapter 1 . 4/30/2012
The introduction is amazing. I like the detail you put into it. The idea seems like it could work out splendidly. Keep on typing...