Reviews for Drained
Crystalynn chapter 1 . 4/23/2012
Holy guacamole!

What's this? The amazing Cujo is writing about FEMALES? This cannot be! A female protagonist?

Mind. Blown.

Anyway, I'm interested to know what it is that's so upset our protag. The problem seems only exacerbated by the not so helpful comments of others, but I wonder what the original problem was to begin with. Or was it a whole host of problems? And I certainly hope SOMEONE with some useful comments is going to show up!

Sometimes it doesn't even take a comment. Just a gentle touch or the well-meaning pressence of another human being.

I remember back when my best friend shot himself. The world itself felt like a pit of despair, and nothing anyone said made it feel any better. What did they know, anyway? They weren't the ones that loved him!

But then, this one boy, someone I did not even know, saw me crying, walked up to me, and just put his forehead to my back. And it was like even through the cloud of darkness and pain, I felt his heart hurting for mine. He owed me nothing, and I did not even know his name. Yet sometimes I feel like that stranger saved my life...