Reviews for Two Sides
True Talker chapter 1 . 4/25/2012
I will say this in regards to your poem I NEVER said that a person shouldn't be themselves. I NEVER/NOT ever have. In regards to your poem and my habit to add my 2 cents when I care about someone I want to SEE ALL OF THEM. Really it is BETTER if I see it in person. Why? Because when you meet someone you open up to them. I would NEVER ask someone to not be themselves SERIOUSLY. In regards to your poem I can handle BOTH. Why? Because I CARE MORE than WORDS. Sorry, about that I have a habit of adding my 2 cents to other people's poems if I feel the need to say something then I do. So, please excuse this I just like to let others know that they should ALWAYS BE THEMSELVES. SERIOUSLY. I SERIOUSLY ask for nothing less. People should ALWAYS be themselves. This is written quite well almost in story form. Thank you for sharing this.