Reviews for Waiting in the Library
ReLies chapter 1 . 8/4/2012
There's something haunting about this snapshot: an underlying, beautiful despair. I know the naming of V carries some significance, but unfortunately I do not no what. Is this piece about religion? To me, it seems that the "owner" represents God from the capitalizing of Him and His. If so, this is quite a prescient piece. The chains of evolving words, starting in faith and ending in denial, are particularly insightful; much of society tends to deny the truth of what they fear under the guise of faith. People can't see that the civil rights movement among gays is the same as the civil rights movement among blacks. They don't understand that climate change is happening and is now irreversible because they believe God must have some plan. All this knowledge, this library full of books waiting to be read, lie forbidden. If we simply ignored the clouding religion, we could read these books in peace, we could educate, we could excel. Instead, we wait for Him to come back and save us, even though He ultimately obscures this knowledge forever. I wish I understood the reference to Vassily Ivanovitch (and will do research.) This is wonderful, painfully true, and extremely insightful. Nice job. Of course, watch me be totally wrong in my analysis and this have nothing to do with religion whatsoever. ;)